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p. 297


Another being that hated us was a shaman, who used to live in a cave. His name was Gonê'tqâsâ'xduk!âq!. They could do nothing to him, so they gave their sister to him in marriage. He always slept with his back to the fire, and a spirit watched at his door. Finally a plot was made regarding him, and the people prepared for him. They prepared boxes full of bows and arrows for him, and there came to be plenty of them. When they came to him they pulled their sister into the canoe. He (the shaman) always wore a red-snapper coat. When he was pursuing them, he kept jumping so (accompanied by gesture). While he was chasing them they shot at him. They kept asking their sister, "Where is your husband's heart?" She said, "I still love my husband's heart." After a time she told them where her husband's heart was. "Shoot him in the middle of his hand.

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[paragraph continues] His heart is there." Then they killed him outside of Ring island. They carried him to Ring island. They took the red-snapper coat off from him. It was for this coat that they had killed their brother-in-law.

After that Lq!ayâ'k! put it on and went after large animals. He chased something from below named KAck!A'Lk!. a He chased it far up out into the sky. They are Lq!ayâ'k!'s footprints which are there. b


297:a Part of story told in story 3 and in story 31.

298:a An error. KAck!A'Lk! was Lq!ayâ'k!'s elder brother.

298:b That is, the milky way.

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