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Ganabâ-sar-nigad Nask.

1. The first section of the last thirty-five is the Stôristân ('beast-of-burden code'), particulars about the sin, affecting the soul, due to unlawfully striking and wounding as regards beasts of burden and cattle; and the retribution and compensation for it to one's own cattle, that in case of a beast of burden and that in case of a sheep (anûmâê), during life. 2. That which arises when one smites them with a brand (dakhshak); that when one smites them on the flank, and that when it is in front of them; that

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when their flanks are so smitten is complete smiting. 3. Of the smiting, too, of other members, the smiting in front, though the smiting be such as when one so smites for smiting on the flank, is not complete smiting. 4. And that which amounts to as much as a complete smiting, when one so smites as for smiting on the flank, is such as that when one casts off the skin, and that when one casts off the flesh, thereby, that when one is cutting it, or that when wounds (khîmân) or serpent-scourging (mârvanô) 1 are upon it.

5. It is also about making the dog which drives the sheep (pasûs-haûrvô) dumb. 6. About bruising the limbs and plucking the feathers of birds, such as the case when it is complete smiting, and such as that when it is not complete smiting. 7. And unlawfully destroying as regards fish, such as when it would make their flesh uneatable. 8. An account as to noticeably and worryingly beating cattle, about decrees of whatever kinds as to each separate beating worryingly that is to be considered as noticeable beating, and many decrees as to whatever is on the same subject. 9. About the retribution for making clothing of skins and woven wool (tadakŏ), and the sin of any one owing to kindling a fire therewith, or roasting flesh which is stolen or plundered.

10. About the good work of all that is wise activity, and the reward of the happy place 2; the sin of everything that is ignorant activity, and the

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bridge penalty of the evil place 1; connected therewith, to make him who is righteous develope in wisdom, and to make him who is wicked diminish in ignorance, is the world.


85:1 See Chap. XVIII, 2, 6; or it may be muharvanô, 'cauterizing.'

85:2 Heaven.

86:1 Falling into hell owing to the narrowness of the Kînvad bridge to the other world, occasioned by an excess of sin over good works (see Dd. XXI, 5-7).

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