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Luke Chapter 3

Luke 3:1

luk 3:1


Also (Luk 3:19); (Mat 14:1).

(See Scofield) - (Mat 14:1).

Luke 3:3

luk 3:3



(See Scofield) - (Rom 3:23).

Luke 3:19

luk 3:19


See margin reference, (See Scofield) - (Mat 14:1).

Luke 3:22

luk 3:22

Thou art

Literally, This is my Son, the beloved, in whom I delighted.

Compare (Joh 1:1); (Joh 1:2); (Joh 8:29); (Mat 17:5).

Luke 3:23

luk 3:23

son of Heli

In Matthew, where unquestionably we have the genealogy of Joseph, we are told (Mat 1:16); that Joseph was the son of Jacob. In what sense, then, could he be called in Luke "the son of Heli"? He could not be by natural generation the son both of Jacob and of Heli. But in Luke it is not said that Heli begat Joseph, so that the natural explanation is that Joseph was the son-in-law of Heli, who was, like himself, a descendant of David. That he should in that case be called "son of Heli" ("son" is not in the Greek, but rightly supplied by the translators) would be in accord with Jewish usage.

Compare (Sa1 24:16).

The conclusion is therefore inevitable that in Luke we have Mary's genealogy; and Joseph was "son of Heli" because espoused to Heli's daughter. The genealogy in Luke is Mary's, whose father, Heli, was descended from David.

Luke 3:26

luk 3:26


Arphaxad. (Gen 10:22).

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