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Children are playing in a hollow log of driftwood on the beach. They are carried out to sea by the tide. They strike their noses until they bleed and smear the outside of the log with the blood. Gulls that alight on the log are glued to it by the blood. The boys kill them and subsist on them. The log drifts into a large whirlpool and is pulled out by a one-legged person who lives near by, hunting seals in the whirlpool. He takes care of the boys. His neighbor, Hard-instep, envies him. The boys are homesick and are sent to look for One-leg's canoe, which they can not find because it looks like a rotten log. Finally he uncovers it and it proves to be a self-moving canoe with a head of WāsE at each end. These heads eat whatever crosses the bow or the stern of the canoe. The boys feed each end with five seals and the canoe takes them home.

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