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p. 250 Chapter LXIII.—Zacchæus Appointed.

“But of those who are present, whom shall I choose but Zacchæus, 1024 to whom also the Lord went in 1025 and rested, judging him worthy to be saved?”  And having said this, he laid his hand upon Zacchæus, who stood by, and forced him to sit down in his own chair.  But Zacchæus, falling at his feet, begged that he would permit him to decline the rulership; promising, at the same time, and saying, “Whatever it behoves the ruler to do, I will do; only grant me not to have this name; for I am afraid of assuming the name of the rulership, for it teems with bitter envy and danger.”



[Comp. Recognitions, iii. 66.  The account here is much fuller.—R.]


Luke xix. 5, etc.

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