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Chapter VII.—How Jesus Raised a Boy to Life.

One day, when Jesus was climbing on a certain house, along with the children, He began to play with them.  And one of the boys fell down through a back-door, and died immediately.  And when the children saw this, they all ran away; but Jesus remained in the house. 1768   And when the parents of the boy who had died had come, they spoke against Jesus:  Surely it was thou who made him fall down; and they reviled Him.  And Jesus, coming down from the house, stood over the dead child, and with a loud voice called out the name of the child:  Sinoo, Sinoo, rise and say whether it was I that made thee fall down.  And suddenly he rose up, and said:  No, my lord.  And his parents, seeing such a great miracle done by Jesus, glorified God, and adored Jesus.



Or, on the house.

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