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The prince of believers (puh) said:

1. Satisfaction is an infinite money.
2. Toleration and patience are twins produced by the high determination.
3. Toleration is a clan.
4. Piety is the head of all manners.
5. Chastity is the ornament of poverty, and giving thanks is the ornament of richness.
6. Be good to the lineage of others, thus you will be saved with your lineages.
7. If you feared poverty, then trade with Allah by charity.
8. Generosity is more passionate than close relations.
9. It is enough for satisfaction to be a kingdom, and with good manners to be a delight.
10. He who shyness bestowed upon him its veil, people would not see his flaws.
11. Reveal down the fortune by giving charity.
12. He shall not be in need, he who saved.
13. Being straight is safety.
14. The patience, is the head of the faith.
15. Justice, is the title of Nobility.
16. Justice, is the virtue of the human being.
17. Humility raises the low one.
18. The best of manners is that of the generosity .
19. From generosity comes the best of manners.
20. All the (high) lineage shall be ended, except for the mind and the good manners.
21. Take over the patience, for it is the fruit of wisdom.
22. It is of determination to memorize the experiment.
23. Be satisfied (with yourself) and you shall be exalted.
24. No honour is higher than faith.
25. No living is better than the good manners.
26. Truth is the garment of religion (faith).
27. No work greater than being pious.
28. Asceticism is the fruit of believing.
29. Faith is not useful without piety.
30. He who is just, shall be able. [Able here means someone who is depended on and reliable with expanded authority].

31. Be depending (on Allah) and you shall be satisfied.
32. Work and you shall save.
33. Honour is not complete unless with generosity and humility.
34. No faith is like shyness and humility.
35. Cheerfulness is a sign of the free man.
36. No faith for him, he who does not avoid. [Avoid here means protecting oneself when possible for the sake of keeping on with the faith instead of being pressed to change it].

37. Giving thanks is the fort of favours.
38. Asceticism is the best of garments.
39. No winning for him who does not have patience.
40. Asceticism is the best companion.
41. No protection for him who have no faith.
42. Forgiving is the address of nobility.
43. No faith for him who does not believe. [Believe here means the absolute trust in God].
44. Giving favours is the zakat (almsgiving) of the favours.
45. Truth is the best way.
46. Asceticism is the character of the loyal ones.
47. No safety for him who have no faith.
48. The smart one is him who shortened his hopes.
49. Being loyal is the honour that remains. [Loyal here means being loyal to God].
50. The faith of someone keeps him away from every low-deed.
51. No reward for him who has no work to do.
52. Be respectful for your elders, thus may your youngsters be respectful toward you.
53. The asceticism of one man is according to the level of his faith.
54. No honour unless by being loyal. [see 49].
55. It is one of the best companions, that is the faith.
56. Accompanying those of virtues, is a life.
57. One thing is essential for being faithful, that is to keep away from sins.
58. He shall not be overwhelmed, who takes truth as a clue.
59. Fighting the lusts of the self is an address of nobility.
60. Living with the faithful ones, verily brings the honour.
61. It is one of the characteristics of the faithful to have altruism.
62. He shall not be surprised when adversity comes, who is affirm.
63. Monotheism is the life of the soul.
64. Depending (on Allah) is the fort of wisdom.
65. With repentance, the forgiveness shall be.
66. The completeness of the virtues, is to have the good manners.
67. The wise man is not independent of consulting.
68. Who gave goodness shall find it.
69. As you have mercy, mercy shall be taken upon you.
70. Who his deeds turned good, he shall what he desires from Allah.
71. He shall not be fought against who takes truth as a clue.
72. Who hated evil shall be infallible.
73. Be true and you shall be loyal.
74. Who feared Allah, Allah shall protect him.
75. Goodness is not useful without smartness.
76. Who says the truth shall survive.
77. Be a believer and you shall be strong.
78. Who mentions Allah a lot, his mind shall be enlightened.
79. Be faithful and you shall be pure.
80. No way for safety except by truth.
81. Who turns victorious for the truth gains a lot.
82. Be one of a sweet patience at the time of the bitter matters.
83. Who neglects (the bad) shall give relief to his heart.
84. No good way except of being faith.
85. Forgiveness is the crown of virtues.
86. No safe way except of the straight way.
87. The one who avoids evil is like the doer of goodness.
88. The honour of the determination is the doing of goodness.
89. The adage is a healing advice.
90. Adversities are not perishable unless by patience.
91. Of the signs of virtues, the early rewards. [meaning giving rewards for some deed before it is completely over].

92. Passion leads to peace.
93. No messenger is more obvious than the truth.
94. It is a part of happiness to be able to do the good things.
95. Generosity is the veil of the flaws.
96. The key to win is to have patience.
97. Who thanks a lot, his favours shall be a lot.
98. Favour is with charity.
99. The key to the good is to perish the evil.
100. Be a fighter for your lusts and a seeker for your survival.
101. The survival is with the faith.
102. Who had been good to his parents, his children shall be good toward him.
103. No greater favour there is, more than being successful.
104. Whose intention was good, success would provide him.
105. Be generous with truth and parsimonious with mischief.
106. No honour higher than tolerance.
107. Determination is firmness.
108. Satisfaction is enough as a fortune.
109. Who struggled to achieve justice, verily he shall success.
110. No supply like faith.
111. It is of generosity to satisfy the promises.
112. It is enough for consulting to be as a support.
113. He who believed, shall do the good.
114. No companion like the good manner.
115. Who spends his money, shall own the necks of people. [meaning spending money in good ways makes good people always owe to that person].

116. Who stepped aside shall be safe. [Stepping aside here means being away from useless ornamentations of this life and away from useless struggles and competitions].

117. No struggle like the struggle against the lusts of oneself.
118. It is one of the best companions of faith, that is shyness.
119. Who gives many a charity, is beloved by his brethren.
120. Who knew, would be satisfied.
121. Who got away from people, he shall be happy with Allah the Exalted.
122. It is enough for humility to be an honour.
123. It is of the best supplies, that is the good deeds.
124. Who got satisfied with himself, that will lead him to chastity.
125. it is enough for tolerance to be as respect.
126. Who has the habit of being just, then he shall reach the places of nobility.
127. Fighting against the lusts of oneself is the best of fights.
128. Nothing fixed the faith like piety.
129. Who knew Allah, shall never be miserable.
130. It is of the best treasures, that is being loyal.
131. No piety like stopping illegal deeds.
132. No worshipping like doing the daily duties. [Daily duties here mean the things that are a must for a muslim, like praying the 5 daily prayers and fasting in the month of Ramadhan and other things].

133. He who consults Allah (Istikharah) shall never regret. [Istikhara is the Arabic word and sometimes used in translations in this field. It means to ask God for guidance in some matters where hesitations take place].

134. He who fears no one, shall never fear.
135. No faith like patience.
136. It is of the best habits, that is the satisfaction.
137. He shall not astray, he who consults.
138. One of the expiations of the great sins, is to help the needy.
139. No supply like tolerance.
140. Whose speech was true, his clue shall be granted (correct).
141. It is enough for believing to be as a worship.
142. No tolerance like forgiveness.
143. He who becomes patient, shall never be hurt.
144. Who thanked Allah, He shall make him rich.
145. Who lives with people in peace shall be safe.
146. No gain like the reward (of Allah).
147. It is of the dignity of the soul, to hold on the satisfaction.
148. He who consults the men, shared their minds.
149. He who did his best in good deeds, his mention shall raise.
150. Struggling (against lust) is bounded to the heart (feelings).
151. No advice like warning.
152. It is of the best faith, that is the good manners.
153. He who gets scared of he punishment, shall be away from the sins.
154. For every good deed there is a reward.
155. Whose honour was dignified, then money is cheap for him.
156. No worship like thinking (meditation).
157. He is guided who obeyed his God and feared his sin.
158. It is of the best weapons, that is praying (Dua').
159. How many hard things that gets easy with passion.
160. How many a low class man got raised by his good manners.
161. No thought like planning.
162. It is one of the best ways (to get things done), that is obeying (Allah).
163. Every one satisfied (for what he has) is in relief.
164. Who has many a charity, his servants and helpers are many.
165. In mentioning (the name of Allah), there lies the life of hearts.
166. It is the best supply, that is patience at the time of adversity.
167. Who uses passion, reveals the fortune.
168. Satisfying Allah, that is the ultimate goal.
169. In obeying (Allah) lie the treasures of gains.
170. He who stopped at his limit (level), shall be dignified by the people.
171. It is a good supply that is the favour-doing.
172. With giving thanks, the favours last. [The favours meant here are those bestowed by God].
173. How good is being generous while in need.
174. Who believed Allah, he shall be safe.
175. Let your manners be the generosity and doing the good.
176. It is a good gift, that is the advice.
177. With asceticism, wisdom bears fruit.
178. How good it is to forgive while you are able. [Able means able to return the harm or take revenge].
179. He who advises himself, is better to advise others.
180. He who obeyed his imam, then he obeyed his God.
181. In fighting against the will of the soul, there lies the completeness of goodness.
182. It is a good worship, that is fearing. [Fearing means fearing God all the time].
183. With sincerity, the deeds are raised.
184. Necks are not enslaved by something, like they do for the good deed.
185. He who asks for victory from Allah, his victory shall be a high one.
186. In good manners lie the treasures of fortunes.
187. He who watches the endings, shall be safe from the adversities.
188. Be kind and do not be a squanderer.
189. It is a good manner, that is being calm.
190. With faith, the work bears fruit.
191. Favours (of Allah) are not protected with such a thing, like giving thanks.
192. In consulting lies the core of guidance.
193. In opposing the soul, lies its guidance.
194. He who understood, shall be kind.
195. The jealousy of a man is faith.
196. Being connected to the relatives, that is the grower of favours and the banisher of adversities.
197. He who degrades himself, shall be highly raised.
198. Take the way of chastity, for it is the best companion.
199. If love is in the right place, then it is because of peaceful time.
200. The cure of the soul is to be less greedy.
201. He who has been just, shall be taken with just.
202. Neglecting the bad is a habit of nobility.
203. Neglecting the bad is the most noble act of faith.
204. tightening the kinship is the best of manners of the generous ones.
205. He who takes patience shall win.
206. The habit of the generous people is to do the goodness.
207. To gain the win of paradise, it is to fight against the lust of the self.
208. The man is truthful according to the level of his nobility.
209. He who conquers his lust shall be dignified.
210. The veil of flaws, generosity and chastity.
211. Doing good, that is the ornament of man.
212. The chest of the man is the chest of his secrets. [Chest in the beginning means the area of the body of a man].

213. He who obeys Allah shall win.
214. You should mention Allah, for He is the light of heart.
215. He who is generous shall conquer.
216. He who is satisfied (with himself) is a rich one.
217. Keeping kinship, reveals the favours and banishes the adversities.
218. Keeping kinship, grows the numbers and bears fruit for the favours.
219. He who spends his money (in goodness) shall be raised (in status).
220. You should be satisfied, in hard times and the easy ones.
221. Keeping the kinship, grows the numbers and applies success.
222. He who becomes kind, shall be dignified.
223. The winning of the generous one is a survival.
224. The charity giving in public, prevents the bad end.
225. He who is humble shall be raised.
226. Take care of loyalty, for it is the strongest shield.
227. The work is good as long the intention is good.
228. He who has been loyal shall reach the hopes.
229. The purpose (goal) of surrender (to Allah), is to win the Place of Favours (paradise, heavens).
230. Diet, is the fix of the body.
231. He who prevents, shall be safe.
232. He shall gain the goodness who asks for it.
233. The fix of religion is asceticism.
234. He who gives favours shall be served.
235. Doing the good deeds is a virtue for the human being.
236. He who shall be victorious to the truth, shall win.
237. The extreme of good manners, that is altruism.
238. He who dealt with others in a passionate way, shall win.
239. The title of nobility, is to deal with people by good deeds.
240. He who works with the truth is a survival.
241. In keeping the kinship lies the guardian of favours.
242. He who accepted destiny, shall have a relief.
243. The determination to do the goodness turns off the fire of evil.
244. He who asks shall gain the benefit.
245. Live along with people of virtues and you shall be happy and a noble.
246. He who becomes generous shall conquer.
247. The title of mindfulness. is to care about people.
248. Who uses the truth as a clue, he shall feel the coldness. [Coldness here is a figurative speech referring to the effect of happiness when it comes to the heart].

249. The purpose of the struggle (Jihad) is that one should fight himself (against lusts).
250. He who becomes patient shall get what he desires.
251. In surrendering (to Allah) lies the faith.
252. He who depended (on Allah) shall never care.
253. In giving thanks for the favours, these favours shall last.
254. He who advised you, rescued you.
255. In generosity lies the loveliness.
256. He who mentions Allah, Allah shall mention him.
257. In every good deed lies a reward.
258. He who struggles against himself, completed his own piety.
259. The keeper of a secret is a loyal and a trustee.
260. Who works with the truth shall succeed.
261. Blessedness for him, who watches his God and feared his sin.
262. He who judges himself shall win.
263. Consult those of the mind and you shall be safe from mistake.
264. Who protected himself (against sins) shall be respected.
265. You should give thanks (to Allah) whether in adversity or good time.
266. He who disobeyed the lust of himself, he mended it (himself).
267. The mend of the soul is to struggle against the lust.
268. He who becomes patient, his adversity shall become low.
269. The honour of the man is his just, and his beauty is his nobility.
270. He who repents then depended (on Allah).
271. Blessedness is for him who keeps the obedience of his God.
272. Who regretted then he had repented.
273. The reason for loveliness is generosity.
274. He who knows life, shall abstain from it.
275. The mend of religion (faith) is by the true believing.
276. He who takes refuge unto Allah, He shall rescue him.
277. The reason for loveliness is loyalty.
278. Who depended on Allah, He shall make him satisfied.
279. You should be calm, for it is the best ornament.
280. He who spends his money (in goodness) shall enslave.
281. The honour of the faithful is his faith, and his glory is his obedience.
282. He who spends his fortune (in goodness) shall be thanked.
283. The lords of heavens are the pious and faithiful.
284. He who takes patience, his adversity shall come low.
285. Do the charities, and then you shall be safe from the lewdness of parsimony.
286. He who takes parsimony for his religion shall be exalted. [meaning, he who holds tight on his religion (not for money) should be exalted].

287. Be peaceful with people and your life shall be safe.
288. Who works rightly shall gain.
289. Blessedness shall be for him who made his heart feel the faith.
290. He who knew himself (correctly), knew his God.
291. The ladder of nobility is humility and generosity.
292. He who had been good to his neighbours, his servants shall be abundant.
293. Over truth and sincerity, faith shall be built.
294. Charity is a successful cure.
295. He who keeps away (from people), his faith shall be mended.
296. The reason for fixing the religion is piety.
297. He who gains the kindness, his recklessness shall be put down.
298. Blessedness for him, who kept the way of obedience for his God.
299. he who got satisfied with destiny, shall live blessed.
300. Two things, their rewards cannot be weighed: Forgiveness and Justice.
301. Be kind, for it is a manner that is accepted.
302. He who left his matters to Allah shall succeed.
303. Be peaceful with people and you shall be in peace, and work for the after-life and you shall win.
304. He who was guided by the guidance of Allah shall be guided by Allah.
305. The reason behind a good faith, piety.
306. He who loaned Allah (did the good for the sake of Allah), shall be rewarded by Him.
307. Blessedness for him, whose tongue was busy with the mention (of Allah).
308. He who asks Allah, He shall give him what he asks.
309. The reason behind respect, kindness.
310. He who keeps himself away from begging shall be exalted.
311. You should be addicted to work, in time of activity or laziness.
312. The peaceful living lies in taking care of people.
313. He who keeps his promises shall be a loyal one.
314. Two things are part of religion (faith): Truth and Belief.
315. He who owns his own lusts, shall be pious.
316. The reason behind authority, generosity.
317. He who owns his own anger, shall be kind.
318. Blessedness for him, who raced over his fate and did his work with sincerity.
319. He who owned his mind is a wise man.
320. The reason behind the goodness of the self is piety.
321. He who asks when he is young, shall answer when he is old.
322. Be sincere, for it is the best of the faith.
323. He who kept away from people, protected his faith.
324. He who has the good manners, shall have the wide fortune.
325. Blessedness for him, who fears Allah and remained safe.
326. The law of the generous is to keep their promises.
327. He whose interior was good, his apparent part shall be good.
328. The thanks giving of the believer, appears in his works.
329. The weapon of the believer is praying for forgiveness.
330. He who gets exaltation from Allah, no ruler can put him down.
331. According to the level of the nobility, comes the level of generosity.
332. The worship becomes fixed by depending (on Allah).
333. He who takes refuge unto Allah, no ruler can hurt him.
334. The weapon of the believer, the prayers (Dua').
335. He who seeks peace, should keep on straight.
336. According to the level of shyness, the chastity shall be.
337. The mend of religion (faith) is by the good belief.
338. He who is always true, shall never be prohibited from dignity.
339. The habit of the noble ones, generosity.
340. Blessedness for him, who remembered the after-life and made the good.
341. He who works for the after-life, shall win the success.
342. The happiness of someone is in satisfaction (about what one got).
343. He who has satisfaction in what Allah had given him, he is verily a rich one.
344. The obedience of the guidance shall rescue oneself.
345. He who trusts Allah, shall depend on Him.
346. No dependant (on Allah) has any tiresome times.
347. He who has a strong faith, his sincerity is high.
348. The seed of faith is to read Quran.
349. Blessedness for the soul, that did for its God what He had assigned to it.
350. He who believed in the reward, shall do the goodness.
351. He is certainly a victorious one, who depended on patience for victory.
352. Running after manners, is the beauty of one's lineage.
353. The zakat (almsgiving) of beauty, should be chastity.
354. No one shall win paradise unless he is running after it.
355. He is exalted who is satisfied (with what he has).
356. The good after-life lies in the good work.
357. No one shall receive the rewards of goodness except of him who does it.
358. Giving thanks to the Giver, is a shield against adversities.
359. He is verily awake who takes lessons (from life).
360. The zakat (almsgiving) of fortune, is to give (some of) it.
361. Jealousy comes according to the level of protection.
362. Thanking God, shall reveal the favours.
363. According to the level of the honour of the self shall be the level of nobility.
364. Having patience for a long time is a character of the faithful people.
365. The mend to the mind, that is manners.
366. The hearer of the mention of Allah, is a mentioner.
367. The zakat (almsgiving) of bravery is to fight on the way of Allah.
368. The ornament of faith is piety.
369. Banishing away the lust, is a character of wise people.
370. The ornament of worshipping is humility.
371. The head of the faith is truthfulness.
372. The ornament of wisdom is giving away for this life.
373. The head of Islam is sincerity.
374. The increment in ignorance lowers down.
375. The satisfaction of Allah, is the closest thing one can achieve.
376. The satisfaction of Allah is bound to obedience towards Him.
377. The head of wisdom is to be bound to the truth.
378. The head of faith is patience.
379. The mercy toward the weak people reveals down the mercy.
380. The head of piety is to neglect the bad things (in people).
381. The head of piety is to let go of lust.
382. The head of kindness is to hold on the anger.
383. The head of foreseeing is meditation.
384. The one who mentions Allah is like one who sits with Him.
385. The mention of Allah shall banish away the devil.
386. The mention of Allah is the cure of those of sick souls.
387. The mention of Allah shall banish diseases and misery.
388. The clue to a man's faith is his piety.
389. The clue to a man's jealousy is his chastity.
390. The best of works is to have an equal amount of fear and hope.
391. Go deep into the depths wherever truth is.
392. Fearing Allah is the wing of faith.
393. Take determination and be bound to wisdom, and then the endings shall be fine.
394. Fearing Allah brings to the fearer the feeling of safety.
395. Fear Allah so that He makes you safe, and do not feel safe towards Him and so He might punish you.
396. The sweetness of the winning, clears the bitterness of patience.
397. The noble of all the manners, loyalty.
398. The nobility if someone is his wisdom, and his beauty lies in his brain (mind).
399. Remembering the experiments, this is the head of mind (wisdom).
400. The result of humility, the honour.
401. The sadness of hearts, clears the sins.
402. The good thanks giving, allows more increments.
403. The good manners is the best of faith.
404. Be a neighbour for wise men (scholars) and you shall be enlightened. [Be a neighbour here means simply to be with them whenever possible].

405. The reason for the good faith, the good belief.
406. The fight against anger with kindness, that is an evidence for nobility.
407. The good kindness is an evidence for the abundant wisdom.
408. Fighting against the lusts of the self with science (wisdom), that is an address of the mindfulness.
409. The good intention comes from the good inner self.
410. The rewards of an adversity come according to how much patience was taken for it.
411. The good establishment is the best leader.
412. The good chastity is one of the characters of the nobles.
413. The beauty of good doings, is to leave mentioning the favours. [Mentioning favours here means to remind someone about the favours that was done to him as to humiliate him or press on him].

414. Being in good satisfaction is part of chastity.
415. The beauty of a favour is to complete it.
416. The goodness of understanding is a title of piety.
417. The beauty of the intention is a reason for reaching the goal.
418. The good patience owns every matter.
419. The beauty of the free man is to avoid the shame.
420. The good patience is the step to the victory.
421. Give what is finite and you shall win the infinite.
422. The good cheerfulness is a character of every free man.
423. The fight against the lusts of the self is the dowry of paradise.
424. The good ask for forgiveness clears the sins.
425. The beauty of the believer lies in his faith.
426. The good manners are the head of every good deed.
427. Sit with the wise men and you shall be happy.
428. The good manners are a clue for the generous lineage.
429. The beauty of a man lies in respectfulness.
430. The good reputation (of someone) is a clue for the good inner self (of that one).
431. The collection of goodness lies in the works of goodness.
432. The beauty of faith lies in piety.
433. The beauty of the intention is an evidence of the purity of birth.
434. Sit with the kind people and you shall increase your kindness.
435. Sit with the wise men and you shall increase your wisdom.
436. The guest of goodness is a favour (from Allah).
437. The garment of piety is the noblest of all garments.
438. The garment of health is the most blessed of all garments.
439. Your garments on others shall stay more than they do on you.
440. Be generous with what you find and you shall be thanked.
441. The price of paradise is the good deeds.
442. The rewards of patience shall erase the bitterness of adversity.
443. The rewards of Jihad is the greatest of all rewards.
444. The rewards of patience is the highest of all rewards.
445. The humility of someone shall raise him up.
446. The completeness of nobility is humility.
447. Make your weighs heavier with the good deeds.
448. The complete success is to start with the good works.
449. The stability of faith depends on the might of belief.
450.  To release in a hurry, this is success. ["To release" here has several meanings, but most probably the imam meant to release a woman in cases of divorce when a couple find out it's not possible to live with each other. Some men might take this chance to hurt the woman in any manner, while noble people release the woman with dignity, and this is what might be the meaning of the imam's saying. The meaning closest to this context can be found out in Quran, 2:231. Check].

451. Make your weights heavier with charity. [The weights meant here are not those of the body but the weights of the good deeds or the bad deeds recorded in the life of the human being and by which he/she shall be judged for in the after-life].

452. To hurry up with mending, that is a reform.
453. The fruit of faith, is winning before Allah. [Before = in front of].
454. Be a trader with Allah and you shall win.
455. The fruit of firmness is safety.
456. The fruit of faith, sincerity.
457. The crown of the man is his chastity, and his ornament is his justice.
458. The fruit of believing, asceticism.
459. The early times of Saturday and Thursday are blessed.
460. The fruit of repentance is to catch up the flaws of the soul.
461. The bless of money lies in charity giving.
462. The fruit of judging the self, soul mending.
463. To give from the fortune, that is the zakat (almsgiving) of the fortune. [Zakat means the process by which money is purified].

464. The fruit of believing, is the desire to stay in the eternal place.
465. To leave the lusts, this is the best of worshipping and the most beautiful of habits.
466. The fruit of wisdom is to win.
467. To be good to the parents, this is the greatest assigned task.
468. The fruit of satisfaction (with what one has), dignity.
469. Bring to yourself that good tidings of success and winning, if you were patient.
470. The fruit of asceticism is the justice.
471. Race to do the good deeds, for they are an opportunity.
472. The fruit of chastity, satisfaction.
473. The bless of age lies in the good deeds.
474. The fruit of piety, the happiness in this life and the after-life.
475. The cry of the slave for the fear of Allah, shall clears his sins.
476. The fruit of the mention (of Allah), the enlightenment of hearts.
477. Avoid the sins that Allah prohibited and you shall succeed.
478. The fruit of giving thanks, the increment in (given) favours.
479. Be optimistic about the good things and you shall succeed.
480. The fruit of generosity, the tightening of kinship.
481. To do the favour in a hurry, that is the owning of the favour.
482. To do the good deed in a hurry, that is an increment in the good deeds.
483. To do the salutations (first), that is from the good manners and habits.
484. Bear (be patient), and you shall be honoured.
485. Take the chance (while you can) before it becomes something you can't swallow.
486. If a man tightens his kinships, that is a charity.
487. If you owned, then be passionate.
488. Do the obedience in the early times and you shall be happy.
489. If you are given then give thanks.
490. Do the good in an early time and you shall be guided.
491. If you are in an adversity, be patient.
492. Your cheerfulness is the beginning of your good deeds, and your promise is the beginning of your giving.
493. If you shall punish, then be passionate.
494. Be the first to do the obedience and you shall be happy.
495. If you did a favour, then keep it a secret.
496. Be the first to do the goodness and you shall be guided.
497. If a favour was done to you, then spread it.
498. By giving thanks, the favours last.
499. If you praised (someone) then make it short.
500. By being humble, thus comes the honour.
501. If you are given then give.
502. By giving the favours, the levels are raised.
503. If you are wronged, then forgive.
504. By respect, dignity grows.
505. If you are not given, then be satisfied.
506. By kindness, allies grow.
507. If you made brothers, then be generous to the right of brotherhood. [Made brothers in this context means to fix the relation between two persons].

508. By guidance, enlightenment increases.
509. If you did a favour our of a favour, then you did give the thanks for it.
510. By altruism, free men are enslaved.
511. If you did a sin, then regret for it.
512. By good deeds, the human being is enslaved.
513. If the exalted one got insight into the matters of religion, then he has been humble.
514. By sermons, the ignorance shall be banished.
515. If the low one thought deeply into the religion's laws, he shall be raised.
516. By humility, the nobility is measured.
517. If the manners were good, then the words are to be gentle.
518. By endearment, love should be.
519. If sincerity was strong, then truth shall be abundant.
520. By the ability to do the good work, lies the happiness.
521. If the mind was complete, the love of lust will wane.
522. By generosity, authority should be.
523. If you see the goodness, then take its lead.
524. By believing, worshipping is complete.
525. The safest of matters' end, that is the end of patience.
526. By passion, courage is complete.
527. If you ask for dignity, then ask for it in obedience (to Allah).
528. By the adversities, paradise is won.
529. You stand up with your manners, thus decorate it with kindness.
530. By patience, the adversity shall be lowered down.
531. If you worked for the after-life then verily you have won.
532. By faith, survival shall be.
533. If you were humble, Allah will raise you up.
534. By health, the beauty of life is founded.
535. If you leave the sins, then Allah will love you.
536. By mentioning Allah, the favour shall be revealed.
537. If you believed in Allah, then your end is to be good.
538. By faith, one shall find the good ones. [Good ones here is not clear in Arabic, whether it would be the good deeds, or the good women as well! But most probably it is the deeds meant here].

539. If you feared Allah, He shall protect you.
540. By the good deeds, the free man is owned.
541. If you made yourself respected, you shall be dignified.
542. By controlling the wrath, kindness shall be.
543. If you made peace with Allah, then you shall be safe and win.
544. By saying the truth, survival shall be.
545. If Allah wanted to do good to one of His slaves, He shall keep his abdomen and honour clean of disgrace.
546. By saying the truth, courage is completed.
547. Firmness is, to obey Allah and refuse the self.
548. By patience, goals shall be easy.
549. Generosity is to go away from the sins.
550. By patience, the goals are reached.
551. Nobility is to be high over the disgrace.
552. By asceticism, wisdom shall bear fruit.
553. The lords of this life and the after-life are the generous ones.
554. By giving, the necks are enslaved.
555. Faith, is to clean oneself from the sins.
556. By passion, the goals are reached.
557. Generosity is to give the most desired things, and being hospitable to the seeker.
558. By chastity, the works are purified.
559. He whom is covered by the veil of shyness, people will not see his flaws.
560. By praying, the adversity is banished away.
561. He who takes the steps of determination, shall be dignified by the nations.
562. For the good deeds, the praise is good.
563. You are judged for your deeds, thus do the good deeds.
564. By sincerity, the deeds are raised.
565. If you have given yourself to Allah, then your self is safe.
566. By satisfaction (with what one has) shall be dignity.
567. If Allah has given you some favours, then give thanks.
568. By patience, the high matters shall be reachable.
569. If Allah tried you with an adversity then be patient.
570. By faith, one shall be raised above the low things.
571. If you were patient, the pen (of destiny) shall run over you and you will be rewarded.
572. By the good manners, the fortunes are revealed.
573. The best of jihad (struggle) is that of a man against his own self.
574. By the good works, one finds the faith.
575. If you just be patient, then Allah shall find for you in every adversity a compensation.
576. By the originality of the opinion, the firmness stands up.
577. The best of wisdom, being calm and kind.
578. By jihad, the soul is fixed.
579. To start the greetings, that is one of the best manners.
580. By forgiving, mercy is revealed.
581. It is a favour that one cannot proceed with sins.
582. By repentance, sins are cleared.
583. By piety, the deeds are purified.
584. Believers are verily fearful (of Allah).
585. Yourselves got prices, so do not sell them for something less than paradise.
586. By giving much, the generous one is known.
587. If you see a wronged person, then help him against the wrong-doer.
588. By how much he can bear, the kind person is known.
589. If Allah chooses to raise a slave, then He shall inspire him with faith.
590. By doing the good, the free men are to be owned.
591. If Allah shall be generous to someone, He then shall make him busy with His love.
592. By keeping the promises, the pious ones are known.
593. If you shall avoid, then avoid what Allah prohibited.
594. By the good obedience, the good people are known.
595. If the pious one escaped away from the people, then seek after him.
596. By faith, the believer is purified.
597. If Allah is to choose a slave, He shall then put on him the veil of fear (of Him).
598. By forgiveness, the glory is made great.
599. If a favour was revealed upon you, then make its reply to be thanks giving.
600. By giving, the praise shall increase.
601. If Allah loved a slave, then He shall inspire him with truthfulness.
602. By giving, the flaws are veiled.
603. If Allah is to be generous with a slave, He shall help him to establish the truth.
604. By keeping the kinship, the favours are to be revealed.
605. Kindness is to control the wrath and owning the soul. [owning the soul means to control the lust].
606. By enlightenment, one shall understand.
607. If Allah is to love a slave, He shall inspire him with the good worshipping.
608. Keeping the promises is part of faith.
609. The good deed which has the fastest response in return is, to be good (toward others).
610. The wisest of people is he who looks into the ends (of matters).
611. The safest of matters, is the reward of patience.
612. The best of the manners of men is that of kindness.
613. The best of truth, is that of keeping the promise.
614. The best of rewards is that of justice.
615. The best of generosity is to do the best (for others).
616. The most honourable of sayings is that of the truth.
617. The best of faith is the shortening of hope. [shortening of hope means someone should not hang all his life on one hope which might cause his life to be ruined in one way or another].

618. The most noble lineage, is that of the manners.
619. The best of honour, is that of doing the good.
620. The highest of worshipping is that of doing a work sincerely.
621. The best of faith, is to be have the good belief.
622. The best of manners is what keeps you away from the prohibited.
623. The best of nobility is shyness, and its fruit is chastity.
624. The best of manners is what takes you to do the generous things.
625. No dignity is higher than piety.
626. The best of saying is what to be proved by the good deeds.
627. The closest of all intentions to success are those accompanied with goodness.
628. Prayers are the offerings of every pious one.
629. The best of honour, is to stop hurting and to give.
630. The most successful of all the matters is what was surrounded by silence.
631. The happiest of people with goodness, are those who do it.
632. The best of characters are those of: generosity, chastity, and being calm.
633. The best of what people keep for themselves, the good conscious.
634. The bravest of people is he who wins over ignorance by kindness.
635. The best of garments is that of faith, and the best of what is kept is piety.
636. The happiest of all people is he who leaves a mortal lust for an immortal one.
637. The most noble of manners is generosity, and the most beneficial one is to be just.
638. The most faithful of people is he whose faith is not corrupted with lust.
639. The best of deeds, is to stop doing the ugly things.
640. The closest one to Allah is the one who has the best faith.
641. The thing that is most helpful for the fixation of the soul is, satisfaction.
642. The one who holds upon his honour the most, is the most generous.
643. The best of generosity is what comes out in time of misery.
644. The best of forgiveness is what is done with the ability (to punish).
645. The strongest of people is he who was strong upon his wrath by his kindness.
646. The most noble of people is he who made himself humble.
647. The one who knows Allah better, shall fear Him the most.
648. The best of generosity is to give the rights to their owners.
649. The purest of gains is the one who comes from Halal. [Halal means what is allowed by Allah, and opposite is Haram].

650. The best giving is what occurs before the humility of asking.
651. The best of manners is to give without asking (for something in return).
652. The origin of faith is to avoid the lusts.
653. The best of obedience is to ignore the lusts.
654. The one who knows Allah the best, is the one who is satisfied with His destiny the most.
655. The one who knows himself the best, is the one who fears his God the most.
656. The happiest one is the one who races to do the good deeds.
657. The best of manners is what you have started over yourself.
658. The best of shyness is when you are shy of yourself.
659. The best weapon is patience at the time of an adversity.
660. The most wise one is the one who escaped from the ignorant ones.
661. The happiest of all people is the one who lived along with the most generous people.
662. The greatest people in happiness are those who are most pious.
663. The origin of asceticism is the belief and its fruit is happiness.
664. The origin of determination is firmness and its fruit is winning.
665. The most firm of people is he who underestimates the matter of life.
666. The best of people is he who struggles against his lusts.
667. The origin of faith is to surrender to Allah for good.
668. The origin of satisfaction is to have a good trust in Allah.
669. The origin of patience is the good belief in Allah.
670. The origin of the strength of the heart is to depend on Allah.
671. The strongest of people is he who wins over his lust.
672. The most wise of all of the people is he who avoids every low deed.
673. The most satisfied of all people is he whose manners are all accepted.
674. The one who has the right mostly to be remembered by you, is he who never forgets you.
675. The one who has the right mostly to be thanked by you, is he who never minds increasing for you (in favours).

676. The one who has the right mostly to receive your kindness, is he who never stops being kind to you.
677. The one who has the right mostly to be rescued, is the one asking for forgiveness.
678. The best of giving is what to be given before asking for it.
679. The most honoured of all favours is what has been done to the people who deserve it.
680. The one who is the most able one to achieve the right things is the one who doesn't get angry.
681. The most blessed of all favours: satisfaction and a healthy body.
682. The best way to thank (Allah) for favours, is to do a favour with them.
683. The strongest of people is he who was strong upon himself.
684. The most noble of people is he who made himself humble.
685. The best of worshipping is to have a clean abdomen and honour.
686. The best of giving is to leave mentioning the favour's giving.
687. The best of piety is to have the good thought (about Allah).
688. The best of saying is what the deeds prove right.
689. The best of keepings is the good deeds.
690. The best medicine is to let go of wishing.
691. The best of truthfulness is to fulfil the promises.
692. The best of generosity is to give of what is available.
693. The best of sincerity is to do the promises.
694. The best of courage is to have passion.
695. The best of piety is to hide piety.
696. The most truthful of sayings is what coincides with the truth.
697. The one who has the most balanced of manners is the one who judges mostly with the right thing.
698. The most ornamented characters are those of kindness and chastity.
699. The best thing an able man can do is to forgive. [Able man here means the one who has the power or the authority to punish].

700. The best garment of faith is shyness.
701. The most useful of sermons is what makes an avoidance (from sins).
702. The best of things is piety.
703. The best honour is to give the goodness.
704. The best of faith is to have a good belief.
705. The best of people is the generous with belief.
706. The happiest of people is the wise and faithful.
707. The best of people is the one who is beneficial for the people.
708. The most wise of people is the one who pardons people.
709. The best of manners is the good courage.
710. The most noble of good manners is the good brotherhood.
711. The best of generosity is to complete the giving.
712. The best of noble manners is the high determination.
713. The strongest way, the good manners.
714. The most striking arrow is the prayer of the wronged one.
715. The best of justice is to be victorious to the wronged one.
716. The best of patience is at the time of the bitter adversity.
717. The most beneficial of treasures is the love of hearts.
718. The best of generosity is to forgive with the ability (to harm).
719. The best of obedience is to let go of lusts.
720. The highest rank in generosity is altruism.
721. The greatest owning is the owning of the self.
722. The best living is with satisfaction (for one has already).
723. The highest determination is the closest to generosity.
724. The most abundant of all of the favours is the health of the body.
725. The best favour is the rescue of the needy.
726. The best of works is what was done for the sake of Allah.
727. The best of the good deeds is what was done to people who deserve it.
728. The best of the good deeds is what was done to the good people.
729. The most fortified fort of religion is piety.
730. The most honourable lineage is the one of good manners.
731. The best of deeds is what coincides with the laws (of religions).
732. The best weapon is the good deeds.
733. The best of jihad (struggle) is what was done toward the self.
734. The best of good manners, generosity.
735. The most honourable of deeds is obedience (of Allah).
736. The best of living is to have satisfaction.
737. The best way is wisdom.
738. The best of generosity is altruism.
739. The best of faith is sincerity.
740. The best of nobility is the good manners.
741. The greatest of nobility is humility.
742. The bravest of all is the most generous.
743. The best of patience is to push oneself to be patient.
744. The best garment is piety.
745. The best shield is asceticism.
746. The thing that one should take pride in the most is the guidance.
747. Hajj (pilgrimage) is the jihad of the weak one.
748. The best of generosity is altruism.
749. The best of begging is to ask for forgiveness.
750. The most beautiful of gifts is to be just.
751. The best worshipping is to be pious.
752. The best of the faith is to do the good.
753. The best of happiness is the straightness of faith.
754. The best of religion, the belief.
755. The biggest of good deeds is passion.
756. The biggest if lineage is the good manners.
757. The best of saying is the right decision.
758. The most wise of you is the one who obeys (Allah) more.
759. The most merciful of you is the most pious of you.
760. The one who lives the most of you is the most kind of you.
761. The richest of you is the one who has the most satisfaction.
762. The most successful of you is the most truthful.
763. The smartest of you is the most pious of you.
764. The best thing is the good manners.
765. The most holy of things is truth.
766. The best of things is passion.
767. Mention Allah as much as you can for it is the best mention.
768. Own yourselves by struggling against it always.
769. Be together and avoid separation.
770. Reveal the fortune with charity giving.
771. Obey Allah according to what His messengers ordered you to do.
772. Work if you knew.
773. Be sincere if you worked.
774. Be easy and be humble in front of Allah and He shall raise you up.
775. Be satisfied with what you got and you shall have your enough.
776. Be satisfied about the fortune given to you and you shall have your enough.
777. Be satisfied for what is destined for you and you shall be a believer.
778. Be generous to your own self as long it (the self) helps you to obey Allah.
779. Be busy with giving thanks to the favour instead of singing about it.
780. Walk with your illness as long it allows you to do so.
781. Be in no need for whoever you want and be the same as him.
782. Be good to whoever you want and be his prince.
783. Make your work as your companion and your hope as your enemy.
784. Be just and the power shall last for you.
785. Keep your abdomen and your honour away from the prohibited.
786. Help your brother to guide him.
787. Control your wrath and your kindness shall increase.
788. Give this life away and the mercy shall be revealed upon you.
789. Always give thanks and the favour shall last for you.
790. Be good to the one who does badness to you and you shall own him.
791. Win over the lust and the wisdom will be complete for you.
792. Be good and others shall be good toward you.
793. Be generous to the ones you love and keep your promises.
794. Do your best and hold your bad.
795. Do against the ignorant and you shall be safe.
796. Obey the wise one and you shall gain.
797. Believe and be safe.
798. Give thanks and you shall be given more.
799. Be sincere and you shall gain.
800. Be a forgiver and you shall conquer.
801. Be generous and you shall be honoured.
802. Be patient and you shall reach.
803. Consider and you shall be convinced. [Consideration meant here is as to take the wisdom from examples and stories in life].

804. Be just and you shall own.
805. Be true and you shall succeed.
806. The good manners are the best of lineage and the most honourable of ways.
807. He whose brain wins over his lust shall be successful.
808. He who accepts the advice is safe from defaming.
809. Be satisfied and you shall relax.
810. Be kind and you shall be respected.
811. Learn the lessons and you shall stop doing evil.
812. Repent and you shall be given.
813. Do good and you shall enslave.
814. Obey and you shall gain.
815. Ask and you shall know.
816. Charity giving pushes away the adversity and the evil.
817. Praying is a fort against the attacks of Satan.
818. Confessing is the ally of the criminal.
819. Altruism is a mark for the faithful and a character of the good ones.
820. The wise one is the one who beholds his lust by his mind.
821. The perfect one, is he whose seriousness took over his pleasantry.
822. Fulfilling the promise is a sign of glory.
823. Generosity and shyness are the best of manners.
824. The person is by his smartness and not by his shape.
825. Piety is to stop at the steps of doubt.
826. The believer is he who protects his faith by his life.
827. The generous one is he who protects his honour with his fortune.
828. Obeying and doing goodness are the gainful trades.
829. Nobility is to be generous and fulfil the promises.
830. Charities reveal the mercy.
831. Chastity weakens the desire of lust.
832. The just one has many friends and loved ones.
833. The true believer is he who amongst all people fears the most for himself. [Fearing for himself comes in the meaning of fearing for the after-life and not in the way of being a coward of course].

834. The generous one banished the shame and be generous to the neighbour.
835. To recommend the goodness is the best deed of creatures.
836. The wise one is he who protects his tongue against slander.
837. Completing the favour is better than its beginning.
838. Consulting is a relief for you and an exhaustion for others.
839. The faithful is a living, rich, a believer and a pious.
840. The faithful is a helper when he is asked, and a light one when he asks.
841. The satisfied one is a survivor from the beasts of greediness.
842. Avoiding the sins, that is the worshipping of the repentant ones.
843. Being generous for the sake of Allah, that is the worshipping of the close ones (to Allah).
844. Believing is the pillar of Islam and the pillar of faith.
845. The believer has the chastity when he is rich and giving up for this life.
846. Piety is the fruit of faith and a sign of believing.
847. The pious one is he whose soul got cleaned and his characters got honoured.
848. Justice is the head of faith and the collector of the good deeds.
849. Being patient for the adversity shall make the rewards abundant (later on).
850. Manners and religion are the results of the (good) mind.
851. The generous one is he who rewards the bad attitude with the good one.
852. The favour giver is he whose favours reach most of the people.
853. Bravery is a victory in advance and a virtue that is apparent.
854. The firm one is he who takes care of his time.
855. Sincerity leads to truthfulness.
856. Patience is the first thing needed for believing.
857. Truthfulness is the strongest pillar of believing.
858. Gaining the rewards of good deeds is the best of rewards.
859. The happy one is he who makes it easy for what he lost.
860. The generous one is he who gives from what is available.
861. Starting forgiveness is a character of the generous ones.
862. The generous soul is not affected by the adversities.
863. Being satisfied for what Allah had destined shall make the great adversities small.
864. Giving thanks is taken from those of favours.
865. Giving a favour is a treasure, so check out with whom you shall keep it.
866. Being satisfied with what is enough leads to chastity.
867. Giving charity in secret, that is the best of good deeds.
868. Charity prevents the bad deaths.
869. Consulting brings to you the correctness of others.
870. Being humble is the catch of nobility.
871. The faithful avoids the play and familiar with seriousness.
872. The satisfied one is a rich one though he might be hungry and naked.
873. The believer is just to those who are not just to himself.
874. Isolation is the best character of the smart people.
875. The mention (of Allah) is the guidance of the minds and the sight of the souls.
876. Obeying Allah is the strongest reason.
877. Work is all nothing, unless it was done with sincerity.
878. Being regretful about the sin avoids doing it again.
879. Thinking of evil as being ugly, that is a reason to avoid it.
880. Thinking about goodness, leads to doing it.
881. Shyness is the ornament of the girl.
882. Shyness protects against doing the ugly things.
883. The firm one is he who drops down the formality.
884. The beautiful deed foretells the high determination.
889. To stop asking for what is in the hands of the people, that is chastity and a high determination. [The wrong numbering is exactly found in the book, ignore it].

890. The wise one is he whose sayings coincide with his deeds.
891. The generous one is he whose giving precedes his asking.
892. To think good about someone is a character of the wise people.
893. The believer is an easy going with good manners.
894. The mention (of Allah) is the opener of the eyes' sights and the light of the interiors (of souls).
895. To be addicted to the truth, that is the best supply.
896. The brothers in faith are the ever lasting supply.
897. Checking the saying prevents the obstacles and mistakes.
898. Repentance cleans the hearts and washes the sins.
899. Sermons are the shapers of souls and the relief of the hearts.
900. To bear the low act that is one of the characters of the generous manners.
901. To give thanks, that is the ornament of the easy times and the fort of the favours.
902. The belief is patience in the time of adversity and thanks giving in the easy times.
903. The fighters on the way of Allah, the sky's gates are open for them.
904. The jihad (struggle) is the pillar of faith and the path of the happy ones.
905. To be passionate toward people, that is the head of wisdom.
906. To be good to the doer of badness, that is the best of giving.
907. Faith cannot be fixed except by mind.
908. Shyness is the completeness of generosity and the best of characters.
909. Kindness is a jewel of workings and the supply for peace.
910. Peace is the supply for safety and the sign of straightness.
911. To be patient over the bitter events shall leads to hitting the opportunity.
912. Piety is the most trustful fort and the most reliable charm.
913. Favours are the most growing plants.
914. Cooperating to achieve the truth is a charge and a way of faith.
915. The mind is a raise to the higher levels.
916. Generosity is to prefer honour over money.
917. Hoping for the mercy of Allah is more successful.
918. Working for the obedience of Allah is more beneficial.
919. Working with fixing the soul is more beneficial.
920. Depending on the destiny gives more relief.
921. Giving life away that is the great relief.
922. The brother of glory is he who obeys.
923. The brother of richness is he who covers himself with satisfaction.
924. Taking care (of people) is the most thankful of characters.
925. Giving condolences is the best of deeds.
926. Taking care when saying avoids the mistakes.
927. being patient when doing avoids the dangers.
928. The deeds in this life are the trade of the after-life.
929. Days will explain the hidden interiors.
930. The scholar is he who never gets fed up from learning.
931. The kind one is he who is never tired of being kind.
932. Being sincere about the work is from the might of the belief and the sincerity of the intention.
933. Giving thanks is the translator of the intention and the tongue of the interior.
934. Giving advice is a character of the generous ones.
935. Courage induces the generous manners.
936. Generosity is to bear the enemies.
937. Religion avoids the prohibited (acts).
938. The rich one is he who preferred the satisfaction (with what he has).
939. The happy one is he who was sincere about his obedience.
940. Wisdom in the foreign places makes you closer (to Allah).
941. The patient one got the opportunity or almost had.
942. The believer is a repentant and always asking for forgiveness.
943. The happy one is he whose belief is strong.
944. The wise one is he who takes the lessons from the (experience) of others.
945. The sign of the eloquence, an understanding heart and a saying tongue.
946. The good manners are the result of the (good) mind.
947. Wisdom is a guidance for him who works with it.
948. The mind is an ornament for him who had been given it.
949. The glorified one is he who takes glory in obedience.
950. The rich one is he who takes richness from satisfaction.
951. The good intention brings the rewards.
952. The firm one is he who stops harming others.
953. The wise one is he who gives.
954. The generous one is he who does the good.
955. The beginning of worshipping is to wait for the relief with patience.
956. Religion is a tree, its roots is made of surrender (to Allah) and being satisfied.
957. The mind is a tree and its fruit are generosity and shyness.
958. Truthfulness is the most honourable character of the believer.
959. Patience is the best soldier for the faithful.
960. Firmness and virtue are found in patience.
961. Patience is the supply to face the life.
962. The truthful one is on the edge of survival and dignity.
963. The believer is taken away from being astray (from the straight path) and debate.
964. Obedience turns down the wrath of God.
965. The wise man looks by the eyes of his heart and his mind.
966. The wise one depends on his work.
967. The wise man is he who knows his level.
968. The mind is a new garment that never gets old.
969. The signs of happiness is to be sincere about the work.
970. The patient one is right even though he might be doomed.
971. The generous one give thanks for the little.
972. The one consulting others is on the edge of success.
973. To regret for the sin, that is a repentance.
974. The one consulting others is fortified from falling down.
975. The one with experience is more wise than a physician.
976. The strong one is he who controls his lust.
977. The wise man is he who kills his lust.
978. The interior beauty is the good intention.
979. The wise one is he whom experiences taught him the lessons.
980. Correctness is a branch from patience.
981. Generosity is title of courage and nobility.
982. Kindness is a light with wisdom in its core.
983. The trust is a virtue for he who does it. [Trust as in deposit, "does it" means deliver it].
984. The sermons are a cure for him who works with them.
985. Chastity is the head of every good.
986. Surrender (to Allah) is to never accuse.
987. To think about the favours of Allah that is one of the best worshippings.
988. To hide poverty and sickness that is courage.
989. The helper who helps to do the obedience is the best of companions.
990. To show richness is a sign of giving thanks.
991. Giving favours is a supply and the generous one is he who has it.
992. Piety is a charm for who works with it.
993. Sincerity is a winning for who takes care of it.
994. The wise man is alive though he is dead.
995. Satisfaction (with what one has) leads to dignity.
996. Happiness is what leads to winning.
997. Learning the lessons leads to guidance.
998. Being pious leads to asceticism.
999. Truth saves you even though you might be scared of it.
1000. Truth is the fix for everything.
1001. The wise one is he who knows what he wants.
1002. The one controlling his wrath is he who kills his grudges.
1003. The kind one is he who bears his brothers.
1004. Faith is the base of piety.
1005. Satisfaction (about what one has) is the head of richness.
1006. Glory is to reach victory.
1007. Generosity is to have the good patience.
1008. Forgiveness is the best of victory.
1009. Obedience is to exalt the leadership.
1010. Leadership (imam-ship) is the system of the nation.
1011. Forgiveness brings glory.
1012. Generosity gains thanks giving.
1013. Being just makes love last longer.
1014. Paradise is the end of the winner.
1015. Obedience reveals the rewards.
1016. The confessor with his sins is a repentant.
1017. Charity is the treasure of the able.
1018. Doing good enslaves the human being.
1019. Truthfulness is the completeness of nobility.
1020. Humility is the ladder of honour.
1021. Health is the best of favours (of Allah).
1022. Shyness is the completeness of generosity.
1023. Piety is the fort of the believer.
1024. Hope is an amusing companion.
1025. Intention is the base of the work.
1026. Learning the lessons leads to guidance.
1027. Experiments are a useful science.
1028. Shyness is an acceptable manner.
1029. Mind is the component of science.
1030. Ignorance is opposite to firmness.
1031. Wisdom is the killer of ignorance.
1032. Paradise is the best goal.
1033. Wisdom is the most honourable guidance.
1034. Truth is the best story.
1035. Consulting is the core of guidance.
1036. Manners is the completeness of the man.
1037. Manners are the picture of the mind.
1038. Piety is a character of the scholars.
1039. Favours giving is the supply of eternity.
1040. The generous one is he who begins with his giving.
1041. Being just is the best of characters.
1042. Passion is the brother of the faithful.
1043. The deed is the companion of the  believer.
1044. Health is the most blessed favour.
1045. Giving is the best of generosity.
1046. Being just is the best of generosity.
1047. Courage is to avoid the low deeds.
1048. Generosity is to be patient with wickedness.

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