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An algebra, which the Marliani have, written by their father,  763 --

On the bone, by the Marliani,--

On the bone which penetrates, Gian Giacomo of Bellinzona, to draw out the nail with facility,--

The measurement of Boccalino,--

The measurement of Milan and the suburbs,  764 --

A book, treating of Milan and its churches which is to be had at the last stationer's on the way to Corduso  765 ,--

The measurement of the Corte Vecchia,--

The measurement of the Castle,--

Get the master of arithmetic to show you how to square a....,--

Get Messer Fazio to show you [the book] on proportion,--

p. 435

Get the Friar di Brera to show you [the book] 'de Ponderibus',--  766

Of the measurement of San Lorenzo,-- 767

I lent certain groups to Fra Filippo de Brera,--  768

Memorandum: to ask Maestro Giovannino as to the mode in which the tower of Ferrara is walled without loopholes,--

Ask Maestro Antonio how mortars are placed on bastions by day or by night,--

Ask Benedetto Portinari how the people go on the ice in Flanders,--  769

On proportions by Alchino, with notes by Marliano, from Messer Fazio,--

The measurement of the sun, promised me by Maestro Giovanni, the Frenchman,--

The cross bow of Maestro Gianetto,--

The book by Giovanni Taverna that Messer Fazio,--

You will draw Milan [21],--

The measurement of the canal, locks and supports, and large boats; and the expense,--

Plan of Milan  770 ,--

Groups by Bramante  771 ,--

The book on celestial phenomena by Aristoteles, in Italian  772 ,--

Try to get Vitolone, which is in the library at Pavia  773 and which treats of Mathematics,--He had a master [learned] in waterworks and get him to explain the repairs and the costs, and a lock and a canal and a mill in the Lombard fashion.

A grandson of Gian Angelo's, the painter has a book on water which was his fathers.

Paolino Scarpellino, called Assiolo has great knowledge of water works.


434:763 1: Marliani, an old Milanese family, now extinct.

434:764 5: 21. See Pl. CIX and No. 1016.

434:765 6: Corduso, see No. 1413, note.

435:766 : 11. 13. Brera, now Palazzo delle Scienze ed Arti. Until 1571 it was the monastery of the order of the Umiliati and afterwards of the Jesuits.

De ponderibus, compare No. 1436, 3.

435:767 : 12. Sco Lorenzo. A church at Milan, see pp. 39, 40 and 50.

435:768 : 13. 24. Gruppi. See Vol. I p. 355, No. 600, note 9.

435:769 : 16. The Portinari were one of the great merchant- families of Florence.

435:770 23: Fondamento is commonly used by Leonardo to mean ground-plan. See for instance p. 53.

435:771 24: Gruppi. See Vol. I p. 355, No. 600, note 9.

435:772 25: Meteora. By this Leonardo means no doubt the four books τὰ μετεωρολογιχά. He must refer here to a MS. translation, as no Italian translation is known to have been published (see No. 1477 note).

435:773 26: Vitolone see No. 1506, note.

Libreria di Pavia. One of the most famous of Italian libraries. After the victory of Novara in April 1500, Louis XII had it conveyed to France, 'come trofeo di vittoria'!

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