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Records of the Past, 2nd series, Vol. III, ed. by A. H. Sayce, [1890], at

XI.—Letter of Dusratta to Amenophis IV 1


1. To Napkhurruriya the king of Egypt,
2. my brother, my son-in-law, who loves [me],
3. and (whom) I love, it is said
4. as follows: Dusratta, king of the country of Mittani,
5. thy father-in-law, who loves thee, speaks thus:
6. Unto myself (is) peace; unto thee may there be peace,
7. unto thy houses, Teie thy mother, and the land of Egypt,
8. to Tâdukhêpa my daughter, thy wife,
9. to the rest of thy wives, to thy sons, to thy soldiers
10. and thy chariots, to thy horses, to thy men,
11. to thy country and to all that thou hast, may there be very abundant peace!

p. 90

12. Pirizzi and Pupri my ambassadors
13. I have sent to my brother to explain, and
14. have addressed them with great trouble and earnestness,
15. and I have sent them in a body (?) 1;
16. and this speech beforehand
17. I make to my brother: Manê, thy ambassador
18. I detain, and Umeatu my messenger. …
19. I will dismiss, and the prophet 2 shall go [to thee].


20. And now my brother to [their own land?]
21. has not permitted them to go, but has detained them
22. overmuch. Wherefore has he not
23. protected the ambassadors? They have fled, and (there is) guilt
24. on my brother in respect of the ambassadors. Why is his heart
25. [angered]? Why has he spoken (?) before the face of …
26 [Pup]ru has not returned and he has spoken (?).
27. … his offers of alliance he does not listen to.
28. [Yet I,] O son-in-law, (am) verily thy father-in-law.



Last paragraph:—

1. And as regards the frequent intercourse which with thy father
2. I had Teie thy mother knows the facts;
3. no one else knows the facts;
4. but after Teie thy mother thou knowest them, and
5. what he said to thee. As thy father with me
6. was friendly, so now, O my brother again
7. with me thou art friendly, and what (is) contrary thereto no one,
8. O my brother, listens to.


89:1 Sayce, Proceedings of the Society of Biblical Archæology, June 1889, pp. 389–391.

90:1 Mi'sûsamma; but the reading is not certain.

90:2 Asip.

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