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Spiritual Diary


[A DISCOURSE] WITH SPIRITS TO THE EFFECT THAT THEY BRING PUNISHMENT UPON THEMSELVES, AND THAT PUNISHMENT IS CONJOINED WITH EVIL. I was in conversation with certain spirits, concerning the evil of punishment, and of misfortune that happens to the evil; [and I said] that they themselves bring it on themselves. They thought that it appears otherwise, and hence that it is not so, because punishers come and punish, and that they are other spirits who do this, and, therefore, that they do not bring the punishment on themselves. They were told, that if they had not done evil the punishers would not have come; but this they did not very well understand. The truth was exhibited by means of a similar case: if anyone strikes his hand against a wall where there are spikes, and so hurts his hand, whether it is the wall which occasions the hurt, or whether it is they who bring it upon themselves: it appears as if it were the wall; but they know it comes from them, and so, that they do it to themselves. It is still more clearly manifest from laws in the world: he who commits evil is punished, as soon as convicted of having done the evil; for, then, he draws the punishment upon himself, although others administer it. Thus also are evil, and the punishment of evil, conjoined in the world. Such is the intention of the laws. It is still more so in the other life. At length, they comprehended. It was concluded that this springs from the fact that good has in itself rewards, and, conjoined with itself, happiness. Hence is derived the law, in opposites, that evil has in itself punishment, and, conjoined with itself, damnation. In the one provision the other is provided; for opposites are similarly, but oppositely, circumstanced.


THE MANNER IN WHICH SOME GENTILES, FROM ASIATIC REGIONS MAKE INVESTIGATION AS TO WHETHER THEY ARE TENDING TOWARDS HEAVEN, OR TOWARDS HELL. I saw a certain gentile with a dusky blackish face; and it was seen that he came from a warm region, where such as he dwell. He was seated in a chariot. The horse which drew it, turned all round, and, at length, ran whither he would. He proceeded toward the north there; and, before the horse ran, he [the man] marked, with a staff, the spot where was the beginning of the course, or the starting point, so that he might know it afterwards, when he returned, and, also, whether he was in the same place. The angels said, that certain gentiles thus explore, in the other life, whither they are tending, towards heaven, or towards hell, and with what speed; for, when they return to the first starting point, they then observe how far they are distant from thence, and in what direction, and they thence know the progression of their life, and its trend; for distance shows these things. The reason is, because change and progressions of place, in the other life, are states of life and their progressions: that to progress, to advance, to go, to walk, to journey, have reference to life, see [elsewhere].


CONCERNING THOSE WHO ARE IN FAITH ALONE. They who have impressed on themselves the notion that faith alone saves, appear according to the quality of their faith. Those who have believed this more inwardly, are at the right hand, beneath, on a level under the sole of the foot. They, also, are there, who form a society of more interior friendship, concerning which society, see No. 4439. Those of them who have not so inwardly impressed on themselves the doctrine that faith alone saves, but only know and as it were believe it when they think from doctrinals, are also at the right, further forwards, and deeper down. Thither, also, come those who have both professed and defended faith alone; but those of them who have passed an evil life, are there let down under the earth into a deep place, and more towards the front where they appear surrounded, as it were, by waters. This region is widely extended. But they who have completely believed that faith alone saves, and so have rejected good works, as contributing nothing to salvation, and those of them who have taught it and impressed it on others, from zeal, appear forwards, close at hand on the right, in the plane of the face. When anything flows out thence, it is perceived as if [it came] from Luther; and, wonderful to relate, when James, who said that they should show their faith by works, is thought about, there is an appearance as if a knife flew forth from thence to slay those who feel it to be so. But those who knew that the confession of faith is that faith alone saves: but have not taught it, or any farther impressed it on themselves [than merely to assent to it], and have lived a life of good and justice, are in the lower earth.


What he may have believed does not injure anyone in the other life, if only he have rightly held charity towards the neighbor, according to its essentials; for those of this description have led a life of good, and have inwardly possessed truth agreeing with their good. Wherefore, when they are left to their own good, they then, freely, and with joy, acknowledge the truths: to wit, that good is in the first place, and truth in the second, and that truth without good is dead.


CONCERNING THE HEAVEN OF RUSTICS. It was granted me to speak with those who were from a simple and rustic race, who were in faith, believed in God, and practiced what is just and right in the life of the body. These appeared in front, in a considerable space above, in the plane of the chin round about. They appeared like something misty; and, because they were in the affection of knowing truth, and whether the doctrinal of their Church was true - inasmuch as they wished to know this, it was granted me to speak with them; [and I said] that in order that truth may be known, it is necessary that it should be known that charity towards the neighbor and love to God are essential, and also what faith is. They wished to hear what is the difference between charity and faith. It was then granted me to say, that charity is all that which is of life, or that has regard to life, not only to give to those in need, but to practice what is just and right with the neighbor, and in every function; all those things are of charity, in a word, which are of life; but that faith is to think rightly and justly concerning everything, as that the Lord rules all things, that all good is from the Lord, that what is good and just ought to be done for the sake of good and justice - but they said, on account of the Lord; and many such things. These are of faith, and are of thought: further, also, that the Word is Divine, and that they might know, thence; how to live and to think. It was granted me to say, moreover, that those things which are of faith, or of thought, must, in order that they may be of faith, pass into the will, to the end that they may will it - as, that the Lord rules us and not we ourselves, because He loves us, and knows all things with us, even to eternity: thus, we ought not only to think, but also to will this; and then delight is in it, and it conveys itself into charity, when, also, it is in the whole of life, as justice and right: also, that we ought to think that a thing ought not only to be done for the sake of the Lord, but that it ought also to be willed, and doing good for the sake of ourselves as an end, ought to be held in aversion. So in all things else which are of faith: they are first of the thought, but next become of the will, and thus are within every action which is of life, therefore in charity itself, and so they make a one. There, also, often appeared above, simple upright spirits, who were often borne downwards. Their place of temptation is there.


CONCERNING THE HELL OF DIABOLICAL GENII AT THE BACK. At the back, are infernal and diabolical genii, who are from those men who have thought evil against the neighbor, and delighted themselves therein, and, also, as often as they could without being detected, have inflicted it, secretly, by means of others. In the other life, such are at the back, deep down in vaults: they are invisible there. There was a certain one there; and he said that they were, as it were, volatile, escaping his inspection. They are there in bogs, over which, from phantasy, there appears grass, which looks to those who come to it like a meadow: but when they enter, they are immersed.


CONCERNING HELL. To the left, a little towards the front, is the hell where those are who have committed enormous crimes, which are called deeds of night, and which ought not to be disclosed. There was seen, as it were, an ocean of fire rushing thither, and enfolding them, and afterwards, rolling them along, it discharged them into an abyss.


CONCERNING A DARK INFERNAL CHAMBER. That chamber is forwards, on the right side, at some distance. In that place are such persons as have plotted, in kingdoms, to become powerful above others, by right or wrong, and have accounted religion as nothing, nor believed in God, but [have believed] that all things are of nature, and attributed everything to their own prudence. In that chamber they sit at quite a long table; an in a throne, above, sits a certain one who calls himself the great God; and they who sit, also acknowledge him for such. He places a certain scepter on that table; and all there hear and worship him. It was granted to see those things there, and to hear them speaking, and telling about what they were deliberating with each other: for they deliberate; but they wish that it should be unknown, because such was their disposition in the world. They said they had deliberated whether there was one God, or many, and have concluded that, at present, there are many, and that those who formerly were gods are no longer so, and that thus they succeed each other. They have also deliberated concerning God, [to the effect] that every god should be called the great God by his own [worshippers]; again, that one god does not act against another: further, that they who are shrewd, can aspire to become gods. They said they had also deliberated, concerning eternity, that there are many eternities, and always an eternity where there is any god. Then they said, that the deliberators there, depart and return; and that some, when they depart do not return, nor do they know whither they go; and many similar thing. They are in such an insanity, for the reason that they have plotted nothing else, in the world, than to become great. They have quite a strong persuasive faculty. Their god, by means of phantasies, is able to present anything to the sight, which [presentations] he calls miracles. Under the table was a coffin, such as dead bodies are laid in. This was taken away from them; and he then said that he could, then, no longer work miracles. From that it may be concluded, about anyone, that he was of the Catholics. They [the so-called miracles] were exposed to derision, by certain spirits, by means of phantasies, so that simple spirits might see of what quality he [the pretended god] was. In a word, they are in stupidity, but they seem to themselves the wisest of all. Afterwards, it became known whence he was, that he was from Constantinople, and that, there, he was in the post of Mufti, and that he derived that pride thence. The coffin under the table, was the likeness of Mahommed's coffin; and it was under the roof as long as he remained. He declared himself to have been able to work miracles, but afterwards [not]. He was then exposed, by many, by great derision, and thus was cast into hell. He said that, previously, in the other life, he was under Mahommed, but afterwards, when he became God, that he was above him.


CONCERNING THE STATE OF THOSE WHO ARE IN HELL, IN RESPECT TO THOSE WHO ARE IN HEAVEN. When I had observed, for a considerable time, that the evil who are from the hells were most cunning, so that they appeared cleverer than others (for they could devise arts, whereby they might seduce others and persuade to falses, together with arguments, and could defend evils and falses with such ingenuity that, at first, I supposed that they were more intelligent than the upright; yet, that I believed this, is because I considered it to be intelligence to ingeniously persuade to falses, and mislead; as, also, it appears); but, still, I observed afterwards, that their state was wholly different; for they suffer, themselves to be misled by phantasies, so that those things which come to pass by means of phantasies, they believe to be wholly real. This was shown in a thousand ways. Moreover, they are completely borne away by their nature, just like beasts. They act therefrom; thus, are not able to see whether anything is advantageous for them, or not; thus, they are without reflection, without shame, without fear, but still are more malignant than beasts, for they have abused the intellectual faculty to forming that nature. Hence, it was evident, that they are anything else than intelligent - malice is not intelligence - but that they are, as it were, insane. The reason is, because they are remitted into their evil and the false thence; and the intellectual faculty of feigning and doing anything save as their nature impels them, is taken away from them. Were it otherwise, they would then continually become worse, and would wholly lose the remaining human itself. But it is otherwise with the upright: these, because they are in truths and goods, and hence in heavenly light, are, therefore, intelligent and wise. Their wisdom cannot be described; the reason is because wisdom is to know truths and to do goods: in these, is the Divine. But insanity is to will and do evils, and thence think and speak falses. Because these are in the opposite condition, and not at all in any light of heaven from truth and good, therefore, they are insane, and hardly differ from beasts, save in the circumstance, that they are more malignant than beasts are.


Being of such a character, it cannot well be otherwise than that they mutually punish each other in the hells, and torture each other; for thus [comes] their fear of injuring [others]. They cannot be restrained save by means of fears; nor can fear be otherwise excited than by punishments.


FURTHER CONCERNING THE HELLS: ADULTERERS. In the other life, they who have been adulterers persecute marriages; they do away with them; they hardly discriminate them from adulteries. They say that the marriage state is only for the sake of training up offspring; and, moreover, that it is allowable to anyone to enjoy a wife, and this without sin. Such characters are exceedingly numerous at this day; and they are called forth from the hells into the world of spirits, and this because they are called forth by adulterers [still in the world]. They are exceedingly multiplied at the present day, especially from the region where the Church is; where, by far the greatest part who are of any condition, do not believe there is anything holy in marriages, and laugh in their heart if anyone says that they are holy. They also call [such people as say they are holy] simple. Such persons, in the other life, are insane like the rest of the infernals - both those of the male and those of the female sex. I saw how numerous they were, and what their insanity was. When it was insinuated into them that a married pair were there, and that the wife was fair and young, they rushed off, pell-mell, as if insane, yea, like madmen, and wished to dissolve marriages there. Such is their character; but they were carried away, by their blind fury, to the place where was the hell in which they were. They were backwards, at a distance, because they were genii.


CONCERNING THE HELLS. CONCERNING THE PROUD. There is a hell in front, at a distance to the right, where are those who are in the insanity that they are more than deities, and that they have subjugated heaven. When the appear, they do not appear as giants, but as giants of giants, and they see all the others below themselves, like dwarfs, or like small shrubs. When these are in hell, they are in the insane notion that heaven is under them, and that they rule all things. There were some there who did not believe such an insanity could exist, because they believed [that], since they were men, they must be receptive of something of reason: but they were not able, because in the life of the body, they have confirmed themselves against the truths of the Church, and against God; and they who had confirmed themselves against these, and despised others in comparison with themselves, and have continually been arrogant, become such, nor can they recede from their insanity - which was demonstrated by this, that those [who had doubted their insanity] labored in vain to persuade them that they were insane. Hence, also, were they instructed that the more anyone is in heart haughty towards others, that is, in self-love, the less is he in the faculty of growing wise, so that they are removed from wisdom according to the degree of their love; and that wisdom from the Lord inflows only with those who are humble, who do not despise others in comparison with themselves, who favor what is good, and love good men from the heart.


CONCERNING THE INHABITANTS OF AN EARTH IN THE UNIVERSE. (((((I was in a waking vision, and was led as to my spirit to certain spirits who were from a certain earth in the universe; and, while I was being led, there appeared to me, on the right, first, a rather bright and thick cloud, and thereafter, as it were, smoke mingled with something fiery, which ascended quite high. There was such a smoke to a considerable distance. I was borne through it, as to my spirit, in the vision; and then appeared, beneath, very many genii, like men; but, as I did not speak with them, it was not granted me to know what is their quality, and what they did there. This was in the interstice between the world of our sun, and the universe.))))) (At length, after two hours' time, I arrived at a place, where I tarried. Then, there appeared above me, spirits who spoke with me; and I could observe that they were from another earth, because they differed completely and manifestly from the spirits of our earth. They wondered, at first, that anyone from another earth should come to them; and they also, after exploration, ascertained that we were outside the sphere of their earth. I asked what God they worshipped: they said that they acknowledged a certain angel, who often appears to them as an angelic man and teaches them, and also gives them to perceive what they should do; and that they know that there is, in the sun there, the supreme God, who appears to His angel, and that He is too great for them to venture to adore. The angel whom they worshipped, since they dared not then worship the supreme God, was an angelic society in heaven, to whom it was granted, by the Lord, that they should preside over them. For the rest, they were modest; and they were well-disposed and somewhat simple. There was also seen a woman of fine stature and becoming carriage. Afterwards, my sight was opened there, so that I was able to look a little into that earth; and it appeared that there were many fields, and fleecy sheep: further, also, that there were forests with leafy trees. The woman appeared of fine stature and becoming carriage. Some of the inhabitants of the lower class, there, also appeared. They were clothed in a dress like the rustics in Europe. Moreover, there also appeared there, two married people, husband and wife. She wore in front, as it were, a stomacher, which was not on the breast; but, just in front of the breast, was placed as it were a certain [article of apparel], behind which [the breast] could be concealed; but, still, it was so arranged that she could insert her arms, and so clothe herself, and go out. This also was done. Her husband also put it on, to show how they [the men] were clothed, and placed it on his back; and then the lower part was loosened, and flowed down to the feet, like a toga; and, thus clothed, he walked about.) (They said that, to them, their sun appeared flaming, just like our sun, but it was not of that size for I represented to them the character of our sun, and of what color its flame was. That sun is a star; and I have heard from angels, that it was a star of the lesser magnitude; they said, besides, that a starry heaven also appears to them.) ((Sometimes, there appears to them the angelic heaven, which was also shown me. It appears to them like a small starry heaven, but with golden stars, in a quite bright light.)) ((But the spirits said that they do not have there any light, save from a certain flame which appears to them, which was like the flame of a torch, quite fiery and yellow. This comes from the fact that they do not adore the supreme God that is, the Lord, but an angel. Hence their light is not from the sun of heaven, but from an angelic society: for an angelic society, when it is granted by the Lord, can present such a light, in a lower sphere.)) (It was said by angels, that, in the Grand Man, they [the people of the earth in question] relate to something in the spleen, which was also shown by a movement, as it were a trembling, when they inflowed.) Under them, was the hell of those who are from the same earth. A certain one was shown me, who appeared very hideous, so that he terrified me greatly. I dare not describe his form. There, also, are many sorceresses; and those of them who have been sorceresses in their earth, practice dreadful arts. A certain one of such a character was shown to me in that earth: she was dressed in a green garment; and, when she appeared, I was filled with such a disgust as [is experienced] when anything loathsome appears to the sight. (I wondered exceedingly, when I saw those two married people, that the husband walked as if he were a grandee, with a sort of pompous step and the like bearing, and that the woman was humble. It was said that such is the custom in that earth; and that husbands who are of such a character are beloved; but, nevertheless, that they are still good, and love their partner quite tenderly, and perform tender offices for her. It was also said, that it is not permitted them to have several wives; and that they are content with one.) (Since they wondered that such things can be described in writing, I spoke with them concerning our earth: that such things are known in our earth; and that, so far as is yet known, it is not so in other earths; also, that in this earth are sciences, which are increased by being capable of inscription in writings, and so left to others and to posterity, and that hence are many arts in this earth, as for example, the art of constructing ships, and many other things. It was granted me to tell them the reason; [namely], that, from the earliest times, those in this earth wished to be wise in such things, and that this was represented by the tree of knowledge in paradise; and that, because they had eaten thereof, therefore they cannot be made healthy [spiritually] by other means than by sciences, thus by the scientifics which are of faith.) (It was then told me, by the angels, that the Lord willed to be born in this earth, where divine truths are handed down by means of writings even from the earliest times, because, in this manner, the truths of faith could here be multiplied and preserved better than with others: but, with others, these truths are only learnt from parents, and so retained in the memory, and then very many things perish in the lapse of time; but, here, it is not so. Thus, also, the angels of heaven are able not only to be perfected from the Word, but also to perceive blessedness and happiness of life: for the Word, read in this earth, passes, by correspondences, even into heaven, as was shown. Thus, also, can the truths of faith be communicated to the angels of other earths. This is the reason that the Lord willed to be born here, and to become, while he was in the world, the Divine truth, that is, the Word, and afterwards the Divine Good, that is, Jehovah.) (In this earth, more than in other earths, there are sciences and arts quite unknown elsewhere: [the following] sciences, to wit, the physical sciences in general, chemistry, medicine, optics, astronomy, geometry, and philosophy, whereof they know nothing at all elsewhere; [the following] arts, for example, the smeltings of metals, the art of sculpture, of painting, music, the art of constructing ships, carriages, magnificent buildings and palaces out of stone and marble, and mirrors; besides very many arts, which are for use and pleasure. Not only are they [in this earth] skilful in these, but they also have communication, by means of ships, with distant regions; and the gains of different regions are distributed to others. Similarly with the arts, and also with the sciences. These, when invented and known by one person, are communicated, by means of books and writings, to all others; and the things which are known in one region are likewise communicated to those who are in another; and those things which the ancients knew, are also known to posterity; for writings remain. For which reason also, and especially, the Word and the truths of faith, could be given in this earth, because [they could be known] in many [places] at the same time, and successively through the ages; and so could be multiplied, which could not happen elsewhere.  4663-1


THAT THERE ARE, FROM EVERY CHURCH, THOSE WHO BELIEVE THEIR DOCTRINALS TO BE ABOVE THOSE OF OTHERS. FAITH ALONE. There were certain spirits from one Church; and they fully believed their own doctrinals were true, and those of the rest [of mankind] erroneous. Then, in order that they might be convinced that it was not so, many were brought to them from a different religion; and, at length, Socinians, Anabaptists, Quakers, Jews. Everyone of these affirmed his doctrinal to be true, and that of the rest to be false. Hence they were convinced that they were in error; and that, in whatever Church they were born, they ought to inquire, out of the Word, whether they are in truth; but, then, they ought to have the life of charity towards the neighbor and love to God for a principle; for, unless there is this principle, there is no illustration.




CONCERNING THOSE WHO ARE IN A GENERAL IDEA. It was granted me to know the reasons why some are in a general idea, which yet is determinate. The great part are in an evil general idea: some, also, in one that is good. They are those who have been solitaries, and have thought much, and indeed determined, concerning matters, either domestic affairs, or concerning commerce, or, on the part of the evil, concerning crafty plans, how they may acquire immoderate profits or deceive others; and, when these ideas are not determinate, then they are as it were in no idea, because only in a general idea of such things. The good, who think much concerning faith, and concerning heaven, also [think] determinately, and are in the general idea of these things between-whiles; nor are they then turned aside to other things.


It is otherwise with those who are in an abstract idea, and who did not have determinate ideas except such as were obvious to the eyes, and between-whiles were in a general but not a regular idea, or one determined to certainties, but [an idea determined] variously to those obvious things.


CONCERNING THE HELLS. There are many spirits who wish to return into the world; and they inquire, and, to a certain extent, come to know where men are; and when they come thither, they burn with a desire to enter into man, and obsess him, that is, to lead his speech and his actions. Such do those spirits become, who have loved mundane and earthly things; and they have been horrified at [the thought of] a life after death, because they would thus lose all the delight of their life. But such are remitted, of the Lord's providence, into places far away from the spirits who are with men; and there, some of them are hidden quite deeply. The place to which they are remitted, appears as if in the extremity of our solar world.


CONCERNING HEAVEN. It was granted to observe that those who are above, see and perceive all things which are below, but that those who are below perceive and see nothing of those things which are above, that is, which are interior - a manifest proof that superiors inflow into inferiors, and not the other way about; and that the Lord inflows into all things and into every particular thing.


CONCERNING HEAVEN AND THE WORD. I spoke with those who are in the third heaven, whom it was granted me to understand in part, because there was an angel with me at the time. The speech which prevails there, differs entirely from the speech of the angels of the second heaven; for it is a perceptive speech from affections, thus from the changes of the heavenly heat, the light there assisting. That speech cannot be expressed. They have a perception of all things which are there, and beneath, solely from the varieties of affection. The light assisting, they have discourse; and it is visible and perceptible to them; nor can spirits, save those who are of the celestial genius, or those to whom it is granted by the Lord to observe it, know of what quality it is. It simultaneously comprehends innumerable things; so that such things as can be expressed by the speech of the angels of the second heaven in a half hour, can here [be expressed] in a moment; and, also, very many things that cannot be expressed in the speech of the second heaven: hence it is clear that the wisdom there is indescribable. In that heaven, all are acquainted with each other, as to whence they are and of what quality; so that, [in] that universal heaven, where are myriads of myriads, still are they [all] known by each individual. They know, from perception, of what quality they are, and what is the difference of their good, wisdom, and intelligence, and, if they desire it, to what province in the human body it corresponds. They appeared to me in a flaming and very great brightness, and like infants; also high in front. There was as it were a cloud, which was opened, and thus they were seen.


Then, also, a little paper was let down, written with Hebrew letters, just as they wrote them in the most ancient times. They differ little from the Hebrew letters of the present day, but, nevertheless, [they differ] slightly; and the angel who was with me, said that he comprehended everything which was written there from the letters alone, and that every letter contained some idea, yea, the sense of the ideas; and he also taught me what [yod], what [aleph], and what [hey] signified; but, what the rest [of the letters] signified, it was not permitted him to tell: he said also that all things of the Word are inspired in this manner, and that the third heaven knows thence, when the Word is read by man in the Hebrew text, all the divine-celestial which is inspired, and that each and all the things therein treat of the Lord. Such a sense cannot be explained, because it is the celestial sense, of which not one idea can be expressed. From this it may be apparent, that the Word, according to the Lord's words, is inspired as to every jot and tittle. I spoke with them concerning the origin of that thing, why merely the form of the Hebrew letter should present these things; and the cause was derived from the form of the flow of heaven, which is of such a character; and that, because they [i. e. the letters] are in that flow, which makes the foundation of order, they [i. e. the angels] thence have perception.


CONCERNING HELL. I was led above the magical hell; and when I was above it, there appeared a great head of a serpent, hideous by reason of its black scales. The body was like a scaly fish. It was said that this magical hell appears thus in the light of heaven. The reason is, because serpents are naturals, and ratiocinations thence: the scaly fish are sensual scientifics, whereby they are led into magical things. Hence it was apparent what was signified, in the prophet, [by] the great crooked serpent and leviathan, where [he treats] concerning Egypt, where magical arts [were practiced]. 4672-1


CONCERNING THE DWELLERS IN THE UNIVERSE. (I was led by the Lord, above the magical hell, to an earth in the universe, to the left in respect to the sun there - which is the Lord; and at last, after two days, I came to certain spirits who were from a certain earth there. They were seen very high above us; and thence they explored those things which are below, and also observed them attentively, and likewise observed me, and then spoke with me, thence, concerning various matters, and wondered exceedingly that anyone should come to them from somewhere else. I told them from which earth I was, and how many earths there were in our world, especially telling them about the spirits of Mercury, who wander around everywhere, in order to acquire knowledges for themselves. They said that they had also observed them with themselves.) (It was asked what God they worshipped; they said the Lord, concerning whom they had the idea of a Divine Man, and it was acknowledged that it was the same Lord with our Lord; but they said that they acknowledge and worship, besides, an invisible God; but it was granted me to tell them, that we, also, in like manner, worship an invisible God; but that He is the same as the Lord, because what is infinite cannot be seen; but that he appears as a man; and that, therefore, we worship one God, not several, however we may err concerning the person and concerning the persons.) (Moreover, they were penetrating in sight; and, because they were on high, they saw from thence all things that were below, and also observed them. They were told that they are like eagles, which fly aloft, and see beneath far and wide around. Then were they indignant, supposing that I compared them to eagles, regarded as rapacious birds; but it was granted me to reply that [I compared them] to eagles, because they see everything below widely and sharply, not that they are rapacious; and that yet there is a correspondence, because spiritual food is knowledge and wisdom thence; but that the food of eagles is birds and poultry that are beneath them; which, therefore, they look for in a similar manner. It was said by the angels that they correspond to the external power of sight in the Grand Man.) (Afterwards, it was granted me to see and speak with spirits from the same earth, who were lower down. They were seen lower down, and more forwards, a little further removed; but these were idolaters, for they worshipped a certain idol of stone, resembling a man, but not a handsome man. They were asked why they do that, and why they worship not a living but a dead [God]: they who were the wiser replied that they worship the living God, when their look is directed to the idol; and that they know that God lives, and is not a stone; but still that their ideas can thus be fixed on the Divine, who is otherwise invisible. [Reflect] on the quality of idolaters.) (I inquired [of them] concerning their earth. They said that they there see their sun, which is a star to our eyes, of a fiery color, but not greater than the head of a large man; so that it appears less than our sun. Somewhat less than half. They then said that they likewise have lakes and fishes there, that they have meadows, flower gardens, and woods full of fruit-trees; that they feed on these and pulse, and a certain fruit of a tree, which [fruits] are as large as our melons and of a sweet taste. They also stated that there are very beautiful birds there, of a blue color, with golden wings, and also smaller and larger animals; the smaller with backs not unlike camels in a smaller mould, dotted with golden spots. They also said that they have no houses, but dwell in wooded glades, and there, among the trees, place for themselves a shelter for the rain and for the heat of the sun; and that thus they dwell under that shelter. There appeared to me such a domicile, and that an idol was there. They stated that they do not feed on the flesh of animals; but some of them [on that] of fishes.) (Spirits were seen, who were like themselves had been when men in their earth. They had a face similar to the men of our earth, but with the difference that their eyes and nose were small. This, in my view, deformed them: but they said that small eyes and a small nose, were, with them, a beauty. There was also seen a woman of that description, who was taller in body than the women of our earth, but with a smaller face and with similar eyes and nose. She was dressed in a toga wherein were roses of various colors. She appeared to be dressed in a garment like [we have] in our earth, made of silks of a similar kind. I inquired whence they provide themselves with such garments: they said that they gather materials of such a kind from their herbs, [make them into] webs [barkan 4673-1]; and that they weave them into threads, and then arrange these threads with their hands, and, so that they may be connected with others and for the sake of a better join, they moisten them with a glutinous fluid and compress them; and then they color that [fabric] with the colors there, derived from herbs, and other things which are there known; and thus make them into a garment. It was also shown how they make these materials into a thread: their women do this: they sit reclining on a seat and twist these with the toes of the feet, and draw them to themselves with their hands, and thus they are worked into a thread; and [it was said] that they are exquisitely sensitive in the toes of the feet. They said that they have one wife, and no more; and that of her they have many children, as many as ten, thirteen, and more. It was also perceived, that there are many prostitutes there.) ((((It was said by the angels, that they are in a world, in the circle of the equator, [and the star which is their sun is 4673-2] among the lesser ones there.)))) ((There were seen many spirits from thence - many women who were sorceresses, and who were cast into their hell.)) ((They said that there they do not live under governments; but that there is the family, and the domestics. [They] were asked whether they were thus secure from others. They said, why should they not be secure? what more is needed, when they have food and clothing? of what profit is the rest? They were indignant that such things should be asked, because they implied enmity and protection from it, when no family envies another, nor wishes to take aught from it; and that no such thing is perceived. Thus they live, fearlessly, near each other, according to the state of those of whom mention is made in the Word, 4673-3 where blessedness is treated of; the Lord thus guarding them and averting such thoughts.))


CONCERNING THE CELESTIAL HEAVEN, AND CONCERNING THE DOORS THERE. I have frequently spoken with those who are of the celestial kingdom of the Lord, who inflow into the affections, and, if into the thoughts, it is by means of the affections. They appear in a superior sphere, above the spiritual; and this, because the higher they are there, the more perfect are they. I spoke with those who are in the middle region there, both often and much and was informed concerning their state there. I saw and well observed, that they indeed remained above in their places, but that they were continuously transferred, by degrees, and successively, from left to right; so that there is, in some way, an inmost gyration which draws them around, of which they are wholly ignorant. They assert that they are always in one and the same place, so long as they are in their mansions I saw also the light which they have, and also a light beneath, wherein was an infant, and which is so bright that it immensely exceeds the meridian light of the sun in the earth. This is scarcely credible; but still it is true. I saw it in the midst of darkness, and when there was darkness in the earth; and, when I saw it, there was a part opened beneath them, which happened like as when clouds pass by, and are opened in the middle, and then light appears. Then, also, I saw them in the midst of the light.


It is worthy of notice, that all there, dwell there, with their kindred, in their own habitations, which are mansions, as they are called by the Lord in the Word. 4675-1 There are chambers there; there are halls there; there are also paradises outside, where they enjoy themselves; and then, when they wished to see, and hold communication with, those who are below, they open the doors of the chamber, then of the house, and also of the hall, and as they open these, so they obtain communication, and as they close these, so the communication ceases. This I saw. From these things, it is plain, why it was said by the Lord, that He is the door, and the door-keeper - that is, that mediation is by Him. But such is a representative of the communications into an inferior sphere.


Many of those who are in that middle celestial kingdom, are from the gentiles, from Asiatic regions; and very many of them have been converted to the Christian religion by missionaries. These, when they acknowledge the Lord, and so receive faith, believe in the Lord, and do not care for those intricate questions and disputes concerning faith, whether it, or whether charity, is saving, nor concerning the Pope, whether he is the head of the Church; but they live as Christians. These, for the most part, are there, and enjoy eternal blessedness; a blessedness and wisdom which can never be described, nor believed, by anyone, on account of its superiority.


CONCERNING CONSOCIATIONS AND FRIENDSHIPS, IN THE OTHER LIFE, IN HEAVEN. When I have conversed with angelic spirits, I have observed that those appeared to me like acquaintances and friends of long standing, with whom there is similitude of soul or who are in the society - indeed, who are in that province - [where I am], although I have never seen them before. This was observed on several occasions. Hence it may be manifest that man, after death, receives many companions, friends and brothers, as if they had been known to him from infancy.


OF WHAT CHARACTER INFESTATIONS ARE, AND THE DOORS IN HEAVEN. I saw into a city, where many dwelt, and which consisted of stone edifices. Thither evil genii betook themselves, for the purpose of infesting them; and also they entered the houses where the doors were open: but, when they felt, there, the sphere of good and truth that was there, they commenced to be tormented, and appeared then like reptiles in the streets, seeking with the greatest anxiety how they might be able to depart thence; and, moreover, a way out was shown them.


CONCERNING THE HELLS. I observed attentively how man devastates and casts himself into hell. There was a heavenly society which the Lord guarded, thus where the Divine of the Lord was. A certain evil one, who was of the worst sort, secretly infested it; and, at length, when he was detected, it was then observed how he was more and more let down into hell; for, meanwhile, because he had been successful, he invented new cunning devices for infesting, and thus associated himself more and more with the hells; and because he was more associated with them, therefore he did the more infest that society. He supposed that he could have refrained; but he was told that he could not, because chained to the hells, and led by those which he had attached to himself. Then was he more and more surrounded with falses thence, which at first appeared like a gross mist, afterwards like waters; and thus he cast himself deeply down. He had been a judge in his time; and, by his cunning, had wrought many evils in that capacity.


Certain ones were cast into their hell more speedily; but, in the meantime, they associated themselves with the hells, or, truly, they are associated [with them] when they return into their internals with those with whom they had been in the life of the body; for their internals were with those. Wherefore, when they are let into such associations, they cast themselves more and more into the abyss. This it was granted me to see on several occasions.


CONCERNING THE JESUITS, AND SO CONCERNING THE [ROMISH] SAINTS. I observed those Jesuits who are evil, in the other life, because it is believed, in the world, that they surpass others in cunning and deceit, and in love of the world and of self, and that heavenly things are to them means of profit and of striving for honors. Amongst them, are some who are good, some who are unaffectedly pious, some who are wantonly evil, some who are cunning, and some who are deceitful. Those who are good are in heaven; those who are unaffectedly pious appear at the right, to the front, in a place [which is], as it were, a great cistern. When those of them who are cunning and deceitful wish to entrap the simple good into a consultation, they call those [unaffectedly pious ones] forth from that great terrestrial cavern; and, then, they ascend, as it were, by ladders, and stand together on its borders in a row, with book in hand, and pray for those who are above. (Some of these are of the Capuchins.) Those who are wantonly evil, are those who were not initiated amongst them, but are rather youthful: these learn magic, and openly wish to govern. But these are rejected by those who are cunning and deceitful, because they are of such a character; and they are sent to various hells. The cunning, however, are seen on the right side in front, standing above that cavern. They avoid inflicting evil, unless they cannot be seen; but all the while they think evil continually: they know that if they inflict evil, they will be exposed, and cast into hell. Their number is decreasing, nor do they know whither those [who depart from them] go. The deceitful are more remote from them, at their back; and they, also, appear as if standing. These similarly take care not to be exposed, but constantly breathe in [evil] to everyone, and inspire others to the commission of evil stealthily. They are exceedingly careful lest they be exposed. When they are manifested to the eyes of the angels, they appear like serpents rolled together, and their number successively increases and decreases; for they reject from themselves the wantonly evil, and also those who are not deceitful, for instance, the simple. They cast spirits out of their company, above the head, where there appears before them, as it were a chair, together with a wall. There they are sometimes seen in a long row; and they look down below and devise plots; but they are cast down thence from time to time, and dragged away and cast into hell. Those in that place who are further removed to the left, are of the worst sort; and they are more simple by degrees, according as they succeed each other, in order, to the right. The deceits of these cannot be described. Especially do they feign themselves good, and worm their thoughts into the societies of the good, and are there present, and move stealthily, in order that, if [the good can be misled] no otherwise, they may still be ensnared by the external affections of the evil, besides in many other ways, by means of the communications of thoughts round about.


CONCERNING THE HELLS. Very far in front, are the hells of those who are deceitful and at the same time cruel, where there appears fire, as it were from a sulphurous substance. They are sent deep down, in that place, according to the degree of their deceit and cruelty. The depth is great; for I saw such a one brought thither, and cast in there. At the middle distance of these, also, are hells for the deceitful, which are exceedingly deep.


CONCERNING THE HELLS. A certain one, who, in the world, had been in the truth of some good (Lagerberg), went in nearly a right line to the front, and noted what he saw there; and he told me that he saw separate regions, where there was a multitude of exceedingly turbulent spirits, of different degrees in the [different] quarters; and he beheld, that, in the midst, was a something obscure, which was said to be a man, around whom they are; and it is said by the angels, that there are such things thus around every man whatever, because man is the ultimate plane; and that, at the present day, there are such commotions around the man of the Church, chiefly from the hells - for they were seen in the plane of the sole of the foot, and they are under that plane. The spirits do not know that it is a man; neither does the man know that spirits are around him. He said that there were many hells beneath those in which they are, and that they who are above, in the world of spirits, act thus tumultuously into a sphere, which thus appears as a sphere bending itself around, by means of a spire, to the center where that obscure something, or that man, is.


CONCERNING THE ACCURSED DUST OF THE HELLS AND CONCERNING A GATHERING OF SPIRITS. When anyone thinks himself to be greater than others, and [desires] to become greater than others in spiritual matters, which is a sort of spiritual pride, he is treated harshly in the other life, for he becomes as if corporeal, and fills the sphere from his own, so that he appears, in these things, like himself; and then he does dreadful things, which must be kept secret. Then is he still let into his corporeal state, and is transferred far to the left, above a river, or boundary-line. There also appears there a smoking pond of fire. He is borne thither; and then spirits are collected to him of such quality as he had been; and this appears to those not present, as if he were rolled in the dust, in every direction, and then as if he were mutilated; and it also appears as if he were changed, when yet he is not changed; and thus he is let into the life which he led in the world: for such pride has such a quality in itself. There also appear, elsewhere, smoking ponds, far behind, at the back; for filthy adulterers, also, to the right; forwards, also, for the cruel.


The accursed dust also appears elsewhere; and that he appears to them [the witnesses] to be rolled in it, is because he is surrounded by such genii and spirits. Moreover, it was shown that, if such were let into any heavenly society, they would fill the whole sphere with their own consequence, so that the rest should be nothing; and whatever they might speak would turn to themselves; and they would speak concerning themselves and [not] concerning heaven and God and such things, save on account of self and of self-glory. This is their universal ruling characteristic; and, moreover, angels, who feel nothing for themselves more than for others, appear small and insignificant, and, so, comparatively of no account. Hence it is evident, that they could by no means be in heaven; and, also, that their presence would cause, or introduce, abominations.


CONCERNING THE HELLS AROUND MAN. I saw how evil spirits and genii are around man according to his life. Thus, there appeared an encircling form, which existed from the influx of heaven; and, from this, there was an operation into the spirits and genii around man. That form was active, like a vortex, as if it revolved; and it existed from the influx of such spirits, or societies, from hell. As is the quality of a man's life, such is the quality of the spirits his life attracts. Life is general, or universally reigning, with its varieties. The man who has not yet become actually evil, appears above the earth there (this was seen towards the front), but as it were veiled, as if by an exceedingly dense, opaque membrane. He appears veiled in this manner, when he is above; below, he appears like some obscure, inanimate thing. This appears to the angels, but not to the spirits who are there, who see no such thing. When, however, man acquires to himself a life of evil, then is he more and more plunged down there below the plane of the earth, and, presently, up to the feet; afterwards, up to the loins; next, up to the breast; and: lastly, up to the head; and, then, he is in hell, and he cannot be elevated thence, because he is then in adult and old age, and no longer receives new truths, nor can those which are with him be bended, because they have grown hard. He then appears there, and at last much lower; and it was perceived, that, when man is not far from the end of his life, he droops as to the head, and, at length, becomes bent as to the body, and so forth.


After death, he comes into the society of such spirits. How it happens with him, beneath, was not seen. (There are also some who are in heaven, high above the earth.) It is not permitted to anyone, before death, to be with half of his body above the earth, and half below the earth. This [the earth spoken of 4687-1] must [after death] be either above the loins or below the loins. Love in general is there, if the loins are below; just as it is if he stands with the rest of the body above, and so forth. When about to die, he droops his head, and at last falls. The progression of his life appears by his descending more deeply by degrees.


CONCERNING THOSE WHO ARE IN HEAVEN: THAT THE MORE INTERIOR [THE GOOD] IN MAN, THE BETTER AND MORE BEAUTIFUL IT IS. There were those who did not understand that there should be such a thing as interior good, and that it was better and more beautiful than exterior good. They supposed that the exteriors were all. A wife was beheld by her husband; and there were several who assumed her form, so as to counterfeit her. These were evil; they were eight in number, and the wife was amongst them. It was asked whether he could recognize which was his wife, since they were exactly alike in external form. Then he did not know: he said one was his wife, who was not. Then the exteriors of form were taken from them, and they then appeared like diabolical images, except the wife, who was an angel of heaven. Then was he horrified at them, and went to his wife. Afterwards the external form, which the eight evil ones attracted to themselves by their magical art, was taken away from the wife; and, then, the wife appeared in a splendid form as an angel, and he was astonished; and, at length, that form also was taken away, and then he was astounded; and he acknowledged, because his sight was opened that far, that he was in another state, to wit, in real celestial love, which so affected him that he felt that which he had not before, to wit, heaven, as regards love towards all who are in good. He thus confessed, that, with the good, interiors are given, which are from the Lord, and thence are more perfect by degrees; and that the interiors with the evil are more deformed and hideous.


CONCERNING HEAVEN AND HELL. All who come into the other life, are, by degrees, remitted into the life which they led in the world, and, indeed, with the externals, and nearly with the entire condition, they had there. But, by degrees, external intellectuals are removed from them, and they are remitted into their nature, the evil into their evil and the good into their good: the former are then sent into hell, and the latter into heaven.


Some complained, when they saw the intellectual which they had in the world, as regards externals, taken away; and they argued concerning it, why it is so; but they were told that, otherwise, by their intellectual faculty they would be in heaven, and by the voluntary in hell - whence would arise confusion. If, also, the external intellectual should remain, they would use that to confirm evils, so that evil would rule, and the rational would serve. Thus, also, they would disturb the angels of light, and deceive the simple, who are in the entrance to heaven, and not yet prepared, and thus would persuade them to evils, and quite take away all their capability of amendment: and so, also, they would take away from heaven its support; for these are those who are in ultimates, and like supports. Hence it was evident that the Divine order is, that all be remitted into their nature which they have acquired to themselves in the world; and that they come into their nature when externals are removed and they are left to their internals thus to the interior will - in like manner to their own love.


CONCERNING INTELLIGENCE AND PERCEPTION IN HEAVEN. ELIEZER [SWEDBERG 4691-1]. There are in heaven those who possess perception, that in whom can be insinuated such [perception] as is from the good angels [who] are around, and in whose society they are. Hence they have a general perception, but not, in this way, of the truth of faith in particular. These are such as have not been diligent in studies, nor have troubled about the truths of faith. They are in perception, and not in intelligence, except in a very general, ordinary one, formed from those things which they believed. They believe that the all of heaven consists in perception, and are averse to such things as belong to intelligence. They were shown that they can be as easily led by the evil as by the good, and that they can have innumerable opinions about one thing, and not know which is true. They suppose that only is true which inflows, and which they thus perceive. It was shown them, by turning the thing over, whence it came about that they have taken up several, even opposite, opinions. But they who have been studious about faith, remain, in all such turning over and hence change of the state of the case, in their judgment, nor do they suffer themselves to be moved therefrom, which was also shown. In a word, the former cherish unfavorable opinions concerning all who are in intelligence and wisdom. They have, also, absurd ideas concerning those who are of the celestial kingdom.


Such spirits have a chamber near themselves, on the east; and, when they do not know how a matter stands they enter the chamber, and there hear what they may believe; and they then believe this from that moment. Near there, also, are those who confide in their own proper power; for they believe that certain are created to be an impure vessel, and certain to be a pure vessel, and thus that they are elected, and not those who are beneath them. But they were told how the matter stands - that all are elected. But this they were not willing to believe. In a word, they are such, because they possess no scientific which contradicts and destroys their perception. They appear quite high above the head, in a slanting direction.


CONCERNING THE SIMPLE AND UNLEARNED IN THE OTHER LIFE. HEAVEN AND HELL. ELIEZER [SWEDBERG 4693-1] AND MY MATERNAL AUNT, WHO WAS MARRIED TO SCHONSTROM. Those in heaven who shine above the rest, are those who have studied the truths of faith, and at the same time have lived according to them; for the knowledges of truth and good enter into light there, and are in the light. But they who are in knowledges, and in a life of evil, are in hell; for knowledges, with them, have not entered the life, because they have not entered the will, and thus produced good. They who are in scientifics, and have confirmed themselves against the truths of faith in favor of nature, are in hell, because they have interiorly closed against themselves the way to light. To them, however, who have lived according to truths, the way to light is opened by the Lord.


The simple who have not applied themselves to scientifics or human learning, and whose mind is destitute of such things - these, if, in the life of the body, they have studied the truths of faith, either from doctrine and preaching, or from the Word, are good in the other life, and better than the learned, who, to some extent, have closed the interior mind.


But the simple who have not studied the truths of faith, except in the most general manner, and in whom scientifics make no obstruction - externals are removed from them, they can be held in some good, by the angels; for they can be led by the angels like infants; but when they come into the natural, which is evening and night, they act from no celestial proprium, nor from any truths, but wholly according to influx - ill, because it is from the evil: the good cannot inflow, because they have no plane, none having been formed by the truths of faith.


Such spirits were seen; and it was granted to speak with them, females as well as males. I supposed, at first, that, when in good, or it was morning, heaven could be granted to those who are destitute of the knowledges of good and truth; but it was shown how vacillating they were, so that they could not be led while they were in any sensual-natural state, but they then laid hold of any opinions whatever, so that all things were indeterminate. When one turned himself then he changed his mind, like a revolving wheel, to the opposite, and believed this to be true. Hence it is patent, that a plane must be formed from truths of faith, or from knowledges of good and truth, both in doctrine and life, that is, by act, in the world; and that, otherwise, their state is vacillating and evil.


Women were also shown, who, because they have not given heed to knowledges of truth and good from preaching, were deceived by evil women, who were also sorceresses, there. Those who have lived well, were conducted to a place where they might be amended.


Afterwards, I met with someone, known to me, by sight, in the life of the body. He had given much study to such things as belonged to psychology, and also a little to what belonged to the Word; but his life did not thus correspond (Bishop Rhydelius). He penetrated all arcana, and perceived whether a thing was true, nor was he moved away from these, however he was turned, and in whatever society he might be. I spoke with him concerning the fact, that to imbue principles of truth is to appropriate them to one's self, and so, in the other life, retain those things which serve for a plane to the celestial angels. It is otherwise with those that had not confirmed themselves in truths.


CONCERNING A CITY WHERE FAITH ALONE [WAS BELIEVED IN]. There is a city, forward, to the right, in the plane of the sole of the foot. I was transferred thither, and saw the place. The environs, there, are partly mountains, with marshes between them. There are also suburbs there. I there spoke with some. In that place, were those who have believed that faith alone saves; and, amongst them, are some, also, who have lived a good life. In that place were evil ones also, many of whom were robbers; but these were separate from the former. I spoke with them, chiefly with the good, concerning various matters; and it was said, that they [the good] dwell among the evil, in order that the city may be preserved; for the Lord is then able to be present along with heaven, and thus to provide that they may not perish. It was also said that the evil there, are, to some extent, capable of amendment. There are also simple ones, who believe in simplicity. In a word, it is a society which is a form of many, in the midst of which are the good, next the true, and, round about these, are the evil. Thus it appears to the eyes of the angels. There was also a preacher there, of whom mention has been made above, who was in very excellent intellectual light (Rhydelius).


CONCERNING THOSE WHO BELIEVE THAT HEAVEN IS BESTOWED OUT OF MERCY. There was a certain one who was intelligent in the world, and also, in the other life, was in the perception of such thing as belong to intelligence (Rhydelius). He, like others, supposed that faith alone could save, even at the last, at the hour of death, no matter how the man had lived; and, consequently, that heaven is given to everyone in the other life who has such belief, thus from mercy alone, for the sake of the Son. He believed that heaven is thus granted out of mercy, and did not as yet know what heaven is, namely, that it is within, in man - in the affection of his life. Wherefore, he was conducted into heaven, where is the entrance to Paradise, to the front. There, encompassed with spirits, and thus tempered, he beheld many things, and constantly said that they were stupendous. He saw angels there of such delightfulness, that he could not wonder enough - in a word, he saw the glory of heaven in the place there. Those who were there, said that they wished that he would remain with them, and a lodging should be given him. He also accepted - but they admonished him, in case he were not of such a quality as themselves, that he should beware when the light and heat of heaven approached. The light of heaven approached; and, then, his sight was obscured more and more, until, at length, he could not see; and this was attended with some interior pain. He was then restored, and now saw the angels there more resplendent than before. Afterwards, the heat of heaven approached; then, he began to be distressed, and anguish penetrated towards the interiors, until he felt tortured; and next, he became like a heavy weight, and at last fell down; and he asked where he could be revived; and at last he was revived. He was then asked whether he wished to be in heaven. He said [that] he did not desire it in the least.


4663-1 )

4665-1 (((I wondered who those were, who were in the middle of the boundary between this world and the universe. There was a multitude; and I was again carried down near to that place; and one there told me that they are a guard lest anyone goes from this world to them who are beyond; and that they at once discover, from perception, whether it is granted them by the Lord to cross over that intermediate space. This was also confirmed to me on a former occasion. Then, a certain spirit wished to cross over thither with me; but, when he came thither, he shouted aloud that he was perishing, and also he was like those who are in the agony of death. This he attempted again, and a similar thing occurred - he shouting out in the same manner.)))

4672-1 The allusion is, plainly, to Isaiah 27:1. Egypt is mentioned in the twelfth and thirteenth verses.

4673-1 A Swedish word meaning a sort of camel-hair cloth.

4673-2 The portion within brackets is inserted by the Latin Editor. The present Editor, however, sees no difficulty in the rendering: "they are in a world, . . . among the lesser ones there," viz., among the lesser worlds in that solar system

4673-3 The allusion is doubtless to such passages as Jer. 30:10; Ezek 34:28; Micah 4:4; Zeph. 3:13.

4675-1 e. g. John 14:2.

4687-1 The Latin has the neuter form (hoc), which points to corpus, likewise neuter, as the antecedent; but the exigencies of the sense, and the construction of the sentence in the Latin, go to show that the Latin editor must have misread Swedenborg's manuscript, which, doubtless, had haec (fem.), pointing to terra as its antecedent.

4691-1 A younger brother of Emanuel Swedenborg's. He died 1717.

4693-1 A younger brother of Emanuel Swedenborg's. He died 1717.

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