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Sūra XIII.: Ra’d, or Thunder. Index
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Sūra XIII.: Ra’d, or Thunder.

Section 4

27. Wayaqoolu allatheena kafaroo lawla onzila AAalayhi ayatun min rabbihi qul inna Allaha yudillu man yashao wayahdee ilayhi man anaba

27. The Unbelievers say: "Why
Is not a Sign sent down
To him from his Lord?"
Say: "Truly God leaveth,
To stray, whom He will;
But He guideth to Himself
Those who turn to Him
In penitence,—

28. Allatheena amanoo watatma-innu quloobuhum bithikri Allahi ala bithikri Allahi tatma-innu alquloobu

28. "Those who believe, and whose hearts
Find satisfaction in the remembrance
Of God: for without doubt
In the remembrance of God
Do hearts find satisfaction.

29. Allatheena amanoo waAAamiloo alssalihati tooba lahum wahusnu maabin

29. "For those who believe
And work righteousness,
Is (every) blessedness,
And a beautiful place
Of (final) return."

30. Kathalika arsalnaka fee ommatin qad khalat min qabliha omamun litatluwa AAalayhimu allathee awhayna ilayka wahum yakfuroona bialrrahmani qul huwa rabbee la ilaha illa huwa AAalayhi tawakkaltu wa-ilayhi matabi

30. Thus have We sent thee
Amongst a People before whom
(Long since) have (other) Peoples
(Gone and) passed away;
In order that thou mightest
Rehearse unto them what We
Send down unto thee by inspiration;
Yet do they reject (Him),
The Most Gracious!
Say: "He is my Lord!
There is no god but He!
On Him is my trust,
And to Him do I turn!"

31. Walaw anna qur-anan suyyirat bihi aljibalu aw quttiAAat bihi al-ardu aw kullima bihi almawta bal lillahi al-amru jameeAAan afalam yay-asi allatheena amanoo an law yashao Allahu lahada alnnasa jameeAAan wala yazalu allatheena kafaroo tuseebuhum bima sanaAAoo qariAAatun aw tahullu qareeban min darihim hatta ya/tiya waAAdu Allahi inna Allaha la yukhlifu almeeAAada

31. If there were a Qur-ān
With which mountains were moved,
Or the earth were cloven asunder,
Or the dead were made to speak,
(This would be the one!)
But, truly, the Command is
With God in all things!'
Do not the Believers know,
That, had God (so) willed,
He could have guided
All mankind (to the Right)?
But the Unbelievers,—never
Will disaster cease to seize
Them for their (ill) deeds,
Or to settle close to their homes,
Until the promise of God
Come to pass, for, verily,
God will not fail
In His promise.

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