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p. 15


1. On account of the Zand of the Nâdar 1 not reaching us, the Avesta is retained, for teaching, recital, and ceremony, because it has come unto us with authority.

2. Of righteousness the excellence is perfect excellence.


15:1 Corresponding to the fifth word, ratus, in the Ahunavair, according to B. P. Riv.; but it is the sixth Nask in other Rivâyats. Owing to its Zand, or Pahlavi version, having been lost, the author does not undertake to describe its contents; but the Rivâyats state that it consisted of thirty-five ʓûrat, or compilations, about astronomy and astrology. The traditional name Nâdar, or Nâdûr, is probably a misreading; as Vakhtar (for Vakhttar), 'more destined,' and Vakhtvar, 'fate-bringing,' would be more intelligible readings of the same letters.

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