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VII. On the Proportions and on the Movements of the Human Figure Index
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Proportions of the leg (328-331).The greatest thickness of the calf of the leg is at a third of its height a b, and is a twentieth part thicker than the greatest thickness of the foot.

a c is half of the head, and equal to d b and to the insertion of the five toes e f. d k diminishes one sixth in the leg g h. g h is 1/3 of the head; m n increases one sixth from a e and is 7/12 of the head, o p is 1/10 less than d k and is 6/17 of the head. a is at half the distance between b q, and is 1/4 of the man. r is half way between s and b 144 . The concavity of the knee outside r is higher than that inside a. The half of the whole height of the leg from the foot r, is half way between the prominence s and the ground b. v is half way between t and b. The thickness of the thigh seen in front is equal to the greatest width of the face, that is 2/3 of the length from the chin to the top of the head; z r is 5/6 of 7 to v; m n is equal to 7 v and is 1/4 of r b, x y goes 3 times into r b, and into r s.


 146 a b goes six times into c f and six times into c n and is equal to g h; i k l m goes 4 times into d f, and 4 times into d n and is 3/7 of the foot; p q r s goes 3 times into d f, and 3 times into b n;  147 x y is 1/8 of x f and is equal to n q. 3 7 is 1/9 of n f; 4 5 is 1/10 of n f  148 .

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I want to know how much a man increases in height by standing on tip-toe and how much p g diminishes by stooping; and how much it increases at n q likewise in bending the foot.

 149 e f is four times in the distance between the genitals and the sole of the foot;  150 3 7 is six times from 3 to 2 and is equal to g h and i k.



177:144 11: b is here and later on measured on the right side of the foot as seen by the spectator.

177:145 22-35: The sketch illustrating these lines is on Pl. XIII, No. 2.

177:146 22: a b entra in c f 6 e 6 in c n. Accurate measurement however obliges us to read 7 for 6.

177:147 : 25. y is not to be found on the diagram and x occurs twice; this makes the passage very obscure.

177:148 : 22-27. Compare with this lines 18-24 of No. 331, and the sketch of a leg in profile Pl. XV.

178:149 34: e f 4 dal cazo. By reading i for e the sense of this passage is made clear.

178:150 35: 2 is not to be found in the sketch which renders the passage obscure. The two last lines are plainly legible in the facsimile.

178:151 : The drawing of a leg seen in front Pl. XIII, No. 1 belongs to the text from lines 3-21. The measurements in this section should be compared with the text No. 331, lines 1-13, and the sketch of a leg seen in front on Pl. XV.

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