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Jeremiah Chapter 27


jer 27:0

In Jer. 27-29 we see with what energy, and yet thoughtfulness, Jeremiah enforced the lessons of Jer. 25. These chapters belong to the first four years of Zedekiah.

The spelling of certain proper names in these chapters has led some to argue that they were revised and corrected in Ezra's time, if not by Ezra himself. Others think the fact of no importance whatever.

Jeremiah 27:1

jer 27:1

Of Jehoiakim - Really, of Zedekiah, as the Syriac reads (see Jer 27:3). In the Septuagint the verse is missing. Some scribe has confused the title of this chapter with that of Jer. 26.

Jeremiah 27:2

jer 27:2

Yokes - Two curved pieces of wood, the one put over the neck of the ox, the other under, and then fastened together by bonds or cords (compare Psa 2:3). Compare the marginal references.

Jeremiah 27:3

jer 27:3

Come - Or, are come. The ambassadors of these five kings had probably come to Jerusalem to consult about forming a league to throw off the Babylonian supremacy. The attempt failed.

Jeremiah 27:7

jer 27:7

His son, and his son's son - Evil-Merodach and Nabonadius (see Dan 5:1 note).

Shall serve themselves of him - See the marginal reference. After long servitude to the Persian and Median kings, the Selucidae ruined the remains of Babylon.

Jeremiah 27:9

jer 27:9

Dreamers - literally, as in the margin. People dream dreams for themselves, and go to diviners to ask the explanation of them.

Jeremiah 27:10

jer 27:10

To remove you far ... - That would be the result of their vaticinations.

Jeremiah 27:11

jer 27:11

Nations ... - Rather, the nation.

Jeremiah 27:13

jer 27:13

Zedekiah was restless under the Babylonian yoke, and the false prophets found only too ready a hearing from him. He is addressed in the plural because his feelings were fully shared by the mass of the officers of state and by the people.

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