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1. As to the seventy-fifth question and reply, that which you ask is thus: As to him who shall slay those who shall commit unnatural intercourse, how is then his account as to good works and crime?

2. The reply is this, that the high-priests, in their decision, have thus specially said, that all worthy of death are so by the decision of judges and the

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command of kings, whose business is execution. 3. Whoever shall slay him who has heinous sins 1 after controversies three times with him, about the decision of those acquainted with the religion and about the command of kings, when he has thus remained in the sin in defiance of his own relations--and not inimically to the man and injuriously to the religion, but inimically to the sin and in order to keep away intercourse with demons--is to consider it as a great good work. 4. No command is given about the decision of what one is to do in the same matter, more heedfully and more authorisedly in cases of doubtful attention, for the good work exists undoubtedly more and more abundantly 2.

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