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VI. 3602

He that bore up the earth was borne up on a tree.  The Lord was subjected to ignominy with naked body—God put to death, the King of Israel slain!



By the holy Melito, bishop of the city of Ittica.  [For Melito, in Lightfoot’s Apost. Fathers, consult part ii. vol. i. pp. 133, 328, 428, 443–446, 468–469, 494.  See Lardner, Credib., vol. ii. 157, etc.; Westcott, Canon, p. 246.  See Polycrates, infra; on which consult Schaff, History, etc., vol. ii. p. 736.  Above all, see Routh, R. S., tom. i. pp. 113–153.]

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