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One of four sealion hunters finds no sealions on his rock and steals those of his companion. The latter makes an artificial sealion, which, when harpooned by the thief, pulls him with his crew across the ocean.

p. 240

[paragraph continues] He is unable to let go the harpoon line. Finally they reach the land of the dwarfs. One of these appears in a canoe, jumps into the sea, clubs halibut under water, and puts them into the canoe. When he jumps into the sea again, one man steals two halibut. The dwarf notices it, finds the men, and knocks the thief to the ground so that be dies. The survivors are invited in by the chief of the dwarfs. Some birds arrive and a battle ensues in which many dwarfs are killed. On the following day the men attack the birds and kill them by twisting their necks. The men are sent home by the dwarfs.

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