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How Sir Launcelot behaved him at the jousts, and
other men also.

THEN they blew to the field; and there the King of
Northgalis encountered with the King of Scots, and there
the King of Scots had a fall; and the King of Ireland
smote down King Uriens; and the King of Northumberland
smote down King Howel of Brittany; and Sir Galahad,
the haut prince, smote down Chaleins of Clarance.
And then King Arthur was wood wroth, and ran to the
King with the Hundred Knights, and there King Arthur
smote him down; and after with that same spear King
Arthur smote down three other knights.  And then when
his spear was broken King Arthur did passingly well; and
so therewithal came in Sir Gawaine and Sir Gaheris, Sir
Agravaine and Sir Mordred, and there everych of them
smote down a knight, and Sir Gawaine smote down four
knights; and then there began a strong medley, for then
there came in the knights of Launcelot's blood, and Sir
Gareth and Sir Palomides with them, and many knights
of the Table Round, and they began to hold the four
kings and the mighty duke so hard that they were discomfit;
but this Duke Galahad, the haut prince, was a
noble knight, and by his mighty prowess of arms he held
the knights of the Table Round strait enough.

All this doing saw Sir Launcelot, and then he came
into the field with Sir Lavaine as it had been thunder.
And then anon Sir Bors and the knights of his blood
espied Sir Launcelot, and said to them all:  I warn you
beware of him with the sleeve of gold upon his head, for
he is himself Sir Launcelot du Lake; and for great
goodness Sir Bors warned Sir Gareth.  I am well apaid, said
Sir Gareth, that I may know him.  But who is he, said
they all, that rideth with him in the same array?  That is
the good and gentle knight Sir Lavaine, said Sir Bors.  So
Sir Launcelot encountered with Sir Gawaine, and there by
force Sir Launcelot smote down Sir Gawaine and his horse
to the earth, and so he smote down Sir Agravaine and Sir
Gaheris, and also he smote down Sir Mordred, and all this
was with one spear.  Then Sir Lavaine met with Sir
Palomides, and either met other so hard and so fiercely
that both their horses fell to the earth.  And then were
they horsed again, and then met Sir Launcelot with Sir
Palomides, and there Sir Palomides had a fall; and so Sir
Launcelot or ever he stint, as fast as he might get spears,
he smote down thirty knights, and the most part of them
were knights of the Table Round; and ever the knights
of his blood withdrew them, and made them ado in other
places where Sir Launcelot came not.

And then King Arthur was wroth when he saw Sir
Launcelot do such deeds; and then the king called unto
him Sir Gawaine, Sir Mordred, Sir Kay, Sir Griflet, Sir
Lucan the Butler, Sir Bedivere, Sir Palomides, Sir Safere,
his brother; and so the king with these nine knights
made them ready to set upon Sir Launcelot, and upon Sir
Lavaine.  All this espied Sir Bors and Sir Gareth.  Now
I dread me sore, said Sir Bors, that my lord, Sir Launcelot,
will be hard matched.  By my head, said Sir Gareth,
I will ride unto my lord Sir Launcelot, for to help him,
fall of him what fall may, for he is the same man that
made me knight.  Ye shall not so, said Sir Bors, by my
counsel, unless that ye were disguised.  Ye shall see me
disguised, said Sir Gareth; and therewithal he espied a
Welsh knight where he was to repose him, and he was
sore hurt afore by Sir Gawaine, and to him Sir Gareth
rode, and prayed him of his knighthood to lend him his
shield for his.  I will well, said the Welsh knight.  And
when Sir Gareth had his shield, the book saith it was
green, with a maiden that seemed in it.

Then Sir Gareth came driving to Sir Launcelot all
that he might and said:  Knight, keep thyself, for yonder
cometh King Arthur with nine noble knights with him
to put you to a rebuke, and so I am come to bear you
fellowship for old love ye have shewed me.  Gramercy,
said Sir Launcelot.  Sir, said Sir Gareth, encounter ye
with Sir Gawaine, and I shall encounter with Sir Palomides;
and let Sir Lavaine match with the noble King
Arthur.  And when we have delivered them, let us three
hold us sadly together.  Then came King Arthur with
his nine knights with him, and Sir Launcelot encountered
with Sir Gawaine, and gave him such a buffet that the
arson of his saddle brast, and Sir Gawaine fell to the
earth.  Then Sir Gareth encountered with the good
knight Sir Palomides, and he gave him such a buffet that
both his horse and he dashed to the earth.  Then encountered
King Arthur with Sir Lavaine, and there either of
them smote other to the earth, horse and all, that they
lay a great while.  Then Sir Launcelot smote down Sir
Agravaine, and Sir Gaheris, and Sir Mordred; and Sir
Gareth smote down Sir Kay, and Sir Safere, and Sir
Griflet.  And then Sir Lavaine was horsed again, and he
smote down Sir Lucan the Butler and Sir Bedevere and
then there began great throng of good knights.

Then Sir Launcelot hurtled here and there, and raced
and pulled off helms, so that at that time there might
none sit him a buffet with spear nor with sword; and Sir
Gareth did such deeds of arms that all men marvelled
what knight he was with the green shield, for he smote
down that day and pulled down mo than thirty knights
And, as the French book saith, Sir Launcelot marvelled;
when he beheld Sir Gareth do such deeds, what knight he
might be; and Sir Lavaine pulled down and smote down
twenty knights.  Also Sir Launcelot knew not Sir Gareth
for an Sir Tristram de Liones, outher Sir Lamorak de
Galis had been alive, Sir Launcelot would have deemed he
had been one of them twain.  So ever as Sir Launcelot
Sir Gareth, Sir Lavaine fought, and on the one side Sir
Bors, Sir Ector de Maris, Sir Lionel, Sir Lamorak de
Galis, Sir Bleoberis, Sir Galihud, Sir Galihodin, Sir Pelleas,
and with mo other of King Ban's blood fought upon
another party, and held the King with the Hundred
Knights and the King of Northumberland right strait.