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How Sir Launcelot was known by Dame Elaine, and was
borne into a chamber and after healed by the Sangreal.

SO it befell that King Pelles had a nephew, his name was
Castor; and so he desired of the king to be made knight,
and so at the request of this Castor the king made him
knight at the feast of Candlemas.  And when Sir Castor
was made knight, that same day he gave many gowns.
And then Sir Castor sent for the fool--that was Sir
Launcelot.  And when he was come afore Sir Castor, he
gave Sir Launcelot a robe of scarlet and all that longed
unto him.  And when Sir Launcelot was so arrayed like
a knight, he was the seemliest man in all the court, and
none so well made.  So when he saw his time he went
into the garden, and there Sir Launcelot laid him down
by a well and slept.  And so at-after noon Dame Elaine
and her maidens came into the garden to play them;
and as they roamed up and down one of Dame Elaine's
maidens espied where lay a goodly man by the well
sleeping, and anon showed him to Dame Elaine.  Peace,
said Dame Elaine, and say no word: and then she brought
Dame Elaine where he lay.  And when that she beheld
him, anon she fell in remembrance of him, and knew him
verily for Sir Launcelot; and therewithal she fell
a-weeping so heartily that she sank even to the earth; and when
she had thus wept a great while, then she arose and called
her maidens and said she was sick.

And so she yede out of the garden, and she went
straight to her father, and there she took him apart by
herself; and then she said:  O father, now have I need of
your help, and but if that ye help me farewell my good
days for ever.  What is that, daughter? said King Pelles.
Sir, she said, thus is it: in your garden I went for to
sport, and there, by the well, I found Sir Launcelot du
Lake sleeping.  I may not believe that, said King Pelles.
Sir, she said, truly he is there, and meseemeth he should
be distract out of his wit.  Then hold you still, said the
king, and let me deal.  Then the king called to him such
as he most trusted, a four persons, and Dame Elaine, his
daughter.  And when they came to the well and beheld
Sir Launcelot, anon Dame Brisen knew him.  Sir, said
Dame Brisen, we must be wise how we deal with him, for
this knight is out of his mind, and if we awake him rudely
what he will do we all know not; but ye shall abide, and
I shall throw such an enchantment upon him that he shall
not awake within the space of an hour; and so she did.

Then within a little while after, the king commanded
that all people should avoid, that none should be in that
way thereas the king would come.  And so when this was
done, these four men and these ladies laid hand on Sir
Launcelot, and so they bare him into a tower, and so into
a chamber where was the holy vessel of the Sangreal, and
by force Sir Launcelot was laid by that holy vessel; and
there came an holy man and unhilled that vessel, and so
by miracle and by virtue of that holy vessel Sir Launcelot
was healed and recovered.  And when that he was awaked
he groaned and sighed, and complained greatly that he
was passing sore.