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p. 432


To make some provisions for my garden, --Giordano, De Ponderibus 753 ,--the peacemaker, the flow and ebb of the sea,--have two baggage trunks made, look to Beltraffio's  754 lathe and have taken the stone,--out leave the books belonging to Messer Andrea the German,-- make scales of a long reed and weigh the substance when hot and again when cold. The mirror of Master Luigi; A b the flow and ebb of the water is shown at the mill of Vaprio,--a cap.


432:753 3: Giordano. Jordanus Nemorarius, a mathematician of the beginning of the XIIIth century. No particulars of his life are known. The title of his principal work is: Arithmetica decem libris demonstrata, first published at Paris 1496. In 1523 appeared at Nuremberg: Liber Jordani Nemorarii de ponderibus, propositiones XIII et earundem demonstrationes, multarumque rerum rationes sane pulcherrimas complectens, nunc in lucem editus.

432:754 6: Beltraffio, see No. 465, note 2.

There are sketches by the side of lines 8 and 10.

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