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Plate XXVI.


p. 54

Votive Phalli.



No. 1.

DOUBLE phallus in bronze, with two wings, and two small bells suspended by little chains.

No. 2.

Another phallus in bronze, winged, and ornamented with three small bells.

The interpretation of these bronzes may be sought in what has been already said in relation to the preceding plates or in the Introduction. We will, however, add that, according to Larcher, the phalluses had not always the indecent aspect they here bear. They were sometimes represented in the form of a cross surmounted with a ring, such as is seen on the Isiac Table in the collection of Egyptian Antiquities 1 of Caylus. The triple phallus was also represented by a triple cross surmounted with a ring.


54:1 Recueil des Antiquites Egyptiennes.

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