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Sūra XIV.: Ibrāhīm, or Abraham. Index
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Sūra XIV.: Ibrāhīm, or Abraham.

Section 3

13. Waqala allatheena kafaroo lirusulihim lanukhrijannakum min ardina aw lataAAoodunna fee millatina faawha ilayhim rabbuhum lanuhlikanna alththalimeena

13. And the Unbelievers said
To their apostles: "Be sure
We shall drive you out
Of our land, or ye shall
Return to our religion."
But their Lord inspired
(This Message) to them:
"Verily We shall cause
The wrong-doers to perish!

14. Walanuskinannakumu al-arda min baAAdihim thalika liman khafa maqamee wakhafa waAAeedi

14. "And verily We shall
Cause you to abide
In the land, and succeed them.
This for such as fear
The Time when they shall stand
Before My tribunal,—such
As fear the Punishment denounced."

15. Waistaftahoo wakhaba kullu jabbarin AAaneedin

15. But they sought victory and decision
(There and then), and frustration
Was the lot of every
Powerful obstinate transgressor.

16. Min wara-ihi jahannamu wayusqa min ma-in sadeedin

16. In front of such a one
Is Hell, and he is given,
For drink, boiling fetid water.

17. YatajarraAAuhu wala yakadu yuseeghuhu waya/teehi almawtu min kulli makanin wama huwa bimayyitin wamin wara-ihi AAathabun ghaleethun

17. In gulps will he sip it,
But never will he be near
Swallowing it down his throat:
Death will come to him
From every quarter, yet
Will he not die: and
In front of him will be
A chastisement unrelenting.

18. Mathalu allatheena kafaroo birabbihim aAAmaluhum karamadin ishtaddat bihi alrreehu fee yawmin AAasifin la yaqdiroona mimma kasaboo AAala shay-in thalika huwa alddalalu albaAAeedu

18. The parable of those who
Reject their Lord is that
Their works are as ashes,
On which the wind blows
Furiously on a tempestuous day:
No power have they over
Aught that they have earned:
That is the straying
Far, far (from the goal).

19. Alam tara anna Allaha khalaqa alssamawati waal-arda bialhaqqi in yasha/ yuthhibkum waya/ti bikhalqin jadeedin

19. Seest thou not that God
Created the heavens and the earth
In Truth? If He so will,
He can remove you
And put (in your place)
A new Creation?

20. Wama thalika AAala Allahi biAAazeezin

20. Nor is that for God
Any great matter.

21. Wabarazoo lillahi jameeAAan faqala aldduAAafao lillatheena istakbaroo inna kunna lakum tabaAAan fahal antum mughnoona AAanna min AAathabi Allahi min shay-in qaloo law hadana Allahu lahadaynakum sawaon AAalayna ajaziAAna am sabarna ma lana min maheesin

21. They will all be marshalled
Before God together: then
Will the weak say to those
Who were arrogant, "For us,
We but followed you; can ye
Then avail us at all
Against the Wrath of God?"
They will reply, "If we
Had received the guidance
Of God, we should have
Given it to you: to us
It makes no difference (now)
Whether we rage, or bear
(These torments) with patience:
For ourselves there is no way
Of escape."

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