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How King Arthur held in Wales, at a Pentecost, a great
feast, and what kings and lords came to his feast.

THEN the king removed into Wales, and let cry a great feast that
it should be holden at Pentecost after the incoronation of him at
the city of Carlion.  Unto the feast came King Lot of Lothian and
of Orkney, with five hundred knights with him.  Also there came
to the feast King Uriens of Gore with four hundred knights with
him.  Also there came to that feast King Nentres of Garlot, with
seven hundred knights with him.  Also there came to the feast the
king of Scotland with six hundred knights with him, and he was
but a young man.  Also there came to the feast a king that was
called the King with the Hundred Knights, but he and his men were
passing well beseen at all points.  Also there came the king of
Carados with five hundred knights.  And King Arthur was glad of
their coming, for he weened that all the kings and knights had
come for great love, and to have done him worship at his feast;
wherefore the king made great joy, and sent the kings and knights
great presents.  But the kings would none receive, but rebuked
the messengers shamefully, and said they had no joy to receive no
gifts of a beardless boy that was come of low blood, and sent him
word they would none of his gifts, but that they were come to
give him gifts with hard swords betwixt the neck and the
shoulders: and therefore they came thither, so they told to the
messengers plainly, for it was great shame to all them to see
such a boy to have a rule of so noble a realm as this land was. 
With this answer the messengers <13 CHAP.IX  HOW KING ARTHUR HELD
FEAST>departed and told to King Arthur this answer.  Wherefore,
by the advice of his barons, he took him to a strong tower with
five hundred good men with him.  And all the kings aforesaid in a
manner laid a siege to-fore him, but King Arthur was well
victualed.  And within fifteen days there came Merlin among them
into the city of Carlion.  Then all the kings were passing glad
of Merlin, and asked him, For what cause is that boy Arthur made
your king?  Sirs, said Merlin, I shall tell you the cause, for he
is King Uther Pendragon's son, born in wedlock, gotten on
Igraine, the duke's wife of Tintagil.  Then is he a bastard, they
said all.  Nay, said Merlin, after the death of the duke, more
than three hours, was Arthur begotten, and thirteen days after
King Uther wedded Igraine; and therefore I prove him he is no
bastard.  And who saith nay, he shall be king and overcome all
his enemies; and, or he die, he shall be long king of all
England, and have under his obeissance Wales, Ireland, and
Scotland, and more realms than I will now rehearse.  Some of the
kings had marvel of Merlin's words, and deemed well that it
should be as he said; and some of them laughed him to scorn, as
King Lot; and more other called him a witch.  But then were they
accorded with Merlin, that King Arthur should come out and speak
with the kings, and to come safe and to go safe, such surance
there was made.  So Merlin went unto King Arthur, and told him
how he had done, and bade him fear not, but come out boldly and
speak with them, and spare them not, but answer them as their
king and chieftain; for ye shall overcome them all, whether they
will or nill.