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Records of the Past, 2nd series, Vol. II, ed. by A. H. Sayce, [1888], at

p. 109

XI. Inscriptions of Dungi, King of Ur

No. 1.—Inscription On A Tablet 1

1. For the god Nin-girsu,
2. the powerful warrior
3. of the god Ellilla,
4. for his king,
5. Dungi
6. the puissant prince,
7. the king of Ur2
8. the king of Shumer and Accad3
9. the temple of E-ninnû
10. his favourite temple
11. has constructed.

No. 2.—Inscription on a Tablet 4

1. For the goddess Ninâ,
2. the lady of destinies (?),
3. the lady of oracles (?),
4. for his mistress,
5. Dungi
6. the puissant prince,
7. the king of Ur,
8. the king of Shumer and Accad,
9. the temple of E-shish-shish-e-ma-ra,
10. her favourite temple,
11. has constructed.


109:1 Découvertes, pl. 29, No. 3.

109:2 [Ur, the city of Abraham, now Mugheir.—Ed.]

109:3 [Shumer and Accad were the southern and northern divisions of Babylonia, Accad taking its name from the city of Agade or Accad near Sippara.—Ed.]

109:4 Découvertes, pl. 29, No. 4.

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