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Records of the Past, 2nd series, Vol. II, ed. by A. H. Sayce, [1888], at

No. VI 4

1. To the king of Egypt, my lord,
2. by letter
3. I speak (even I), the king of the country of Alasiya 5 thy brother.
4. Unto myself (is) peace,
5. and upon thee may there be peace!
6. To thy house, thy children, thy son,
7. thy wives, thy many chariots, thy horses,
8. and in Egypt thy country


9. may there be abundance of peace!
10. O my brother, my messenger
11. a costly gift carefully
12. has carried to them, and has heard
13. thy salutation.


p. 71

14. This man is my minister, O my brother;
15. carefully the costly-gift
16. has he conveyed to them.
17. My minister my ship
18 has not
19. brought
20. together with them.


70:4 No. VI in my forthcoming Paper.

70:5 Alasiya is the Syrian country called Alosha or Arosha by the Egyptologists.

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