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by Charlotte Perkins Stetson Gilman


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Gilamn's feminist novel, Herland was one of a flood of utopian books at the turn of the 20th century where sex roles are inverted. Gilman imagined a society where women not only rule, but are the only gender. Reproducing by parthenogenesis, they worship a female deity. This particular book later became a must-read for the second-wave feminists, particularly the 'separatist' wing.

Title Page
Chapter 1. A Not Unnatural Enterprise
Chapter 2 Rash Advances
Chapter 3 A Peculiar Imprisonment
Chapter 4. Our Venture
Chapter 5 A Unique History
Chapter 6. Comparisons Are Odious
Chapter 7. Our Growing Modesty
Chapter 8. The Girls Of Herland
Chapter 9. Our Relations and Theirs
Chapter 10 Their Religions And Our Marriages
Chapter 11. Our Difficulties
Chapter 12 Expelled