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Sūra XXII.: Ḥajj, or The Pilgrimage. Index
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Sūra XXII.: Ḥajj, or The Pilgrimage.

Section 3

23. Inna Allaha yudkhilu allatheena amanoo waAAamiloo alssalihati jannatin tajree min tahtiha al-anharu yuhallawna feeha min asawira min thahabin walu/lu-an walibasuhum feeha hareerun

23. God will admit those
Who believe and work righteous deeds,
To Gardens beneath which
Rivers flow: they shall be
Adorned therein with bracelets
Of gold and pearls; and
Their garments there
Will be of silk.

24. Wahudoo ila alttayyibi mina alqawli wahudoo ila sirati alhameedi

24. For they have been guided
(In this life) to the purest
Of speeches; they have been
Guided to the Path of Him
Who is Worthy of (all) Praise.

25. Inna allatheena kafaroo wayasuddoona AAan sabeeli Allahi waalmasjidi alharami allathee jaAAalnahu lilnnasi sawaan alAAakifu feehi waalbadi waman yurid feehi bi-ilhadin bithulmin nuthiqhu min AAathabin aleemin

25. As to those who have rejected
(God), and would keep back (men)
From the Way of God, and
From the Sacred Mosque, which
We have made (open) to (all) men—
Equal is the dweller there
And the visitor from the country
And any whose purpose therein
Is profanity or wrong-doing—
Them will We cause to taste
Of a most grievous Penalty.

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