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Apu Ollantay, by Clements Markham, [1910], at

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In Cuzco and its environs, and Ollantay-tampu


APU OLLANTAY.--General of Anti-suyu, the eastern province of the empire. A young chief, but not of the blood-royal. His rank was that of a Tucuyricuo or Viceroy. The name occurs among the witnesses examined by order of the Viceroy Toledo, being one of the six of the Antasayac ayllu.

PACHACUTI.--The Sovereign Inca.

TUPAC YUPANQUI.--Sovereign. Inca, son and heir of Pachacuti.

RUMI-ÑAUI.--A great chief, General of Colla-suyu. The word means 'Stone-eye.'

UILLAC UMA.--High Priest of the Sun. The word Uma means head, and Uillac, a councillor and diviner.

URCO HUARANCA.--A chief. The words mean' Mountain Chief.' The word huaranca means 1000; hence, Chief of a Thousand.

HANCO HUAYLLU AUQUI.--An old officer, of the blood-royal.

PIQUI CHAQUI.--Page to Ollantay. The words mean 'fleet-footed.'

ANAHUARQUI.--The Ccoya or Queen, wife of Pachacuti.

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CUSI COYLLUR ÑUSTA.--A Princess, daughter of Pachacuti. The words mean 'the joyful star.'

YMA SUMAC.--Daughter of Cusi Coyllur. The words mean 'How beautiful.'

PITU SALLA.--A girl, companion of Yma Sumac.

CCACCA MAMA.--A matron of Virgins of the Sun. Jailer of Cusi Coyllur.

Nobles, captains, soldiers, boys and girls dancing, singers, attendants, messengers or Chasqui.

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