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Plate XX.


p. 44

Two Idols



No. 1 is a little Hermes bearing the chlamys, the pedum, or pastoral hook the pedum, and the rhyton, the horn of an animal, which the ancients used to drink out of.

Athenæus 1 speaks of these horns, and also adds that wooden ones were made.

No. 2 is a bearded and homed Faun also bearing the chlamys and the pedum. His right arm is raised horizontally, and his forefinger is stretched out in sign of command.

Of this sort of little idols there have been found, in the excavations of Pompeii and Herculaneum, a number almost equal to that of the little figures that come to us from Egypt. Their repetition would be tedious and unnecessary.


44:1 ATHENÆUS, xi. 7.

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