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The prince of believers (puh) said:

1. The most devilish of brothers for whom formality must be set.
2. If a believer respected his brother (in a formal way) then he is separated from him.
3. Every new comer has a dilemma, thus make it easy for him with speech.
4. Every person entering (a new place) is surprised, thus start with saying peace (greeting).
5. Do not be hard on your brother for a doubt, and do not leave him after a blame.
6. The envy of the friend is a result of the sick affection.
7. Blame your brother by doing him good, and return his evil by doing favours for him.
8. No goodness exists in someone who leaves his brother for no crime.
9. No good is there in a miser friend.
10. No friendship for a friend would last with betrayal.
11. He would not be happy who makes troubles for his brothers.
12. Betrayal and brotherhood do not come together.
13. No friendship exists for one who gets bored easily.
14. The friendship of the well-mannered is the sweetest of all.
15. With justice, the brotherhood lasts.
16. The friendship is not clear unless with a well-mannered one.
17. Brotherhood is kept with giving condolences.
18. One of the greatest stupidities is to be a friend for the ill-mannered people.
19. The truthful friend is a gift.
20. He who has little determination, shall envy the friend for the favour.
21. He who has a low determination, do not be his companion.
22. He who cannot bear the mistakes of a friend, shall die lonely.
23. He who debates with his brothers shall have less friends.
24. He who has ill manners shall be left by his freinds.
25. He who digs a pit for his brother, Allah shall make him fall in it.
26. He who has no friends, has no supply.
27. He who has no brothers, has no family.
29. He who does not bear brotherhood, has no good in himself. [Wrong numbering in the book itself, ignore it].
30. If the friendship goes a long way, that is a sign of the good affection.
31. He who does not care about you, he is your enemy.
32. He who cares about you, he is your friend.
33. Friendship is enough as a test.
35. The good friendship is the goal of friends. [Wrong numbering in the book itself, ignore it].
34. The friend of the ignorant person is troubled and tired. [Wrong numbering in the book itself, ignore it].
36. The friend of the stupid is in tiresome time.
37. The friend of the stupid is exposed to damage.
38. Your friend is he who prohibits you, and your enemy is he who seduces you.
39. The condition for the friendship, is to have less objections.
40. May there be a brother for you that was not born by your mother.
41. The most devilish of your brothers is he who makes you satisfied by doing the ill deeds.
42. The good company makes love lasts.
43. The most devilish person you might company is the ignorant.
44. The good friendship increases the love in the hearts.
45. The most devilish of your brothers is he for whom you take formalities.
46. Ask about the companion before the road.
47. The most devilish of friends is he who flips back at you rapidly.
48. Forget about the bad things in the brothers and you shall make their affection last.
49. The most devilish of the friends is he who doubts a lot.
50. Ask about the neighbour before the house.
51. Damned is the bad neighbour.
52. By agreeing in good manners, the company shall last.
53. By living together in goodness, the affection shall last.
54. By being brothers unto (for the sake of) Allah, the brotherhood shall bear the fruit.
55. By living together in goodness, the companions shall be feeling good.
56. By being a good friend, the friends will be abundant.
57. By passion the friendship will last.
58. If the betrayal of the friend shows up, it would be easy to desert him.
59. The one who has the best gift is the one who starts the affection.
60. The priority for your affection goes to who does not desert you.
61. The best supply, the trustworthy of brothers.
62. The best of favours is to give condolences to the brothers.
63. Obey your brother even though he might disobey you, and tighten the relation with him though he might desert you.

65. The friend is the best supply and the most pious affection. [Wrong numbering in the book itself, ignore it].
66. Brothers are an ornament in the easy times and a supply in the time of adversity.

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