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How Launcelot after that he was hurt of a gentlewoman
came to an hermit, and of other matters.

NOW mercy, fair sir, said the lady, I am a gentlewoman
that useth here in this forest hunting, and God knoweth I
saw ye not; but as here was a barren hind at the soil in
this well, and I weened to have done well, but my hand
swerved.  Alas, said Sir Launcelot, ye have mischieved
me.  And so the lady departed, and Sir Launcelot as he
might pulled out the arrow, and left that head still in his
buttock, and so he went weakly to the hermitage ever
more bleeding as he went.  And when Sir Lavaine and
the hermit espied that Sir Launcelot was hurt, wit you
well they were passing heavy, but Sir Lavaine wist not
how that he was hurt nor by whom.  And then were they
wroth out of measure.

Then with great pain the hermit gat out the arrow's
head out of Sir Launcelot's buttock, and much of his blood
he shed, and the wound was passing sore, and unhappily
smitten, for it was in such a place that he might not sit in
no saddle.  Have mercy, Jesu, said Sir Launcelot, I may
call myself the most unhappiest man that liveth, for ever
when I would fainest have worship there befalleth me
ever some unhappy thing.  Now so Jesu me help, said Sir
Launcelot, and if no man would but God, I shall be in the
field upon Candlemas Day at the jousts, whatsomever fall
of it: so all that might be gotten to heal Sir Launcelot
was had.

So when the day was come Sir Launcelot let devise
that he was arrayed, and Sir Lavaine, and their horses, as
though they had been Saracens; and so they departed and
came nigh to the field.  The King of Northgalis with an
hundred knights with him, and the King of Northumberland
brought with him an hundred good knights, and
King Anguish of Ireland brought with him an hundred
good knights ready to joust, and Sir Galahad, the haut
prince, brought with him an hundred good knights, and
the King with the Hundred Knights brought with him
as many, and all these were proved good knights.  Then
came in King Arthur's party; and there came in the
King of Scots with an hundred knights, and King Uriens
of Gore brought with him an hundred knights, and King
Howel of Brittany brought with him an hundred knights,
and Chaleins of Clarance brought with him an hundred
knights, and King Arthur himself came into the field
with two hundred knights, and the most part were
knights of the Table Round, that were proved noble
knights; and there were old knights set in scaffolds for
to judge, with the queen, who did best.