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Arrangement of a Picture.  John the Baptist
  Saint Augustin
  Saint Peter
  Saint Clara.
  Our Lady Louis
  Anthony of Padua.
  Saint Francis.
  Anthony, a lily and book;
  Bernardino with the [monogram of] Jesus,
  Louis with 3 fleur de lys on his breast and
              the crown at his feet,
  Bonaventura with Seraphim,
  Saint Clara with the tabernacle,
  Elisabeth with a Queen's crown.



354:315 : 679. The text of the first six lines is written within a square space of the same size as the copy here given. The names are written in the margin following the order in which they are here printed. In lines 7--12 the names of those saints are repeated of whom it seemed necessary to point out the emblems.

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