Le Morte d'Arthur BOOK I CHAPTER VII

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How King Arthur was crowned, and how he made officers.

AND at the feast of Pentecost all manner of men assayed to pull
at the sword that would assay; but none might prevail but Arthur,
and pulled it out afore all the lords and commons that were
there, wherefore all the commons cried at once, We will have
Arthur unto our king, we will put him no more in delay, for we
all see that it is God's will that he shall be our king, and who
that holdeth against it, we will slay him.  And therewithal they
kneeled at once, both rich and poor, and cried Arthur mercy
because they had delayed him so long, and Arthur forgave them,
and took the sword between both his hands, and offered it upon
the altar where the Archbishop was, and so was he made knight of
the best man that was there.  And so anon was the coronation
made.  And there was he sworn unto his lords and the commons for
to be a true king, to stand with true justice from thenceforth
the days of this life.  Also then he made all lords that held of
the crown to come in, and to do service as they ought to do.  And
many complaints were made unto Sir Arthur of great wrongs that
were done since the death of King Uther, of many lands that were
bereaved lords, knights, ladies, and gentlemen.  Wherefore King
Arthur made the lands to be given again unto them that owned

When this was done, that the king had stablished all the
countries about London, then he let make Sir Kay seneschal of
England; and Sir Baudwin of Britain was made constable; and Sir
Ulfius was made chamberlain; and Sir Brastias was made warden to
wait upon the north from Trent forwards, for it was that time the
most party <12>the king's enemies.  But within few years after
Arthur won all the north, Scotland, and all that were under their
obeissance.  Also Wales, a part of it, held against Arthur, but
he overcame them all, as he did the remnant, through the noble
prowess of himself and his knights of the Round Table.