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The Master said, 'The superior man 3 serves his ruler in such a way, that when at court in his presence his thought is how to discharge his loyal duty to the utmost; and when he retires from it, his thought is how to amend his errors. He carries out with deference the measures springing from his excellent qualities, and rectifies him (only) to save him from what are evil. Hence, as the superior and inferior, they are able to have an affection for each other.

It is said in the Book of Poetry 4,

"In my heart I love him;
And why should I not say so?
In the core of my heart I keep him,
And never will forget him."'



486:3 'The superior man' here can only be the good and intelligent officer in the royal domain or at a feudal court.

486:4 See the Shih, II, viii, ode 4, stanza 4.

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