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Sūra XXXV.: Fāṭir, or The Originator of Creation; or Malāïka, or The Angels. Index
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The Holy Quran, tr. by Yusuf Ali, [1934], at

Sūra XXXV.: Fāṭir, or The Originator of Creation; or Malāïka, or The Angels.

Section 3

15. Ya ayyuha alnnasu antumu alfuqarao ila Allahi waAllahu huwa alghaniyyu alhameedu

15. O ye men! It is
Ye that have need
Of God: but God is
The One Free of all wants,
Worthy of all praise.

16. In yasha/ yuthhibkum waya/ti bikhalqin jadeedin

16. If He so pleased, He
Could blot you out
And bring in
A New Creation.

17. Wama thalika AAala Allahi biAAazeezin

17. Nor is that (at all)
Difficult for God.

18. Wala taziru waziratun wizra okhra wa-in tadAAu muthqalatun ila himliha la yuhmal minhu shay-on walaw kana tha qurba innama tunthiru allatheena yakhshawna rabbahum bialghaybi waaqamoo alssalata waman tazakka fa-innama yatazakka linafsihi wa-ila Allahi almaseeru

18. Nor can a bearer of burdens
Bear another's burden.
If one heavily laden should
Call another to (bear) his load,
Not the least portion of it
Can be carried (by the other),
Even though he be nearly
Related. Thou canst but
Admonish such as fear
Their Lord unseen
And establish regular Prayer.
And whoever purifies himself
Does so for the benefit
Of his own soul; and
The destination (of all)
Is to God.

19. Wama yastawee al-aAAma waalbaseeru

19. The blind and the seeing
Are not alike;

20. Wala alththulumatu wala alnnooru

20. Nor are the depths
Of Darkness and the Light;

21. Wala alththillu wala alharooru

21. Nor are the (chilly) shade
And the (genial) heat of the sun:

22. Wama yastawee al-ahyao wala al-amwatu inna Allaha yusmiAAu man yashao wama anta bimusmiAAin man fee alquboori

22. Nor are alike those
That are living and those
That are dead. God can
Make any that He wills
To hear; but thou
Canst not make those
To hear who are
(Buried) in graves.

23. In anta illa natheerun

23. Thou art no other
Than a warner.

24. Inna arsalnaka bialhaqqi basheeran wanatheeran wa-in min ommatin illa khala feeha natheerun

24. Verily We have sent thee
In truth, as a bearer
Of glad tidings,
And as a warner:
And there never was
A people, without a warner
Having lived among them
(In the past).

25. Wa-in yukaththibooka faqad kaththaba allatheena min qablihim jaat-hum rusuluhum bialbayyinati wabialzzuburi wabialkitabi almuneeri

25. And if they reject thee,
So did their predecessors,
To whom came their apostles
With Clear Signs, Books
Of dark prophecies,
And the Book
Of Enlightenment.

26. Thumma akhathtu allatheena kafaroo fakayfa kana nakeeri

26. In the end did I
Punish those who rejected
Faith: and how (terrible)
Was My rejection (of them)!

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