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Πρωομιάσαι ῶ᾽ ἄνθρωπος Ἀθῆνας·

Either you say Hesperia alone, and it will mean Italy, or you add ultima, and it will mean Spain. Umbria, part of Tuscany.  858  859


466:858 : AMORETTI, Mem. Stor. XXIV, quotes the first three lines of this letter as by Leonardo. The cha- racter of the writing however does not favour this hypothesis, and still less the contents. I should regard it rather a rough draft of a letter by young Melzi. I have not succeeded in deciphering completely the 13 lines of this text. Amoretti reads at the beginning Canonica di Vaprio, but Vaprio seems to me a very doubtful reading.

466:859 : The notes in Greek, Nos. 1557, 1558 and 1562 stand in close connection with each other, but the meaning of some words is very doubtful, and a translation is thus rendered impossible.

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