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Sūra XVII.: Banī Isrā-īl, or the Children of Israel, Index
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Sūra XVII.: Banī Isrā-īl, or the Children of Israel,

Section 8

71. Yawma nadAAoo kulla onasin bi-imamihim faman ootiya kitabahu biyameenihi faola-ika yaqraoona kitabahum wala yuthlamoona fateelan

71. One day We shall call
Together all human beings
With their (respective) Imāms:
Those who are given their record
In their right hand
Will read it (with pleasure),
And they will not be
Dealt with unjustly
In the least.

72. Waman kana fee hathihi aAAma fahuwa fee al-akhirati aAAma waadallu sabeelan

72. But those who were blind
In this world, will he
Blind in the Hereafter,
And most astray
From the Path.

73. Wa-in kadoo layaftinoonaka AAani allathee awhayna ilayka litaftariya AAalayna ghayrahu wa-ithan laittakhathooka khaleelan

73. And their purpose was
To tempt thee away
From that which We
Had revealed unto thee,
To substitute in Our name
Something quite different:
(In that case), behold!
They would certainly have
Made thee (their) friend!

74. Walawla an thabbatnaka laqad kidta tarkanu ilayhim shay-an qaleelan

74. And had We not
Given thee strength,
Thou wouldst nearly
Have inclined to them
A little.

75. Ithan laathaqnaka diAAfa alhayati wadiAAfa almamati thumma la tajidu laka AAalayna naseeran

75. In that case We should
Have made thee taste
An equal portion (of punishment)
In this life, and an equal portion
In death: and moreover
Thou wouldst have found
None to help thee against Us!

76. Wa-in kadoo layastafizzoonaka mina al-ardi liyukhrijooka minha wa-ithan la yalbathoona khilafaka illa qaleelan

76. Their purpose was to scare
Thee off the land,
In order to expel thee;
But in that case they
Would not have stayed
(Therein) after thee,
Except for a little while.

77. Sunnata man qad arsalna qablaka min rusulina wala tajidu lisunnatina tahweelan

77. (This was Our) way
With the apostles We sent
Before thee: thou wilt find
No change in Our ways.

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