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Sūra XIII.: Ra’d, or Thunder. Index
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The Holy Quran, tr. by Yusuf Ali, [1934], at

Sūra XIII.: Ra’d, or Thunder.

Section 3

19. Afaman yaAAlamu annama onzila ilayka min rabbika alhaqqu kaman huwa aAAma innama yatathakkaru oloo al-albabi

19. Is then one who doth know
That that which hath been
Revealed unto thee
From thy Lord is the Truth,
Like one who is blind?
It is those who are
Endued with understanding
That receive admonition;—

20. Allatheena yoofoona biAAahdi Allahi wala yanqudoona almeethaqa

20. Those who fulfil the Covenant
Of God and fail not
In their plighted word;

21. Waallatheena yasiloona ma amara Allahu bihi an yoosala wayakhshawna rabbahum wayakhafoona soo-a alhisabi

21. Those who join together
Those things which God
Hath commanded to be joined,
Hold their Lord in awe,
And fear the terrible reckoning;

22. Waallatheena sabaroo ibtighaa wajhi rabbihim waaqamoo alssalata waanfaqoo mimma razaqnahum sirran waAAalaniyatan wayadraoona bialhasanati alssayyi-ata ola-ika lahum AAuqba alddari

22. Those who patiently persevere,
Seeking the countenance of their Lord;
Establish regular prayers; spend,
Out of (the gifts) We have bestowed
For their sustenance, secretly
And openly; and turn off Evil
With good: for such there is
The final attainment
Of the (Eternal) Home,—

23. Jannatu AAadnin yadkhuloonaha waman salaha min aba-ihim waazwajihim wathurriyyatihim waalmala-ikatu yadkhuloona AAalayhim min kulli babin

23. Gardens of perpetual bliss:
They shall enter there,
As well as the righteous
Among their fathers, their spouses,
And their offspring:
And angels shall enter unto them
From every gate (with the salutation):

24. Salamun AAalaykum bima sabartum faniAAma AAuqba alddari

24. "Peace unto you for that ye
Persevered in patience! Now
How excellent is the final Home!"

25. Waallatheena yanqudoona AAahda Allahi min baAAdi meethaqihi wayaqtaAAoona ma amara Allahu bihi an yoosala wayufsidoona fee al-ardi ola-ika lahumu allaAAnatu walahum soo-o alddari

25. But those who break
The Covenant of God, after
Having plighted their word thereto,
And cut asunder those things
Which God has commanded
To be joined, and work mischief
In the land;—on them
Is the Curse; for them
Is the terrible Home!

26. Allahu yabsutu alrrizqa liman yashao wayaqdiru wafarihoo bialhayati alddunya wama alhayatu alddunya fee al-akhirati illa mataAAun

26. God doth enlarge, or grant
By (strict) measure, the Sustenance
(Which He giveth) to whomso
He pleaseth. (The worldly) rejoice
In the life of this world:
But the life of this world
Is but little comfort
In the Hereafter.

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