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Jeremiah Chapter 28

Jeremiah 28:1

jer 28:1

In the beginning ... Zedekiah - Probably a gloss put into the margin to explain "the same year," from where it has crept into the text.

Gibeon - A city of priests Jos 21:17. Hananiah was probably a priest as well as a prophet. He chose either a Sabbath or a new moon, that he might confront Jeremiah not only in the presence of the priests, but also of all the people. He used Jer 28:2 the solemn formula which claims direct inspiration.

Jeremiah 28:3

jer 28:3

Within two full years - literally, In yet two years even days. Hananiah probably was induced to fix this date by the expectation that the confederacy then on foot would defeat Nebuchadnezzar.

Jeremiah 28:4

jer 28:4

Jeconiah - Zedekiah not being popular, the people would have preferred the young king, who had not reigned long enough to make enemies. Probably also Zedekiah had started for Babylon Jer 51:59.

Jeremiah 28:6

jer 28:6

Jeremiah's own wishes concurred with Hananiah's prediction, but asserts that that prediction was at variance with the language of the older prophets.

Jer 28:9

Then shall the prophet ... - Or, "shall be known as the prophet whom the Lord hath truly sent."

Jeremiah 28:10

jer 28:10

The multitude would see in Hananiah's act a symbol of deliverance.

Jeremiah 28:16

jer 28:16

I will cast thee - Rather, I send thee away. God had not sent Hananiah to prophesy, but He does now send him away to die.

Taught rebellion - As Nebuchadnezzar was Yahweh's servant, to teach rebellion against him was to teach rebellion against his Master.

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