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Spiritual Diary


Those who are in any doctrine, although not entirely true, and are nevertheless in the good of life, are in heaven; for falsity of doctrine is not falsity when there is good in it. All in heaven differ as to truths; but those who are not in any doctrine cannot be in heaven.


ABOUT THE RUSSIAN NATION The Russian nation dwells in the south-eastern angle - right in the angle - under the earth there. They are in greater darkness than the rest. I was conveyed to that part; and, at first, I saw a dirty place where were many who deliberated about matters relating to their kingdom, and indeed about liberty such as [is enjoyed] in other countries; but they did not show themselves; they were in complete concealment. I afterwards heard one saying that they feared the Czar, and that the Czar was everywhere.


After this, I was carried down to others of that nation who were better. They worked continually. After this to others, who also worked. I afterwards saw many who were leading women in procession. It was heard that this was heaven to them!


I heard, after this, that they do not care for religion, and scarcely anything else than that if there is a God there is; if it is asked where God is, that God is in heaven; if they are asked whether He created all things, they do not comprehend, because they suppose that, in that case, He will walk about in every direction and preserve things. In a word, they are entirely empty; neither do they care for truths, as such things [prove].


It was said, also, that they were inwardly wickeder than others, and that they operated, in an exceedingly powerful way, by means of phantasies, but are not skilled in magic; for those learn magic who are in knowledges, but not those who are not in knowledges.


They who were the better amongst them, were, to a great multitude, carried down thence towards the north, beyond the deserted Babylonish region there, and let into a plain, at a great distance northwards. There, this region is terminated in woods, in which are those who are as it were wild beasts. They enter into vaults in various places there, and scarcely ever appear above the surface. The tract of those there, is on the northern side, towards the eastern angle thereof.


ABOUT THE PROFANE OF VARIOUS RELIGIONS, ESPECIALLY OF THE ROMAN CATHOLIC. There were collected into one [assembly], profane spirits of both sexes; and, in the first place, those who were of the Catholic religion. All of them, also, are those who have believed the holy things of their religion, and have profaned them; as, for example, those who have contrived deceitful arts against others in any way whatever; who have perpetrated crimes, without and within monasteries; who have debauched girls in monasteries, and the girls themselves who have been debauched; their Superiors, of both sexes, who have allured [the girls] and permitted [these things], and who have, afterwards, contrived their murder, secretly, lest their crime should become known: besides other abominations [which they have associated] with the holy things of their religion - which abominations must be withheld.


All such, gathered into one [group], were cast into an extremely deep and dark pit which was opened in the midst of the middle region, and there were hidden away lest they should appear. Thither these - of both sexes - were cast; and they were collected in the angle between the north and the east. 5458-1


After this, in the midst of the western part, almost within the Babylonish territory there, the land was seen to be drawn down from the earth there to a certain quadrangular space. This was felt as if the shirt were being drawn away from a man's genital region. And then appeared there as it were liquefied flesh, dissolved by putrefaction. Thither all those were cast who have lived well exteriorly, have attended preachings and the Holy Supper as a habitual practice and frequently, and yet, inwardly in themselves, have planned murders and adulteries, and have cherished hatred towards the neighbor, revenge and ferocity without pity, and have never performed any repentance other than that they have prayed that their sins might be forgiven, and nevertheless have not thought about those hatreds, revenges and cruelties, but have persisted in them, not thinking of those things which are then read and said, [namely] that those are forgiven who examine themselves and after [the worship] shun, and are averse to, [their] evils. Such ones, because they have always believed, and nevertheless have lived thus, were cast forth into that profaners pond, which appeared like fluid, naked, putrefied flesh. Thither were cast all, of various religions, howsoever many, who have been of such a character; and this to a vast multitude. After this, that pond was covered with dust brought thither from its southern shore.


 5460-1 Thither also were sent those who have persuaded others to abominable deeds, also by magical arts; and those, too, who, in the other life, have declared that they are Christ, either that they are Himself or are sent by Him, and have spoken piously and devoutly, and, under that mask, have contrived crimes. There are very many of such a character, especially from the Catholic religion; the simple-good can be misled by them. Such were seen, first, [issuing] from the monasteries in the western quarter, not from the northern.


After this, there was seen in that pit a smoky vapor rising on high, as if towards heaven, to a certain mountain there, on the summit of which those who are there have placed a certain devil, whom by means of phantasy they clothed in white, whom they called God the Father, and to whom they offered adoration. There were many such [devils] one after another, to a very great number. Twelve, who wished to be thus worshipped, rose up thither: they were all collected into one [group], and were seen cast out of the northern side towards the west, and thrown into the profane pit. Among them were some Jesuits.


BABYLON THEREAFTER. ABOUT THE SWEDES OF THE EQUESTRIAN ORDER, 5461-1 AND ABOUT OTHERS OF THE SWEDISH NATION. Certain ones appeared in the western quarter, slightly removed from the middle part, towards the southern, who had badges on the front of the breast, and were girt and decked with the hands and stars of the Equestrian Order; and it was perceived that they were of those who have belonged to the Equestrian Order of Sweden. I then heard the angels saying, about them, that they were such as have changed their disposition which they previously had, namely, that they [now] thought only of themselves, of their dignity and of their preeminence over others, and, thus, that they determined all their thoughts to themselves; and, if to others around, still so that, on account of such badges, they regard, venerate and worship themselves more than others: thus, all [their] interiors are determined to themselves on external grounds; while, formerly, that nation was not of such a character. They did not think of self from external considerations but from internal; so that they have, now, by such means, become external men. They said that they deserved to be set over others more than others did; and therefore offices were given them. When, however, they were in a certain senate, and began deliberating about solid realities, it was perceived by the angels that they were not able to speak from interiors, or to see the things within themselves, or to discriminate good and evil, from judgment, but only to speak from the memory, and thus not to judge anything except on the ground of agreeableness; and this was because they were now in such a Babel, thinking of themselves, and also of their importance in the eyes of others; for as far as this occurs, so far interior obscurity supervenes, and [the disposition] also deteriorates. Wherefore, they were expelled from their offices, and sent far away into the west, that they might seek offices for themselves [there]; but, wherever they came, those there told them that they thought only about themselves and not about their duties, save from an external sensual ground, not from the understanding as others [did]; and that, the sensual sphere reigned more with them than with others; therefore, also, they were not received, but sent into other places, where they found none over whom they could rule. At last, they were reduced to extremities, so that they begged aims. Those 5461-2 who are external and sensual, reason and speak cleverly, but only from the memory, when they regard themselves, or are [arrayed] in those badges; but internal men are different. The former, at that time, see nothing from internals, but only from the memory.


A certain one, also, called Lagerberg, on whom such Equestrian Order and badge was conferred, and with whom it is well, inasmuch as he has studied the good of the country and wished it well - not from pride as some others have done: he then saw these, and said that he discovered the same tendency in himself, viz., that when he had on the badge, he was not able to think as before he put it on, because he was then amongst those who were powerful from thought of self - and also when he was at home and had the Equestrian robe over his dress; but that, when he threw off that robe, then he immediately returned to his former judgment and his former disposition; wherefore, he gradually discontinued putting on such livery at home, and only [wore it] in public, because of the injunction.


It happens similarly with those who are in employments and in dignity, and think only of themselves, of their power, of their authority, of their knowledge and of their superiority over others. Many Swedes who are of good family, are of such a character, because they almost all affect dignities and also titles, solely that they may be distinguished; and because they are now become external or sensual men, they are more like this than they were formerly.


Evil and infernal spirits who have been released in order that they may minister to men - thus who are in the world of spirits - all know how to lead those who think of themselves; and they also do lead [them] whithersoever, even towards whatever hell, they will, as far as they are able to turn their thoughts to self; but those who do not [direct their thoughts] to self, but to others whom they esteem more worthy than themselves, especially if to the Lord, they are unable to move. When a man thinks of self he is in the love of self, and of the world for the sake of self - if he prefers himself before others, and [considers] that he is abler and knows more than they, and is superior to others; but they who think of others, are in charity towards the neighbor, and in faith and love towards God. Evil and infernal spirits know how, by various arts, to turn the thoughts of another spirit upon himself, and thus to lead him whithersoever they will. Some do it by magical art; some by arts of phantasy; some from communication of the thoughts and by influx from themselves at the time:


(1) They place themselves at the back, below and above, and there they thrust in their thoughts; they turn the thoughts of another spirit, and thus of a man, to himself, to his own power, to his own praise, in a word, to the proprium. Almost all infernals know how to do this. (2) Others gaze upon various parts of the body and upon the head and, where they see anything black, they know the proprium still rules there - for the proprium is black, because it is of the love of self - and, then, they seek to learn what of self is there, and, when they find out, they infuse their own thoughts there, and lead [their victim] whithersoever they will. (3) Some look into the forehead; and, if it appears black, they then lead him; likewise, if it is grayish-white like a plastered wall, inasmuch as this indicates simulated external sincerity; but from him in whom they see human flesh they withdraw, and him they do not lead. (4) Some cast a black veil over his face and also over his breast, and thus they magically take away his thoughts of the neighbor, and oblige and compel him to think of himself; and so they lead him, but not like they do others who are black of themselves: the former return immediately. (5) Some enshroud another in darkness and convey [him] into the dark, and so compel him to think of self. (6) From the color around a spirit or man - black, white, flesh-color, or yellow - they conclude something about the man's state as to his proprium, or self-love. Where it is black, there is self-love: such a one is led; and it is according to the intensity of the black. (7) Some only perceive by means of the thoughts of another - for there is a general law of thoughts - and these insinuate themselves into them and turn them to [the victim's] proprium and love of self, in all ways - by phantasies, by magic; and by the aid of many of the hells; and, so, they drive him to thinking about himself; and, when it comes to that, he is in their power. (8) Sirens know how to insinuate themselves into the various affections which are the ruling love of a man; and so they take him with them. Also, they know how to reduce the thoughts of another, magically, even to the sensual, which is the extreme external; and, when he is reduced to that, they induce various phantasies and lead him whithersoever they wish. It is the sensual of man where his self-love, or proprium, resides: so far as he can be drawn up, or elevated, out of that, as to the thoughts, towards interiors, so far he can be led away from his proprium. Man's sensual, at this day, is, with most people, wholly corporeal, and has not anything spiritual. (9) It was granted me to perceive when I was in the proprium, and when not in the proprium. When in the proprium, I was fit for nothing; wherefore, I was led out of it by the Lord, as far as that could be done. Hence is manifest what the love of self, and the love of the world for the sake of self, is. When [any] are led in the proprium and borne away, they appear to be led down through the surrounding places; which is according to the changes of the state of the thoughts. There were some such of the Swedish nation, whose desire it had been thus to reduce the thoughts of other spirits to subjection, and so to lead them whithersoever they would; but they did not know how, save one or two of them. They were in the western quarter.


[I was] looking to the east in a certain desert place which ended in a wood, where, also, some were wandering about. These drove certain ones into the proprium, and led them to self; and, amongst them, were some known to me in the world. But by reason of the fact that they were set over others - for they were without rulers - they, therefore, infested one another dreadfully; as happens where there is no magistrate and no order, or no government. I was conveyed to this place; and it was found that those there were such as had no fear of God nor regard for man, so that they cared for no one; this is how it was that they acted in such ways from the hells. The majority of them were of the common people, who, nevertheless, have thought craftily and wickedly within themselves in the world. Visitation was then made upon them; and, when it was proved that they were of such a character, those were taken from them, who, by the arts of phantasy and magic, brought them thither; and there was opened, in the middle region, a great cavern which reached into the depth; and into this were cast all who were there, and all those who were in the woods were also sought out, and cast thither likewise. There were, moreover, many who appeared upon a higher place at the end of the wood, who were such as knew something about God. Those who were yet like the rest, were also cast into the same cavern. It should be known that all such are conducted together to the same place - this is usual in the other life - thus, those who were such [were conducted] to the tract in that part, and into the woods. Those who were in that tract, knew how to hide themselves in certain subterranean vaults; also, those who were in the woods; but they were got out of them.


There were, moreover, still craftier ones who were more skilful in reducing others to their propriums and leading them. These dwelt under the earth in a long row, right in the extension of the angle between the west and south. From the middle-space into the far distance, is what is called the extension of the angle. 5466-1 Ba is the south; bc, the east; cd, the north; da, the west. The extension of the angle between the west and south is eaf: this is what is called the extension of the angle. They dwelt along that extension; on the western side, men; on the southern side, women who have been harlots; towards the middle region, those who have known something about the Divine; further removed towards f, those who have known nothing about the Divine. They were thus arranged: consequently, the men were on one side and the women on the other. Where the women dwelt, there appeared a sulphurous brightness as it were, which was by reason of the lasciviousness in which they have been in the world; for lasciviousness, amongst women, so appears in the other life when they are together. But where the men dwelt, there was darkness. I was also led to a certain place there; and it was seen that they dwelt in their chambers like harlots, but, outside, sat upon seats about the southern wall. Afterwards, visitation was made to show of what quality they were; and it was found that the men, who were wicked and cunning, have, by various arts, stolen men from elsewhere and conveyed them to the women, who treated them cruelly in different ways. It is said that they stole them; and this happens when they lead them to their proprium, and thus carry them away whithersoever they will, according to the former showing. Those men, also, were able, by their wickedness and art, to lead away spirits whom others cannot - as, likewise, was done with certain who were with me.


After the visitation had shown that such was the character of the women, and of the men, who dwelt in a long row along the extension of the angle, then followed the judgment, [namely,] that all such ones were cast into hell, from which they could never more go out. The women were cast into a place burning with sulfur and fire. This place, or this shining pond, appeared just as with those in the houses which were luminous with the sulfurous [sphere] of lasciviousness. 5467-1 Into this pond all the women were cast. The pond was situated crosswise to the end of the angle, extending itself from the west into the south, transversely to the angle. It was large. They who were cast thither were a great number. The men, however, who dwelt along that angle, were cast to the western side into an abyss of a like description which opened in front of that pond, which abyss was dark and extended deeply under the sulfurous pond. Forwards, also, opened a similar abyss, which likewise extended under the other: into this, were cast those who knew about the Divine and who attended churches, and nevertheless had all the while been in a like wickedness.


The extension of the angle between the west and south is de [Fig. 9]; the sulfurous pond into which the women were cast, ae; the abyss where the men were, b; the abyss, farther forward, into which those were cast who knew about the Divine and were still of such a character, c. But of these let something now be said. 5468-1


Since, however, evil spirits who care nothing for the Divine, are able to effect nothing, by any art or phantasy whatsoever, except they have with them spirits who know the Divine, thus who have known some of the truths of faith, it was therefore inquired where such ones were as might bear them aid; and they were found in a certain mountain above, over the middle-space, towards the west. There was there a vast multitude, of both sexes, of such as have been in the like wickedness, and stolen men by various arts, phantastical and magical, and led them into the cavern in the western region, at no great distance from the middle-space - where, also, the brightness appeared - and there barbarously entreated them in various ways. When this was discovered, then, all those women, to a great number, who were in the cavern, were cast into the sulphurous lake, ae [Fig. 9], 5469-1 and the men into the anterior abyss: all the women were adulteresses in the world, and the men adulterers, and, in various ways, enticed to adulteries. These, howsoever they may have frequented churches and participated in the Holy Supper, still are such that they care neither for God nor men; and, in the other life, they abandon themselves to such arts - in which they place the delight of their life. Those who [were] in the mountain were of various nations; some of them, also, of the Swedish. -


After some time, a great part of them were transferred from those hells, an exceedingly great distance in the west, to other hells. They were seen by others, who were horror-struck - they were so monstrous, corpse-like and vile. They were seen by the last pope; and it was said that he never saw anything more horrible. [I saw] also among them, in a house, some who had been nuns; of [one of] whom nothing such was suspected. I spoke with her.


 5470-1 [Figure 10 is a drawing of a square, each side of which is labeled with a direction - with east being on the top. From the four corners proceed straight dashed lines leading to various areas. Above the drawing are some mountains.]


 5471-1 ABOUT THE FOUR ANGLES, AND ABOUT THOSE WHO ARE THERE, AND ABOUT THEIR LAST JUDGMENT, ALSO ABOUT THE DRAGON AND ABOUT THE ABYSSES INTO WHICH THEY WERE CAST. All things in the other life must be considered in relation to such a site [as in Fig. 10]. 5471-2 The middle-space is where those are who are truly Christian; and in its midst (A) is the New Jerusalem. It is quadrangular. The angles must be regarded in relation to the extensions into the quadrangle as, for example, the angle between the west and south is ghik; the angle between the east and south is ab, etc.; the angle between the east and north, op; the angle between the west and north is mn these lines are called the extensions of the angle.


Those who were situated along the extension of the angle between the west and south, gh, 5472-1 and the sulfurous lake or pond, l, and the gloomy chasms, k, i, have been written of immediately above


They who were situated along the extension of the angle between the east and south, ab, 5473-1 were those who have cared nothing for the doctrine of the Church, but have applied the sense of the letter of the Word to whatsoever they chose, and thus to favoring whomsoever [they would] and their loves and principles; thus, who have not lived well, and have, in the way specified, been adulterers with the Word. At the southern side, along the extension of this [angle], were the women of such a description; and on the side towards the east were the men of such character - thus, the women and the men dwelt apart. They were, therefore, adulterers in the spiritual sense. Visitation came upon them, and, after it, the men were cast into that long chasm tending towards hell in that part which appears at c, according to the degree of the adulteration they have committed being more or less. The women of such a character were cast into that chasm, d, at the southern side [of the extension]. The clergy who have been such and have lived ill, were cast into that chasm more distant from the others, which is at x; and, there, it appeared, below, like a coal-fire, and the smoke thence issuing was like the dust of powdered black coal. In the women's chasm, below, appeared a horrid coaly glare. After these were cast into these places, a vast number of similar ones were cast down into the same chasms, and expelled thither from various mountains in the east, where z is, and round about; then, also, from mountains in the south, and, likewise, some from the middle - all according to the degree of their adulteration. It was an immense number.


After this was shown a plain, lower than the ground, in which were various dark, subterranean places at the sides, exceedingly broad, situated where EF 5474-1 is, crosswise to the angle. Thither were brought down all those, of whatsoever condition, both priests and others, who have had no doctrine - thus not a fixed but an unsettled faith - owing to the fact that they have studied the Word only as to the sense of its letter, and so did not explain anything in it according to the doctrine of their Church, for which they had no regard. For they who do not care for doctrine, have not a fixed faith but an unsettled one; therefore, they do not possess in the other life an intellect which can be illustrated. These who are there, have not lived so very ill, but, in externals, morally well; some not so well. There they are separate: they obtain a situation according to their life. They were gathered in that part, successively, from the first centuries; and, now, many are brought down there. It is quite a large and roomy space. Those who are there are not so badly off; but the states of their life are changeful and uncertain. They do not dwell in stated houses, but now in these, now in those; for the reason that they do not possess a fixed, but only an unsettled faith. It was said that those who are cast thither are not able to go out any more.


It should be known that those two chasms c and d, 5475-1 also that great plain, EF, are what are called, in the Apocalypse, the abyss into which the dragon was cast; therefore, those in then are dragons of the abyss, 5475-2 -Apoc. 20:3; and, in that great plain, EF, are those who have spiritually committed whoredom with the Word: in those two anterior ones, those who have committed adultery with it.


Beside the angle between the east and north, along its extension, op, 5476-1 dwell those who have lyingly made themselves out, before men, to be sincere, devout, and characterized by every virtue, also that they were endowed with faith, and who have thus, in various ways, led men astray, inducing them to believe that they were such; whereas, all the while, they have been utterly insincere, thieves, harlots and infamous. I have heard that they have seduced whomsoever they chose, by lying. They have spoken as if from the heart and trustworthily; devising many such means by which they might persuade. There were, on the northern side, the women of such a character, who operated powerfully by phantasies; on the eastern side were the men, all in chambers there, under the earth, in a long row. The men and women of such a description who were worse than the rest, were shut up more interiorly.


Visitation was made upon them, and they were found to be such, on both sides; and then they were all cast down thence, and, in fact, into a certain mountain, q, 5477-1 at the end of the angle, in the midst of which a shaft opened leading into the depth. Thither were cast the women of such a kind, to a great number; and, into the dark chasm beyond the mountain, in a certain plain at the eastern side of that mountain, a little farther on, at r, were cast the men who were such.


At length, [some] from the hells under the middle-space, were also cast thither, even to a great multitude; and they were not seen (to come) from the mountains, but from the hells under the middle-space. The men were cast into the chasm r, the women into the shaft in the middle of the mountain, q, o'. 5478-1


At the angle between the west and north, beside its extension, mn, 5479-1 dwelt those, who, in the world, have known nothing, and were thence in blindness as to spiritual and moral things - of an utterly gross nature; some, also, were as it were idiotic, inasmuch as, in the world, they have wished to know nothing about the doctrine of the Church, nor about the Word . . . . 5479-2 There, also, are the two chasms, the forward one for the men, the hinder for the women; and those who are, in turn, sent thither, are as it were idiots, many of whom are such as have been called wise, or clever, in the world, but who yet have denied the Divine, have cherished hatred and revenges in their heart, have been adulterers and the like, whatever [they may have been] in moral life: those who are such, lest by means of the gift of natural ingenuity they should hurt others, are sent thither, and there they grow idiotic. Such, too, within a short time, were also vastated for two days together; and, when they arrive at that place, they become stupid and go as it were silly, just as though they knew nothing at all; for, except this happened, they would do evil to many by means of the gift of their ingenuity and its abuse. Lagerberg 5479-3 was sent thither because of his haughtiness, arising from dominion in the world; on account of his confirming himself in adulteries by intrigues before his marriage (he also afterwards confirmed in himself that there is nothing of evil in them); on account of the revenges which he cherished in heart against all who opposed themselves to him; on account of denial of the Divine, believing that religion is only to be countenanced for the sake of the masses; and because he did not care for any of the doctrinals of the Church, but only delighted in reading and re-reading the transactions of the senate, and the like - on account of the delight he took therein from his youth, stimulated and enhanced by reason of the influence he possessed thereby. He was not a man of society, because he was stern: hence it was that he was given to such [pursuits]. He was explored, and so exposed; wherefore, he was vastated within two days and sent into that anterior chasm, and became foolish like the others. He breathed revenge right up to the last, and this for [slight] cause, because, namely, he was hindered from carrying off another man's wife. The light [lux] in that chasm, was altogether coaly nothing else.


After this, it was seen that a large number who were there, rose up from the lower earth in the western region towards the southern; also of those who were carried into the mountains which were in the east in place of those who were cast down therefrom, whom above [no. 5427a]. For, when evil spirits are cast into hell, then good ones succeed in their place, most of whom have been concealed and reserved by the Lord in the lower earth, and thus taken away from the contagion of the evil and there initiated into spiritual life. It was said that they were such as have learned the doctrinals of the Church in youth for the sake of the reputation of being learned in such matters; but afterwards, led by the Lord, they have, by their means, imbued the Christian life, and, as far as they have done this, so far have put off the pride of erudition.


Dwellings according to the quarters above the earth. 5481-1 In the western quarter, towards the south, dwell those who are cunning and wicked, wishing to lead others to the north. There, are the dull ones; thus, those who enjoy no talent for injuring and leading others.


In the northern quarter, towards the west there, are those who are dull and enjoy no talent for injuring and leading; but, towards the east there, dwell those who ingratiated themselves and seduced by lies, thus were cunning and wicked in that way, and also wished to lead others.


In the eastern quarter, towards the north, are those who are in lies, and by that method cunningly seduce - thus, who are not in any religion; towards the south there, those who are not in any doctrine, vacillating and believing whatever they have a mind to: to some extent also these are domineering.


In the southern quarter, towards the east, are some who are domineering, and who are in high employments, and who do not know anything with certainty. Towards the west, were some who were crafty through affections, as sirens and others.


These [habitations] are above the earth where they appear, and are evil. Those there who are in mountains and rocks above the earth, and those who are below the earth at various levels, are, differently from the former, both good and evil. Angels and good spirits know, solely from the path which spirits pursue when they walk about, what their quality is.


ABOUT THE SIRENS AND THEIR LAST JUDGMENT. Of what quality, and who, sirens are, has been described several times before. They are the worst of all in the other life, and exceedingly destructive above all others, inasmuch as they are able to seduce whomsoever they approach, if these are not taken away and protected by the Lord. They are an impious crew; for they enter into the affections, both good and evil, of all, by both phantastic and magical arts. They conspire with all the hells. In a word, they are more diabolical than any others. There are also men of such a quality, who, in the world, have acted similarly, and have entered into the friendships of everyone whatever, by insinuation into their affections and interests, solely for the sake of gain and of obtaining rule over them, and, so, by those means, of governing. It has, also, been a matter of indifference to them whether they insinuated themselves by piety, by charity and love, or by impiety, profanity, by murders, by gross flatterings of all evils, by taking oaths, etc.


The siren-women dwelt together upon a mountain in the southern quarter, towards the western, where they were together, and infested all round about, even those who were very far removed from them - for such is their nature: wherefore, visitation was made upon them, and it was found that they were of such a quality. For this reason, they were brought down, by force, from the mountain far away towards the western line, and a very great distance above it, till they scarcely appeared - to the western side, beyond the line there, to the farthest boundary of the Christian territory (but where the Christian domain ends, inasmuch as they had no religion); and there they were cast into a lake there situated, crosswise to the western quarter in that part - at O [Fig. 10] 5487-1 there: the worse ones amongst them being the nearer to the line. The sirenic mountain, or the one where the sirens were, was at Q [Fig. 10].


After those women who were in the mountain were cast into the lake mentioned, they were borne away by their own hell - which was in the southern quarter near the middle-space - where was an immense multitude of them. They have been sent and led down thither for many years. The number and multitude was enormous, and seemed to fill the whole exceedingly extensive intermediate space. There were as many as several myriads. An exit opened for them in the southern region, and they were brought down to the same place and all cast thither.


After this, some were sought for who had hidden themselves in the mountain. The search was prosecuted by men of a like wickedness to the women's. They seemed to enter a shaft which was in the midst of the mountain. They stole into this; and it seemed that they excavated a space there around the mountain, at another part of it, to an extraordinary distance, which went round and round and at length from cavern to cavern. Thither fled the worst of those women, who have also committed murders and studied magical arts, and likewise profaned holy things. Those women were thrown down there through the shaft in the midst of the mountain, and were cast into a place there towards the southern side.


After this was accomplished, it seemed that dust was as it were spread over the whole place, so that it was covered up, in order that no one should ever rise out thence; and one could scarcely tell where they were.


Afterwards, the men of such a quality were cast into the place P [Fig. 10] 5491-1 there, which is on the southern side. They were led beneath, out of the underground [places] in the western region; and, first, those who were there under the earth near to the southern line. These were conducted down over the mountain to their place, and cast into the part of it nearer towards the angle-line. Then, from underground, rose up, in the western part, almost in the midst, some worse ones, who, in like manner with the sirens, were able to enter into the affections of others, equally by means of profane and by means of holy things. They were also taken down over the line towards the sirenic mountain - but at the western side of it - to the same lake, into the midst thereof. And, finally, there rose up from underground, in the west, close to the northern line, those who have been the worst of all, who have committed murders, thefts and adulteries; who have been atheists and nevertheless appeared like angels of light - making a display of holiness; who, also, have, in secret, practiced magical arts which they have learned from the diabolical crew - about which, however, nothing was divulged in the world. They, also, were brought down upon the angle-line, but at the eastern side of the mountain, to that lake, and were cast thither towards its farther angle thus, they were hidden so that they might never appear [again]. Thus was that atrocious crew cast into hell: it was also exceedingly numerous.


ABOUT THE STATE AFTER DEATH AND ABOUT THE HELLS. ERIK BRAHE. There was a certain one (Erik Braha), known to me in the world, who, while in the world, lived gaily, and cared only for worldly things. When he was about to die, he prepared himself more devoutly than anyone, until the priest and all [present] believed he would come into heaven on account of his repentance at that time. I spoke with him the third day after death; and then, immediately he encountered acquaintances there and saw such things as he had taken delight in the world, he returned to his former life; so that his repentance at the time of death amounted to nothing at all.


On the fourth day after death, he was summoned to judgment, being led below, in the western quarter towards the south, somewhat away from the middle; and, there, how many adulteries he committed was disclosed; that he murdered one woman, and ravished many by force, besides hundreds of other adulteries. After this, were recounted, in order, the tricks by which he stole wealth, and thus robbed by clandestine arts; which he did as much as many hundreds [of times], and up to many thousands of copper Thalers. And these things were enumerated in long succession, one after another; nor was he able to deny anything. The enumeration took place according to the members of the body. He had lived continually in luxury and in the practice of atrocious arts; wherefore, he was that day cast immediately into hell. [He was] now, first, where are the filthinesses which proceed from adulteries and rapes. He there appeared black, like a devil. Communication with heaven seemed to be taken away - which appeared like streaks of light being lifted from him.


After this he was removed thence, but with scarcely any mastery over himself. Still, some things which were with him were called forth, and the hells with which he had been associated when in the world, were discovered. They were most wicked; for he had committed many crimes, and always so prepared the way beforehand that the affair could not be brought home to him. Among other hells, was one in the west towards the northern angle under the earth; in which part were many most infamous and most wicked hells. There was communication with one of these; and, then, they who conspired with him were grievously punished. Hence, others, who also endeavored to rise up, bewailed, in a loud voice, that, if he roamed about at large, they would run into his grievous punishments - about which they made great lamentations. It was hence manifest that they could by no means rise up out of the hells, for fear of punishment; for they bewailed, in a loud voice, that if he was free they could not do otherwise than rise up and be punished - that is, if he should bring them into pride and into such things as relate to pride.


On the fourth day he was taken away from thence, and there was given him his former life, such as he had in the world; and, on the fifth day, he rushed into all crimes according to his criminal arts, and these such that the angels were horrified; and he was also most grievously punished several times. This was on the fifth day after death.


ABOUT THE HELL OF POISONERS, ASSASSINS AND MURDERERS. They who, in the world, have been poisoners, assassins and murderers, are, in the other life, carried immediately into hell and vastated; and, lest they should sally forth thence and commit evils, they are tortured and tormented with the most grievous punishments until they no longer talk of ascending therefrom. The hell of these is the first in the western quarter towards the north, somewhat remotely from the middle. There are several depths there, according to the degree of the evil. In that part, they torture one another, even, at length, until they lie as if half-dead - [appearing] in the light of heaven, it is said, like phlegm, with very little interior life.


I saw that they raised themselves out of that hell, and menaced others with such evil as their own, which is, as it were, death-bearing. If, also, they come to men, they bring death upon them immediately; and this in the occiput, and in the spinal marrow, and, with some, in the head. This, also, they attempted with me; and I came almost into a swoon.


The hell of these is not that hell where the most wicked 5498-1 ones are; but this one is nearer to the north. In the hell of assassins and poisoners, appear as it were tigers, panthers, and, lower down, as it were dragons and vipers; because they fawn upon [their prey] before infusing their poison.


I saw them, afterwards, being transferred to a part farther removed in the same quarter, in the north, to the number of some hundreds, and thus hidden away there in hell, where they lie half-dead, and, ages after, are called forth and wander about like fools, totally destitute of understanding.


These are such as were murderers from will and deliberate intention, and accustomed themselves to it for a long time, and afterwards experienced delight in it, and at the same time were crafty and wicked, [though] exteriorly appearing as if honorable; for such ones are exceedingly dangerous in the other life: they are able to infest the simple-good. Thus, they are such as slay men in cold and not in hot blood - as was said.


5458-1 These asterisks are evidently intended to signify that no. 5460 should follow immediately after no. 5458. We have, therefore, placed it accordingly. -ED.

5460-1 These asterisks are evidently intended to signify that no. 5460 should follow immediately after no. 5458. We have, therefore, placed it accordingly. -ED.

5461-1 It was this "Order" that Swedenborg himself belonged to. -ED.

5461-2 In the Latin Edition, this short paragraph is printed on the margin. -ED.

5466-1 Here is a drawing which is a rectangle with lines leading away at the corners.

5467-1 See previous no., 5466. -ED.

5468-1 Figure 9 is a square with the four directions noted on the sides, with south being on the top. A line extends from the upper right corner away from the square, and at the end are three parallel areas.

5469-1 Figure 9 is a square with the four directions noted on the sides, with south being on the top. A line extends from the upper right corner away from the square, and at the end are three parallel areas.

5470-1 Number 5470 is placed after 5475.

5471-1 For no. 5470, which is Fig. 10, see page 420. -Ed.

5471-2 Figure 10 is a drawing of a square, each side of which is labeled with a direction - with east being on the top. From the four corners proceed straight dashed lines leading to various areas. Above the drawing are some mountains.

5472-1 - which see.

5472-2 Figure 10 is a drawing of a square, each side of which is labeled with a direction - with east being on the top. From the four corners proceed straight dashed lines leading to various areas. Above the drawing are some mountains.  5472-2 No. 5467. -ED.

5473-1 Figure 10 is a drawing of a square, each side of which is labeled with a direction - with east being on the top. From the four corners proceed straight dashed lines leading to various areas. Above the drawing are some mountains.

5474-1 Figure 10 is a drawing of a square, each side of which is labeled with a direction - with east being on the top. From the four corners proceed straight dashed lines leading to various areas. Above the drawing are some mountains.

5475-1 Figure 10 is a drawing of a square, each side of which is labeled with a direction - with east being on the top. From the four corners proceed straight dashed lines leading to various areas. Above the drawing are some mountains.

5475-2 Translated in the Authorized English Version, "bottomless pit," but "abyss" in the Revised. --ED.

5476-1 Figure 10 is a drawing of a square, each side of which is labeled with a direction - with east being on the top. From the four corners proceed straight dashed lines leading to various areas. Above the drawing are some mountains.

5477-1 Figure 10 is a drawing of a square, each side of which is labeled with a direction - with east being on the top. From the four corners proceed straight dashed lines leading to various areas. Above the drawing are some mountains.

5478-1 Figure 10 is a drawing of a square, each side of which is labeled with a direction - with east being on the top. From the four corners proceed straight dashed lines leading to various areas. Above the drawing are some mountains.

5479-1 Figure 10 is a drawing of a square, each side of which is labeled with a direction - with east being on the top. From the four corners proceed straight dashed lines leading to various areas. Above the drawing are some mountains.

5479-2 This hiatus occurs in the Latin. -ED.

5479-3 See above, no. 5461a. -ED.

5481-1 The Latin text has diem, but there can be no doubt that terra was intended by Swedenborg. See the opening of no. 5485, below. -ED.

5487-1 Figure 10 is a drawing of a square, each side of which is labeled with a direction - with east being on the top. From the four corners proceed straight dashed lines leading to various areas. Above the drawing are some mountains.

5491-1 Figure 10 is a drawing of a square, each side of which is labeled with a direction - with east being on the top. From the four corners proceed straight dashed lines leading to various areas. Above the drawing are some mountains.

5498-1 See above, no. 5494. -ED.

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