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Sūra XXV.: Furqān, or The Criterion. Index
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Sūra XXV.: Furqān, or The Criterion.

Section 4

35. Walaqad atayna moosa alkitaba wajaAAalna maAAahu akhahu haroona wazeeran

35. (Before this,) We sent Moses
The Book, and appointed
His brother Aaron with him
As Minister;

36. Faqulna ithhaba ila alqawmi allatheena kaththaboo bi-ayatina fadammarnahum tadmeeran

36. And We commanded: "Go ye
Both, to the people who
Have rejected our Signs:"
And those (people) We destroyed
With utter destruction.

37. Waqawma noohin lamma kaththaboo alrrusula aghraqnahum wajaAAalnahum lilnnasi ayatan waaAAtadna lilththalimeena AAathaban aleeman

37. And the people of Noah,—
When they rejected the apostles,
We drowned them,
And We made them
As a Sign for mankind;
And We have prepared
For (all) wrong-doers
A grievous Penalty;—

38. WaAAadan wathamooda waas-haba alrrassi waquroonan bayna thalika katheeran

38. As also ’Ad and Thamūd,
And the Companions
Of the Rass, and many
A generation between them.

39. Wakullan darabna lahu al-amthala wakullan tabbarna tatbeeran

39. To each one We set forth
Parables and examples;
And each one We broke
To utter annihilation
(For their sins).

40. Walaqad ataw AAala alqaryati allatee omtirat matara alssaw-i afalam yakoonoo yarawnaha bal kanoo la yarjoona nushooran

40. And the (Unbelievers) must indeed
Have passed by the town
On which was rained
A shower of evil: did they not
Then see it (with their own
Eyes)? But they fear not
The Resurrection.

41. Wa-itha raawka in yattakhithoonaka illa huzuwan ahatha allathee baAAatha Allahu rasoolan

41. When they see thee,
They treat thee no otherwise
Than in mockery: "Is this
The one whom God has sent
As an apostle?"

42. In kada layudilluna AAan alihatina lawla an sabarna AAalayha wasawfa yaAAlamoona heena yarawna alAAathaba man adallu sabeelan

42. "He indeed would well-nigh
Have misled us from
Our gods, had it not been
That we were constant
To them!"—Soon will they
Know, when they see
The Penalty, who it is
That is most misled
In Path!

43. Araayta mani ittakhatha ilahahu hawahu afaanta takoonu AAalayhi wakeelan

43. Seest thou such a one
As taketh for his god
His own passion (or impulse)?
Couldst thou be a disposer
Of affairs for him?

44. Am tahsabu anna aktharahum yasmaAAoona aw yaAAqiloona in hum illa kaal-anAAami bal hum adallu sabeelan

44. Or thinkest thou that most
Of them listen or understand?
They are only like cattle;—
Nay, they are worse astray
In Path.

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