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Chapter XII.—Excursion to Aradus.

After this, one of those present began to ask Peter, that early next day we should go to a neighbouring island called Aradus, which was not more than six furlongs off, to see a certain wonderful work that was in it, viz. vine-wood 793 columns of immense size.  To this Peter assented, as he was very complaisant; but he charged us that, when we left the ship, we should not rush all together to see it:  “for,” said he, “I do not wish you to be noticed by the crowd.”  When therefore, next day, we reached the island by ship in the course of an hour, forthwith we hastened to the place where the wonderful columns were.  They were placed in a certain temple, in which there were very magnificent works of Phidias, on which every one of us gazed earnestly.



Various reading, “glass.”

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