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Sūra XXV.: Furqān, or The Criterion. Index
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Sūra XXV.: Furqān, or The Criterion.

Section 2

10. Tabaraka allathee in shaa jaAAala laka khayran min thalika jannatin tajree min tahtiha al-anharu wayajAAal laka qusooran

10. Blessed is He Who,
If that were His Will,
Could give thee better (things)
Than those,—Gardens beneath which
Rivers flow; and He could
Give thee Palaces (secure
To dwell in).

11. Bal kaththaboo bialssaAAati waaAAtadna liman kaththaba bialssaAAati saAAeeran

11. Nay, they deny the Hour
(Of the Judgment to come):
But We have prepared
A Blazing Fire for such
As deny the Hour:

12. Itha raat-hum min makanin baAAeedin samiAAoo laha taghayyuthan wazafeeran

12. When it sees them
From a place far off,
They will hear its fury
And its raging sigh.

13. Wa-itha olqoo minha makanan dayyiqan muqarraneena daAAaw hunalika thubooran

13. And when they are cast,
Bound together, into a
Constricted place therein, they
Will plead for destruction
There and then!

14. La tadAAoo alyawma thubooran wahidan waodAAoo thubooran katheeran

14. "This day plead not
For a single destruction:
Plead for destruction oft-repeated!"

15. Qul athalika khayrun am jannatu alkhuldi allatee wuAAida almuttaqoona kanat lahum jazaan wamaseeran

15. Say: "Is that best, or
The eternal Garden, promised
To the righteous? For them,
That is a reward as well
As a goal (of attainment).

16. Lahum feeha ma yashaoona khalideena kana AAala rabbika waAAdan mas-oolan

16. "For them there will be
Therein all that they wish for:
They will dwell (there) for aye:
A promise to be prayed for
From thy Lord."

17. Wayawma yahshuruhum wama yaAAbudoona min dooni Allahi fayaqoolu aantum adlaltum AAibadee haola-i am hum dalloo alssabeela

17. The Day He will gather
Them together as well as
Those whom they worship
Besides God, He will ask;
"Was it ye who led
These My servants astray,
Or did they stray
From the Path themselves?"

18. Qaloo subhanaka ma kana yanbaghee lana an nattakhitha min doonika min awliyaa walakin mattaAAtahum waabaahum hatta nasoo alththikra wakanoo qawman booran

18. They will say: "Glory to Thee!
Not meet was it for us
That we should take
For protectors others besides Thee:
But Thou didst bestow,
On them and their fathers,
Good things (in life), until
They forgot the Message:
For they were a people
(Worthless and) lost."

19. Faqad kaththabookum bima taqooloona fama tastateeAAoona sarfan wala nasran waman yathlim minkum nuthiqhu AAathaban kabeeran

19. (God will say): "Now
Have they proved you liars
In what ye say: so
Ye cannot avert (your penalty)
Nor (get) help." And whoever
Among you does wrong,
Him shall We cause to taste
Of a grievous Penalty.

20. Wama arsalna qablaka mina almursaleena illa innahum laya/kuloona alttaAAama wayamshoona fee al-aswaqi wajaAAalna baAAdakum libaAAdin fitnatan atasbiroona wakana rabbuka baseeran

20. And the apostles whom We
Sent before thee were all
(Men) who ate food
And walked through the streets:
We have made some of you
As a trial for others:
Will ye have patience?
For God is One Who
Sees (all things).

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