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Sūra XV.: Al-Hijr, or The Rocky Tract. Index
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The Holy Quran, tr. by Yusuf Ali, [1934], at

Sūra XV.: Al-Hijr, or The Rocky Tract.

Section 5

61. Falamma jaa ala lootin almursaloona

61. At length when the messengers
Arrived among the adherents
Of Lūt,

62. Qala innakum qawmun munkaroona

62. He said: "Ye appear
To be uncommon folk."

63. Qaloo bal ji/naka bima kanoo feehi yamtaroona

63. They said: "Yea,
We have come to thee
To accomplish that
Of which they doubt.

64. Waataynaka bialhaqqi wa-inna lasadiqoona

64. "We have brought to thee
That which is inevitably
Due, and assuredly
We tell the truth.

65. Faasri bi-ahlika biqitAAin mina allayli waittabiAA adbarahum wala yaltafit minkum ahadun waimdoo haythu tu/maroona

65. "Then travel by night
With thy household,
When a portion of the night
(Yet remains), and do thou
Bring up the rear:
Let no one amongst you
Look back, but pass on
Whither ye are ordered."

66. Waqadayna ilayhi thalika al-amra anna dabira haola-i maqtooAAun musbiheena

66. And We made known
This decree to him,
That the last remnants
Of those (sinners) should be
Cut off by the morning.

67. Wajaa ahlu almadeenati yastabshiroona

67. The inhabitants of the City
Came in (mad) joy
(At news of the young men).

68. Qala inna haola-i dayfee fala tafdahooni

68. Lūt said: "These are
My guests: disgrace me not:

69. Waittaqoo Allaha wala tukhzooni

69. "But fear God,
And shame me not."

70. Qaloo awa lam nanhaka AAani alAAalameena

70. They said: "Did we not
Forbid thee (to speak)
For all and sundry?"

71. Qala haola-i banatee in kuntum faAAileena

71. He said: "There are
My daughters (to marry),
If ye must act (so)."

72. LaAAamruka innahum lafee sakratihim yaAAmahoona

72. Verily, by thy life (O Prophet),
In their wild intoxication,
They wander in distraction,
To and fro.

73. Faakhathat-humu alssayhatu mushriqeena

73. But the (mighty) Blast
Overtook them before morning;

74. FajaAAalna AAaliyaha safilaha waamtarna AAalayhim hijaratan min sijjeelin

74. And We turned (the Cities)
Upside down, and rained down
On them brimstones
Hard as baked clay.

75. Inna fee thalika laayatin lilmutawassimeena

75. Behold! in this are Signs
For those who by tokens
Do understand.

76. Wa-innaha labisabeelin muqeemin

76. And the (Cities were)
Right on the high-road.

77. Inna fee thalika laayatan lilmu/mineena

77. Behold! in this
Is a Sign
For those who believe!

78. Wa-in kana as-habu al-aykati lathalimeena

78. And the Companions of the Wood
Were also wrong-doers;

79. Faintaqamna minhum wa-innahuma labi-imamin mubeenin

79. So We exacted retribution
From them. They were both
On an open highway,
Plain to see.

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