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Sūra XXVI.: Shu‘arāa, or The Poets. Index
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Sūra XXVI.: Shu‘arāa, or The Poets.

Section 3

34. Qala lilmala-i hawlahu inna hatha lasahirun AAaleemun

34. (Pharaoh) said to the Chiefs
Around him: "This is indeed
A sorcerer well-versed:

35. Yureedu an yukhrijakum min ardikum bisihrihi famatha ta/muroona

35. "His plan is to get you out
Of your land by his sorcery;
Then what is it ye counsel?"

36. Qaloo arjih waakhahu waibAAath fee almada-ini hashireena

36. They said: "Keep him
And his brother in suspense
(For a while), and dispatch
To the Cities heralds to collect—

37. Ya/tooka bikulli sahharin AAaleemin

37. "And bring up to thee
All (our) sorcerers well-versed."

38. FajumiAAa alssaharatu limeeqati yawmin maAAloomin

38. So the sorcerers were got
Together for the appointment
Of a day well-known,

39. Waqeela lilnnasi hal antum mujtamiAAoona

39. And the people were told:
"Are ye (now) assembled?—

40. LaAAallana nattabiAAu alssaharata in kanoo humu alghalibeena

40. "That we may follow
The sorcerers (in religion)
If they win?"

41. Falamma jaa alssaharatu qaloo lifirAAawna a-inna lana laajran in kunna nahnu alghalibeena

41. So when the sorcerers arrived,
They said to Pharaoh:
"Of course—shall we have
A (suitable) reward
If we win?"

42. Qala naAAam wa-innakum ithan lamina almuqarrabeena

42. He said: "Yea, (and more),—
For ye shall in that case
Be (raised to posts)
Nearest (to my person)."

43. Qala lahum moosa alqoo ma antum mulqoona

43. Moses said to them:
"Throw ye—that which
Ye are about to throw!"

44. Faalqaw hibalahum waAAisiyyahum waqaloo biAAizzati firAAawna inna lanahnu alghaliboona

44. So they threw their ropes
And their rods, and said:
"By the might of Pharaoh,
It is we who will
Certainly win!"

45. Faalqa moosa AAasahu fa-itha hiya talqafu ma ya/fikoona

45. Then Moses threw his rod,
When, behold, it straightway
Swallows up all
The falsehoods which they fake!

46. Faolqiya alssaharatu sajideena

46. When did the sorcerers
Fall down, prostrate in adoration,

47. Qaloo amanna birabbi alAAalameena

47. Saying: "We believe
In the Lord of the Worlds,

48. Rabbi moosa waharoona

48. "The Lord of Moses and Aaron."

49. Qala amantum lahu qabla an athana lakum innahu lakabeerukumu allathee AAallamakumu alssihra falasawfa taAAlamoona laoqattiAAanna aydiyakum waarjulakum min khilafin walaosallibannakum ajmaAAeena

49. Said (Pharaoh): "Believe ye
In Him before I give
You permission? Surely he
Is your leader, who has
Taught you sorcery!
But soon shall ye know!

50. Qaloo la dayra inna ila rabbina munqaliboona

50. "Be sure I will cut off
Your hands and your feet
On opposite sides, and I
Will cause you all
To die on the cross!"

51. Inna natmaAAu an yaghfira lana rabbuna khatayana an kunna awwala almu/mineena

51. They said: "No matter!
For us, we shall but
Return to our Lord!

52. Waawhayna ila moosa an asri biAAibadee innakum muttabaAAoona

52. "Only, our desire is
That our Lord will
Forgive us our faults,
That we may become
Foremost among the Believers!"

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