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Sūra III.: Āl-i-’Imrān, or The Family of ’Imrān. Index
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Sūra III.: Āl-i-’Imrān, or The Family of ’Imrān.

Section 18

172. Allatheena istajaboo lillahi waalrrasooli min baAAdi ma asabahumu alqarhu lillatheena ahsanoo minhum waittaqaw ajrun AAatheemun

172. Of those who answered
The call of God
And the Apostle,
Even after being wounded,
Those who do right
And refrain from wrong
Have a great reward;—

173. Allatheena qala lahumu alnnasu inna alnnasa qad jamaAAoo lakum faikhshawhum fazadahum eemanan waqaloo hasbuna Allahu waniAAma alwakeelu

173. Men said to them:
"A great army is gathering
Against you":
And frightened them:
But it (only) increased
Their Faith: they said:
"For us God sufficeth,
And He is the best
Disposer of affairs."

174. Fainqalaboo biniAAmatin mina Allahi wafadlin lam yamsas-hum soo-on waittabaAAoo ridwana Allahi waAllahu thoo fadlin AAatheemin

174. And they returned
With Grace and Bounty
From God: no harm
Ever touched them:
For they followed
The good pleasure of God:
And God is the Lord
Of bounties unbounded.

175. Innama thalikumu alshshaytanu yukhawwifu awliyaahu fala takhafoohum wakhafooni in kuntum mu/mineena

175. It is only the Evil One
That suggests to you
The fear of his votaries:
Be ye not afraid
Of them, but fear Me,
If ye have Faith.

176. Wala yahzunka allatheena yusariAAoona fee alkufri innahum lan yadurroo Allaha shay-an yureedu Allahu alla yajAAala lahum haththan fee al-akhirati walahum AAathabun AAatheemun

176. Let not those grieve thee
Who rush headlong
Into Unbelief:
Not the least harm
Will they do to God:
God's Plan is that He
Will give them no portion
In the Hereafter,
But a severe punishment.

177. Inna allatheena ishtarawoo alkufra bial-eemani lan yadurroo Allaha shay-an walahum AAathabun aleemun

177. Those who purchase
Unbelief at the price
Of faith,
Not the least harm
Will they do to God,
But they will have
A grievous punishment.

178. Wala yahsabanna allatheena kafaroo annama numlee lahum khayrun li-anfusihim innama numlee lahum liyazdadoo ithman walahum AAathabun muheenun

178. Let not the Unbelievers
Think that Our respite
To them is good for themselves:
We grant them respite
That they may grow
In their iniquity:
But they will have
A shameful punishment.

179. Ma kana Allahu liyathara almu/mineena AAala ma antum AAalayhi hatta yameeza alkhabeetha mina alttayyibi wama kana Allahu liyutliAAakum AAala alghaybi walakinna Allaha yajtabee min rusulihi man yashao faaminoo biAllahi warusulihi wa-in tu/minoo watattaqoo falakum ajrun AAatheemun

179. God will not leave
The Believers in the state
In which ye are now,
Until He separates
What is evil
From what is good.
Nor will He disclose
To you the secrets
Of the Unseen,
But He chooses
Of His Apostles
(For the purpose)
Whom He pleases.
So believe in God
And His Apostles:
And if ye believe
And do right,
Ye have a reward
Without measure.

180. Wala yahsabanna allatheena yabkhaloona bima atahummu Allahu min fadlihi huwa khayran lahum bal huwa sharrun lahum sayutawwaqoona ma bakhiloo bihi yawma alqiyamati walillahi meerathu alssamawati waal-ardi waAllahu bima taAAmaloona khabeerun

180. And let not those
Who covetously withhold
Of the gifts which God
Hath given them of His Grace,
Think that it is good for them:
Nay, it will be the worse
For them: soon shall the things
Which they covetously withheld
Be tied to their necks
Like a twisted collar,
On the Day of Judgment.
To God belongs the heritage
Of the heavens and the earth;
And God is well-acquainted
With all that ye do.

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