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Apu Ollantay, by Clements Markham, [1910], at

p. 337



ACT 1. Sc. 1.--Open space near Cuzco.
                    Ollantay, Piqui Chaqui, Uillac Uma.
         Sc. 2.--Hall in the Colcampata.
                    Anahuarqui, Cusi Coyllur, Inca Pachacuti, Boys and Girls, Singers.
         Sc. 3.--Hall in the Inca's palace.
                    Pachacuti, Rumi-ñaui, Ollantay.
         Sc. 4.--Height above Cuzco.
                    Ollantay, Piqui Chaqui, Unseen Singer.
         Sc. 5.--Hall in the Inca's palace.
                    Pachacuti, Rumi-ñaui, and a Chasqui.

ACT II. Sc. 1.--Ollantay-tampu Hall.
                    Ollantay, Urco Huaranca, Hanco Huayllu, People and Soldiers.
         Sc. 2.--A wild place in the mountains.
                    Rumi-ñaui's soliloquy.
         Sc. 3.--Gardens of the Virgins.
                    Yma Sumac, Pitu Salla, Mama Ccacca.

ACT III. Sc. 1.--Pampa Maroni at Cuzco.
                    Uillac Uma and Piqui Chaqui.
         Sc. 2.--Palace of Tupac Yupanqui.
                    Tupac Yupanqui, Uillac Uma, Rumi-ñaui.

p. 338

         Sc. 3.--Ollantay-tampu, Terrace.
                    Rumi-ñaui, Ollantay, Guards.
         Sc. 4.--House of Virgins, Corridor.
                    Yma Sumac, Pitu Salla.
         Sc. 5.--House of Virgins, Garden.
                    Yma Sumac, Pitu Salla, Cusi Coyllur.
         Sc. 6.--Palace of Tupac Yupanqui.
                    Tupac Yupanqui, Uillac Uma, a Chasqui, Rumi-ñaui, Ollantay, Urco Huaranca, Hanco Huayllu, Piqui Chaqui, Chiefs and Guards. then Yma Sumac.
         Sc. 7.--House of Virgins, Garden.
                    All of Scene 6, and Mama Ccacca, Cusi Coyllur, Pitu Salla.

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