Le Morte d'Arthur BOOK XII CHAPTER V

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How Sir Launcelot, after that he was whole and had his
mind, he was ashamed, and how that Elaine desired a
castle for him.

AND when Sir Launcelot saw King Pelles and Elaine, he
waxed ashamed and said thus:  O Lord Jesu, how came I
here? for God's sake, my lord, let me wit how I came
here.  Sir, said Dame Elaine, into this country ye came
like a madman, clean out of your wit, and here have ye
been kept as a fool; and no creature here knew what ye
were, until by fortune a maiden of mine brought me unto
you whereas ye lay sleeping by a well, and anon as I
verily beheld you I knew you.  And then I told my
father, and so were ye brought afore this holy vessel, and
by the virtue of it thus were ye healed.  O Jesu, mercy,
said Sir Launcelot; if this be sooth, how many there be
that know of my woodness!  So God me help, said
Elaine, no more but my father, and I, and Dame Brisen.
Now for Christ's love, said Sir Launcelot, keep it in
counsel, and let no man know it in the world, for I am
sore ashamed that I have been thus miscarried; for I am
banished out of the country of Logris for ever, that is for
to say the country of England.

And so Sir Launcelot lay more than a fortnight or
ever that he might stir for soreness.  And then upon a
day he said unto Dame Elaine these words:  Lady Elaine,
for your sake I have had much travail, care, and anguish,
it needeth not to rehearse it, ye know how.  Notwithstanding
I know well I have done foul to you when that
I drew my sword to you, to have slain you, upon the
morn when I had lain with you.  And all was the cause,
that ye and Dame Brisen made me for to lie by you
maugre mine head; and as ye say, that night Galahad
your son was begotten.  That is truth, said Dame Elaine.
Now will ye for my love, said Sir Launcelot, go unto
your father and get me a place of him wherein I may
dwell? for in the court of King Arthur may I never
come.  Sir, said Dame Elaine, I will live and die with
you, and only for your sake; and if my life might not
avail you and my death might avail you, wit you well I
would die for your sake.  And I will go to my father
and I am sure there is nothing that I can desire of him
but I shall have it.  And where ye be, my lord Sir
Launcelot, doubt ye not but I will be with you with all
the service that I may do.  So forthwithal she went to
her father and said, Sir, my lord, Sir Launcelot, desireth
to be here by you in some castle of yours.  Well daughter,
said the king, sith it is his desire to abide in these marches
he shall be in the Castle of Bliant, and there shall ye be
with him, and twenty of the fairest ladies that be in the
country, and they shall all be of the great blood, and ye
shall have ten knights with you; for, daughter, I will that
ye wit we all be honoured by the blood of Sir Launcelot.