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Records of the Past, 2nd Series, Vol. IV , ed. by A.H. Sayce, [1890], at

p. 135


1. On departing [out] of the country of Bias

2. [I conquered the country of Khu]sas. On approaching the country of Didis

3. (and) the city of Zuas, the city of Zuas

4. belonging to the son of Diaus, I partitioned.

5. I set up a tablet in the country of the city of Zuas1

6. Among the Asqalaians 105 palace[s]

7. I dug up; 453 cities [I] partitioned.

8. The people of three countries [I] despoiled.

9. The men with fire [I] burnt.

10. In a part of the country the district of Qalis [I destroyed]

11. (as well as) the city of Sasilus 2 in the country of the Asqalaians. [I carried away]

12. 15,181 children, 2734 men,

13. 10(?)604 women, 4426 [horses],

14. 10(?)478 oxen, (and) 73,7(00) [sheep].

15. The [two] kings I reduced to vassalage, 3 (namely) Saski … 4

16. the son of Ardarakis (and) Qabi … the son of Baltul.

17. Governors (and) lawgivers I established. The king, the son of Dia(us),

p. 136

18. I appointed governor. I changed his [name],

19. and he, the son of Diaus, to Argistis

20. brought 41 manehs of gold, 37 manehs [of silver],

21. 1(?)0,000 manehs of bronze, 1000 war magazines, 300 oxen,

22. (and) 2(?)0,000 sheep; and he submitted to (my) laws.

23. In the [land] of the son of Diaus I established as tribute (and) offerings

24. [41 (?)] manehs of gold, 10,000 manehs [of bronze],

25. … oxen, 100 wild bulls, 300 sheep, (and) 300 war magazines.

26. The cavalry, the horses, (and) the officers [I] took (with me).

27. To the Khaldises I prayed, to the powers supreme,

28. who have given the land of the Etiuians as a present

29. to the family of Argistis; to Khaldis the giver,

30. to the Khaldises, the supreme, the givers, to the children of Khaldis,

31. the propitious, I prayed, even to (the gods) of Argistis

32. the son of Menuas; I brought offerings to the Khaldis[es].

33. Argistis says: The whole [of the country]

34. (and) the fortresses of the son of Diaus [I occupied].

35. I conquered the country of Lusas, the country of Katarzas,

36. the country of the son of Erias, the country of Gulutakhikhas

37. (and) the country of the son of Uidhaerus.

38. I departed out of the country of Abunis; the king of Lusas

39. I reduced to vassalage; as governor of the country of Igas

40. … I appointed (him). He submitted to the laws of Argistis.








135:1 This had already been done by his father Menuas, whose inscription has been copied by Schulz and translated by myself (Sayce, xxx).

135:2 Sasilus is described by Menuas as "a royal city" of the son of Diaus or Diaves, in the country called Dayaeni by the Assyrians.

135:3 Literally "I brought to my side" (va-dia-du-bi).

135:4 He is stated by Menuas to be "a native of the city of Khaldiris," a word which signifies "the Khaldirian" in Vannic, and shows that the Vannic language was spoken in the place.