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Sūra XIX.: Maryam, or Mary. Index
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Sūra XIX.: Maryam, or Mary.

Section 2

16. Waothkur fee alkitabi maryama ithi intabathat min ahliha makanan sharqiyyan

16. Relate in the Book
(The story of) Mary,
When she withdrew
From her family
To a place in the East.

17. Faittakhathat min doonihim hijaban faarsalna ilayha roohana fatamaththala laha basharan sawiyyan

17. She placed a screen
(To screen herself) from them;
Then We sent to her
Our angel, and he appeared
Before her as a man
In all respects.

18. Qalat innee aAAoothu bialrrahmani minka in kunta taqiyyan

18. She said: "I seek refuge
From thee to (God)
Most Gracious: (come not near)
If thou dost fear God."

19. Qala innama ana rasoolu rabbiki li-ahaba laki ghulaman zakiyyan

19. He said: "Nay, I am only
A messenger from thy Lord,
(To announce) to thee
The gift of a holy son."

20. Qalat anna yakoonu lee ghulamun walam yamsasnee basharun walam aku baghiyyan

20. She said: "How shall I
Have a son, seeing that
No man has touched me,
And I am not unchaste?"

21. Qala kathaliki qala rabbuki huwa AAalayya hayyinun walinajAAalahu ayatan lilnnasi warahmatan minna wakana amran maqdiyyan

21. He said: "So (it will be):
Thy Lord saith, "That is
Easy for Me: and (We
Wish) to appoint him
As a Sign unto men
And a Mercy from Us":
It is a matter
(So) decreed."

22. Fahamalat-hu faintabathat bihi makanan qasiyyan

22. So she conceived him,
And she retired with him
To a remote place.

23. Faajaaha almakhadu ila jithAAi alnnakhlati qalat ya laytanee mittu qabla hatha wakuntu nasyan mansiyyan

23. And the pains of childbirth
Drove her to the trunk
Of a palm-tree:
She cried (in her anguish):
"Ah! would that I had
Died before this! would that
I had been a thing
Forgotten and out of sight!"

24. Fanadaha min tahtiha alla tahzanee qad jaAAala rabbuki tahtaki sariyyan

24. But (a voice) cried to her
From beneath the (palm-tree):
"Grieve not! for thy Lord
Hath provided a rivulet
Beneath thee;

25. Wahuzzee ilayki bijithAAi alnnakhlati tusaqit AAalayki rutaban janiyyan

25. "And shake towards thyself
The trunk of the palm-tree:
It will let fall
Fresh ripe dates upon thee

26. Fakulee waishrabee waqarree AAaynan fa-imma tarayinna mina albashari ahadan faqoolee innee nathartu lilrrahmani sawman falan okallima alyawma insiyyan

26. "So eat and drink
And cool (thine) eye.
And if thou dost see
Any man, say, 'I have
Vowed a fast to (God)
Most Gracious, and this day
Will I enter into no talk
With any human being'"

27. Faatat bihi qawmaha tahmiluhu qaloo ya maryamu laqad ji/ti shay-an fariyyan

27. At length she brought
The (babe) to her people,
Carrying him (in her arms).
They said: "O Mary!
Truly an amazing thing
Hast thou brought!

28. Ya okhta haroona ma kana abooki imraa saw-in wama kanat ommuki baghiyyan

28. "O sister of Aaron!
Thy father was not
A man of evil, nor thy
Mother a woman unchaste!"

29. Faasharat ilayhi qaloo kayfa nukallimu man kana fee almahdi sabiyyan

29. But she pointed to the babe.
They said: "How can we
Talk to one who is
A child in the cradle?"

30. Qala innee AAabdu Allahi ataniya alkitaba wajaAAalanee nabiyyan

30. He said: "I am indeed
A servant of God:
He hath given me
Revelation and made me
A prophet;

31. WajaAAalanee mubarakan aynama kuntu waawsanee bialssalati waalzzakati ma dumtu hayyan

31. "And He hath made me
Blessed wheresoever I be,
And hath enjoined on me
Prayer and Charity as long
As I live;

32. Wabarran biwalidatee walam yajAAalnee jabbaran shaqiyyan

32. "(He) hath made me kind
To my mother, and not
Overbearing or miserable;

33. Waalssalamu AAalayya yawma wulidtu wayawma amootu wayawma obAAathu hayyan

33. "So Peace is on me
The day I was born,
The day that I die,
And the day that I
Shall be raised up
To life (again)"!

34. Thalika AAeesa ibnu maryama qawla alhaqqi allathee feehi yamtaroona

34. Such (was) Jesus the son
Of Mary: (it is) a statement
Of truth, about which
They (vainly) dispute.

35. Ma kana lillahi an yattakhitha min waladin subhanahu itha qada amran fa-innama yaqoolu lahu kun fayakoonu

35. It is not befitting
To (the majesty of) God
That He should beget
A son. Glory be to Him!
When He determines
A matter, He only says
To it, "Be", and it is.

36. Wa-inna Allaha rabbee warabbukum faoAAbudoohu hatha siratun mustaqeemun

36. Verily God is my Lord
And your Lord: Him
Therefore serve ye: this is
A Way that is straight.

37. Faikhtalafa al-ahzabu min baynihim fawaylun lillatheena kafaroo min mashhadi yawmin AAatheemin

37. But the sects differ
Among themselves: and woe
To the Unbelievers because
Of the (coming) Judgment
Of a momentous Day!

38. AsmiAA bihim waabsir yawma ya/toonana lakini alththalimoona alyawma fee dalalin mubeenin

38. How plainly will they see
And hear, the Day that
They will appear before Us!
But the unjust to-day
Are in error manifest!

39. Waanthirhum yawma alhasrati ith qudiya al-amru wahum fee ghaflatin wahum la yu/minoona

39. But warn them of the Day
Of Distress, when
The matter will be determined:
For (behold,) they are negligent
And they do not believe!

40. Inna nahnu narithu al-arda waman AAalayha wa-ilayna yurjaAAoona

40. It is We Who will inherit
The earth, and all beings
Thereon: to Us will they
All be returned.

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